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A New York appeals court on Monday agreed to hold off collection of former President Donald Trump’s $454 million civil fraud judgment — if he puts up $175 million within 10 days.

If he does, it will stop the clock on collection and prevent the state from seizing his assets while he appeals.

Delay. Delay. Delay.

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[-] TommySoda 373 points 2 months ago

Jesus fucking Christ I am so tired of this.

[-] Fapper_McFapper 108 points 2 months ago

It’s like we’re all being forced to eat out of the same shit filled trough.

Hey Tommy, you got a little corn left between your teeth.

[-] [email protected] 43 points 2 months ago

I want to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride!

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[-] kescusay 250 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Miscarriage of justice. Hopefully the DA is ready with an immediate appeal.

[-] Buffalox 188 points 2 months ago

AOC warned against this, now Trump gets more time for his shenanigans.

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[-] Nightwingdragon 246 points 2 months ago

A couple of important details that got overlooked.

  • Don Jr. and Eric Trump do not have to put up the $5 million each that they were fined. Those collections are being paused as well.

  • The restrictions against Don Jr. and Eric Trump that would prevent them from running the business for 3 years has been lifted.

So much for that accountability. Can't wait to hear about the entire judgement getting tossed because an appelate judge decided that the Susan Collins rule of "He learned his lesson, and he pinky swears it won't happen again" applies.

[-] [email protected] 102 points 2 months ago

It's fucking ridiculous. Anyone else would be in prison by now. This guy just gets to run out the clock because everyone in the justice system is too afraid to look biased.

[-] Nightwingdragon 46 points 2 months ago

No, they're afraid for their lives.

Districts have to beef up security when the DA makes a press briefing. Judges are receiving hundreds of death threats and have to hire their own security. Law clerks and random employees being dragged into it and threatened because trump thinks they're an easy target. Random low level officials having their lives ruined because they were randomly targeted. This is the life of trying to hold trump to account. Government officials admitting being unwilling to vote, speak out, or take action against him out of credible threats of retribution from lone wolf meth heads.

Given the political powder keg this country is currently in, it's not surprising that there are few judges out there willing to pull the trigger and risk having to go into hiding for their own safety versus just giving him what he wants and washing their hands of the whole thing, which seems to be the current game plan for most judges.

[-] [email protected] 40 points 1 month ago

I thought this is the exact reason why we keep outfitting SWAT guys with army surplus gear? Isn't that so we can defend the country against terrorists and other violent criminals? So all that is actually exclusively for murdering unarmed people and throwing flashbang grenades in infants' cribs, got it.

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[-] HogsTooth 213 points 2 months ago

If he has $500/M on hand, this shouldn't be allowed.

If he DOESN'T have $500/M on hand... This still shouldn't be allowed.

[-] KneeTitts 58 points 2 months ago

I also predict he will COMPLAIN about this gift on truth social, saying they should have reduced it to Zero. Spitting right in the faces of those judges that just gave him the gift.

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[-] Chainweasel 180 points 2 months ago

I fully understand how people become radicalized now.

[-] [email protected] 42 points 1 month ago

Yeah. NY will hold you without trial for three years on suspicion of stealing a backpack. But defraud the state of millions in taxes for years and there are zero consequences.

[-] [email protected] 37 points 2 months ago

One of us one of us

You wanna join a radical and poorly regulated militia?

[-] Savaran 157 points 2 months ago

Because why should self proclaimed billionaires face consequences for their actions and statements. /sigh

[-] Buffalox 154 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Did the judge by any chance suddenly get $20 million richer?
How is this not corruption? All lawyers I've heard, say you need to put down the full amount. Are they ALL wrong?

[-] KneeTitts 57 points 2 months ago

How is this not corruption?

Its naked corruption. Everyone involved should be disbarred and be immediately investigated.

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[-] Burn_The_Right 137 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Never in the history of mankind has conservatism been stopped by pacifism. The plague of conservatism can only be cured through action.

Courts will not stop conservatives.

[-] BrianTheeBiscuiteer 52 points 2 months ago

He's going to take every single Republican controlled state in the general. They'll just announce that he won despite what the polls say and if it gets to SCOTUS they'll pull another Bush v. Gore.

RIP American democracy.

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[-] Furbag 128 points 1 month ago

ONCE AGAIN, Donald Trump is treated with the kid gloves by the courts. Inconceivable. On the day the judgement was to be collected, Trump gets an absolute boon from the heavens above with a 10 day extension and a bond requirement of less than half of the original sum? For what reason? Trump defrauded the American people. He does not deserve special treatment.

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[-] [email protected] 128 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

so if you defraud enough the government will bend over backwards to let you keep your ill-gotten gains. awesome.

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[-] Sterile_Technique 120 points 2 months ago

Summary of Trump being held accountable for his crimes:

[-] CluckN 56 points 2 months ago

Yeah I have no idea how I fell for the same, “Trump is in real trouble this time” article that journalists have been pumping out for the last 6 years.

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[-] ryrybang 98 points 2 months ago

5 days ago I was downvoted for saying this would happen. Yet here we are.

Expect this judgement to get appealed and tossed completely. They can't do it all in one go as that's too obvious. Doing a slow roll. Randomly extending the deadline and slashing the bond amount is just the first step. Expect more. Each time easing up even more on Trump.

[-] [email protected] 49 points 2 months ago

We're all just clinging on to the last sheds of hope in order to not fall into the endless pit of despair.

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[-] [email protected] 95 points 2 months ago

Breaking: Law Ignored For Trump Again

[-] [email protected] 86 points 2 months ago

Ugh. Yet more special treatment. I mean, I'm disappointed but not suprised.

[-] Fapper_McFapper 82 points 2 months ago

What I want to say will get me banned. So I’ll just say fuck Trump.

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[-] [email protected] 82 points 2 months ago

I'm sure courts are happy to arbitrarily halve bond judgements for low level drug offenders.

[-] Theprogressivist 74 points 2 months ago

Wow, just fucking wow. Once again you spineless fucks bend the knee to this piece of shit.

[-] [email protected] 73 points 2 months ago

It's almost guaranteed that we will be back here in 10 days and he will be crying he can't secure the 175 million dollar bond either. It's not that insurance companies won't write a bond that high, it's that they are finally coming around to the fact that he is going to fuck them over no matter what.

[-] [email protected] 46 points 2 months ago

he will be crying he can’t secure the 175 million dollar bond either

and bragging on Truth Social that he has ten times that much in a garbage bag under his desk right now

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[-] Pat12 71 points 2 months ago

the world of the rich vs the average person...

[-] [email protected] 68 points 2 months ago

At what point do we the American people insist that OUR right to a speedy trial is being infringed?

That ought to swing both ways. The abuse of the courts

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[-] [email protected] 61 points 1 month ago
[-] RealFknNito 39 points 1 month ago

Please just hate our government, we do too.

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[-] [email protected] 61 points 2 months ago

This is such fucking bullshit. The rich live by a different set of rules than the rest of us.

[-] REdOG 55 points 2 months ago
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[-] RampantParanoia2365 53 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

For anyone in the same mood as I am today, I think I'll rent The Beekeeper later, where Jason Statham kills scores of evil motherfuckers, because they drove his friend to suicide. It is a very cathartic and satisfying film, and trust me when I say the themes are very relevant.

[-] macarthur_park 45 points 2 months ago

“Well, I’d like to see ol Donny Trump wriggle his way out of THIS jam!”

*Trump wriggles his way out of the jam easily*

“Ah! Well. Nevertheless,”


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[-] [email protected] 45 points 2 months ago

Imagine a black dude who had a bit of weed on him and his bond is 10k and he's like: okay, what about a cool 1k, because i'm obviously not paying anyway.
Are americans really surprised why the rest of the world doesn't take them seriously?

[-] [email protected] 39 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

He yells out in the court about how rigged the system is against him and the judge is just like, "Now, now, try to behave a little better, okay!? Just let me know if you can't come up with the full amount! Love you, boo!"

[-] [email protected] 40 points 2 months ago

Why am i even following this charade… there is not Justice.

[-] PalmTreeIsBestTree 39 points 2 months ago

I feel like nothing is ever going to stop this piece of shit besides his own mortality. I am afraid for the future…

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[-] jordanlund 37 points 1 month ago

So, 10 days from now, when he hasn't paid the $175 million either... then what?

Do they go after $175 million in assets or the full $500 million?

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