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I'll wish badly on them for you then.
Good riddance!

[-] Chainweasel 23 points 8 hours ago

No, I would support it being locked to the national retirement age though, which would be 67 at the moment.

[-] Chainweasel 21 points 3 days ago

The article uses the term "1st state to" like they're about to start some kind of domino effect of similar requirements across other states.

I fear the implication may be correct.

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Yeah, we'll see how well that works when billions of people are displaced by climate change, living in poverty with little to no access to healthcare or medicine.
I'm sure that'll bump the average waaaay up.

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That's why the ~~Church of Satan~~ Satanic Temple is trying this, they know it will cause outrage and people will be far more likely to ban all religion from schools than allow satanism.

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Yeah they were huge when I was in school, but I'm pretty sure the first pair are JNCOs

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Immanuel Kant was a real pissant Who was very rarely stable

[-] Chainweasel 2 points 4 days ago

Burritos have an inside and an outside, therefore sandwich.

[-] Chainweasel 5 points 4 days ago

Outlet mall?

[-] Chainweasel 9 points 4 days ago

Nixon got a full pardon and I don't think he was ever charged.

[-] Chainweasel 46 points 5 days ago

Can we stop giving Trump a platform please?

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My OS is on a 512gb M.2 drive, but the main storage on my laptop was a 1TB HDD, it started making noise about 2 weeks ago so I backed everything up onto a 1TB SanDisk USB SSD. This afternoon it got very clicky when I booted it up after work and icons for a few games I had stored on it, like KSP and YUZU, disappeared from the desktop and taskbar.

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We already knew the September release date, nothing has changed on that front.

But, There are a few other interesting things. Mainly We're likely to see at least 5 more bob books but that's subject to change.
And Roadkill 2 is coming!!

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If we're supposed to be able to understand math as easily as a language, we should be able to read it from left to right like a language.
Yes, I know there's lots other languages that go right to left or top to bottom, but the point is you don't have to go jumping around the page or sentence figuring out which word should be read first based on which characters it contains.
We put the first word first, then the second word second, etc.
Why can't we just write equations in the order they were meant to be solved?

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Sorry for the disappointing news everyone. Looks like audible wants to hold it back until Q4 for some reason despite it being complete.

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Edit: I mean to say just a significant amount, not a majority. That's obviously porn.

Book 5 and Spoilers (self.bobiverse)
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With "Not Till We Are Lost" likely to release sometime in the next ~60 days or so It's probably time to discuss spoilers leading up to and following release.
So for one, There will be a discussion mega-thread, but there won't be any rules discouraging posts for anyone who wants to discuss anything specific, which brings us to rules for posts.
I'm going to keep it relatively short and simple here as it's mostly common sense.
No Spoilers in post titles
This should be a given but I'm sure someone still needs to hear it.
Use spoiler tags in post body
Yes, you have to click on the post to see the post body in most cases, But some apps and instances show a preview of the post body text and it can be visible to people who didn't intend to view the post.

These rules will remain in effect leading up to release (samples that may be released before the book count as spoilers) and for 14 days after the release.

mod tools? (self.lemmyconnect)
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I moderate a very small community but I'd like to be able to pin posts and have access to other general moderator tools like removing posts/comments and locking threads.
It doesn't seem that I can do any of that with Connect and it's cumbersome at best to try to do it on a mobile browser.
Are there any plans to implement mod tools? Or is there a setting I missed somewhere that enabls them?

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So, I'm new to the whole moderating thing and I'm looking for feedback from the community. What can we do to increase community engagement?
Would you guys like to see weekly discussion threads?
Book 5 speculation?
Writing prompts based in universe?
As the mod, what can I do for you to make this community better?

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