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Yep, I've been saying this forever. If you force the incompetent to work too, you're just making things harder for the rest of us. Just pay them to sit at home and smoke weed.

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Yep, turbulence will affect any plane, it's not like things would've been different on an Airbus.

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And Biden has been a Zionist since entering Congress. AIPAC probably didn't even have to pay him. His famous empathy doesn't extend to Palestiniens (or other people of colour).

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we get EV's that don't suck ass and are cheap enough to compete with dino juice cars.

BYD is making those

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There's never any consequences though, he keeps failing up. Hopefully the shareholders call his bluff, but a lot of them buy into the Musk mythos.

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The EU takes pedestrians (and cyclists) in account for safety standards, the US doesn't.

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Yeah, if I was in Gaza those last 6 months I'd probably be looking to join any organisation that would give me a chance to kill some IDF soldiers of I was going to die anyway.

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And that costs a fortune compared to what a mass produced new car with a basic open source stack would cost if someone built it.

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Explains why the meme is so trash. Also thinking AOC is a communist is ridiculous.

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Yeah, but you can't keep buying second hand cars. Some brand really needs to start making dumb electric cars (it at least allow you to replace/upgrade the computer easily).

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The episode with Drew Carey, Weird Al and Thomas Lennon was definitely one of the highlights. I enjoy the show, but as you said, it really depends on the guests.

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A billboard outside her house would do it.

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About 7.5 million singing and swimming “Baby Shark” bath toys are being recalled after multiple lacerations and puncture wounds were reported in children playing with them.

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