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The entire Republican party needs checked for brain worms.

[-] [email protected] 16 points 8 hours ago

I mean, it's either get yourself displaced from linear time or turn yourself into a pickle. 🤷🏻‍♂️

[-] [email protected] 8 points 13 hours ago

Oh, don't even get me started on that. lol. I had a very long rant about that earlier this year with a family member.

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Assuming $25 per meal, that $90M could have fed 1.2 million people for a day (3 meals/day). Or fewer people for a longer period of time.

Instead, it was spent on hatemongering.

The wrong people have money.

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Was it? The one I remember clipped onto the back of the controller in place of the battery box. Or did it have a power port on the unit itself ?(it's been forever lol)

My OG Game Boy had a 6v DC input on the side. My off-brand rechargeable pack for it plugged in there instead of clipping into the battery compartment.

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The moment you think you understand it, that superposition collapses and you're back to "huh?"

Every damn time.

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More like a replay of the same train wreck we already watched in slow motion. He planned the same thing on the last election.

[-] [email protected] 10 points 1 day ago

Probably. lol. You look out the window to see what's making all that racket, and you see their logo on their truck / shirts.

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Ablative plot armor. Hmm. Wonder if there's meme potential in that? 🤔

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I'm more like the NX-01 where the damage doesn't get rebooted between episodes.

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Took me a minute to realize this was in Dad Jokes. When I lived out in the boonies, that was, like, a Tuesday.

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Yeah, it was a cool concept, but the execution was terrible. For all its faults, the one I can't overlook is the fact that it required 6xAA batteries (that it would chew through in 2-3 hours). LIke, WTF? Its design literally required you to use it on a table/stationary location. They sold an AC adapter for it, but it was a separate purchase.

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Alt text: A rocket engine attached to a train. The rocket is labeled "AI" and the train labeled "Enshittification train".

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Sandi and Alan discuss how the Klaxon was Alan's idea, their favorite guests, and possibilities after Series Z

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Disclaimer: If this isn't in the spirit of the community, feel free to remove the post and I'll re-post it in my app-specific community. I'm posting it here since it's a feature that I'm thinking through that may eventually make it into the Lemmy app I develop, and the people here would probably have good ideas/opinions on the matter. Plus, other apps may have already implemented this, and someone may helpfully point that out.

With that out of the way, I'm looking to get some feedback on whether this is a good idea or something that only sounds like a good idea.

Basically, when a post has crossposts, my idea is to fetch the comments for the other cross posts and merge them all into one big comment tree. Regardless of which cross-post you land on, you'll see the same comments.

  • If you reply to the post (top-level comment), it'll post to whichever cross post you're currently on.
  • If you reply to an existing comment, it'll go to whatever post that comment was posted to.

The goal is to bring some unity to disparate communities that have a lot of crossover content.

Is this a good idea? Dumb idea? Can anyone think of any gotchas that might crop up? If I do implement this, it will be something the user can turn on/off.

Potential issues:

  • Culture clash between different communities
  • Mods of one community would not be able to mod every item shown
  • ???


Stephen Fry's camp "mein handy" (
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Fry is amused that, in Germany, mobile phones are called "handies".

Embed Video

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cross-posted from:

This kind of debt likely means that he's for sale, which is not great when it comes to public officials

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Finally got around to upgrading to 0.19.3.

Upgrade did not go smoothly due to multiple DB migration step failures and less than helpful logging from Lemmy during the DB migrations. (surprised Pikachu).

After digging through to figure out what it was complaining about, the upgrade was finally able to be completed.

You will likely need to log in again (at least I did).

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I'm in the process of migrating the pict-rs database to Postgres. Pict-rs has to be offline during this process, so images here will appear to be broken for a bit. You also won't be able to upload any images for the duration of this migration.

Estimated time is about 20-30 minutes.

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I tried to cue the video up in the link, but if it doesn't work, that clip is at 2:37 mark.

"In our first series, it was Greek letters. But then people wrote in and said 'we like the show, but we find that pretentious'. So we began Series 3 with an apology: "We'd like to say to everyone that's been enjoying the show but found the Greek letters a bit pretentious, we've listened. It's your BBC. You've reached out, we've heard you. Please choose....your Egyptian hieroglyph.

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Image description: Homer Simpson runs a red light at a 4-way intersection, and multiple cars slam on their brakes to avoid an accident. He waves out the window and yells "It's alright, I'm running for president" and drives away.

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TL;DR: If you've been using Tesseract and didn't realize it had admin capabilities: surprise! It totally does.

A user pointed out to me this morning that Tesseract wasn't detecting that they were an admin.

Basically, I completely forgot that the admin flag was moved from person to local_user in 0.19 and never updated the admin check function to account for that. So when it looked in the person object in 0.19, it wasn't there, the admin role was never assigned, and a big chunk of the application remained hidden away.

This meant the admin panel, instance-wide moderation menus, and admin-only options (ban from instance, registration applications, private message reports, etc) were not being shown to admins on 0.19.x instances. Only communities they were explicit moderators of would show the mod options or reports.

Mea culpa.

The only instance I can test admin role functions against is my own, which is still on 0.18.5 (for reasons, I swear). So, I was not aware that this has been a bug for months 🙃

I've pushed a fix to the 1.3.0 branch and merged it into main as well. The Docker images for 1.3.0 and latest were also updated with this fix. The change is backwards-compatible with 0.18.x so nothing will change there.

If you deployed a version of 1.3.0 prior to 2024-05-11 12:40:00 UTC (or are still running 1.2.9 on a 0.19.x instance), you may want to pull the updated image or rebuild from the main or 1.3.0 branches to grab this fix.

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