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Would you be surprised that we have dozens of nuclear plants all over the United States? Modern reactors that can withstand the mistakes of the past without the disaster? Media makes the public think the risk is higher than it is when in reality, more people have died per year installing renewables than all the nuclear disasters combined (per GW/H).

Nuclear is simply too energy dense to ignore.

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And guns. Can't forget the guns.

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When Mulvad eats good we all eat good.

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Ape escape. Holy shit it's ape escape.

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What you fail to understand is that when you've dedicated hundreds of hours of sincere effort trying to take down a wall and realize you're no closer now than you were at the beginning, you just step back and look at the people bashing their head against it and say: "Hey, this isn't working. It might not be worth the effort."

So hey, it's not worth the effort, free Palestine.

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I think we have the social pressure for the advertising restrictions, the TikTok ban being a pretty interesting case on it's own, I'm just frustrated at the half-measure because as with smoking, the warning to stop will be as effective as asking a 17 year old if they're 18 before going to a porn site. What'll keep them off social media is not knowing it's there to begin with.

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I know it's an anecdote but I work in retail and there is no shortage of people buying cigarettes. We have more types, flavors, and selections of ways to smoke yourself into the ground not a one who cares about the warning. I just personally think the advertising and making it look good was what actually pushed them onto new users. People know it'll kill you, what they need to forget is the lie that it's cool, yummy, or fun.

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Drugs I reckon.

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Every day I wake up I gamble if I'll enjoy it or not.

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Yeah cause it was real effective against cigarettes. How about you ban their ability to advertise? That at least did something.

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That's about the level of intelligence I get when I make actual arguments. Much better.

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