politicians (i.imgur.com)
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Who would win (programming.dev)
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Barred (Bat?) Owlet (lemmy.world)
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From Jay Grave

Oh hey?!!?!! There you are! This curious little fledgling was checking me out when I first found them high up in the trees! They would also fall asleep in this position and it has to have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen when finding baby Owls!

Protestation (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Too tiny! (lemmy.world)
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From A Place Called Hope




The second pic is a baby nestling from Canterbury. Finder was told by "experts" to put baby back where it was found. Good thing they didn't listen! This Barred Owlet is too young to be out of cavity nest. Branching babies look older, are bigger, aren't as downy but not all feathers are done unfurling. Branchers are building muscle and abilities that will help them to learn how to fly. This baby is not at that stage yet so he/she will be returned to his parents as soon as our team can manage this project. There are still five other healthy babies awaiting their turn to go home. Our team has managed to put back 26 babies this season. When it's time for Canterbury, We will search for the original cavity to check for others and install a man made nest box for safety nearby. All nestlings will be snuggled together and the parents will coax them out to build muscle as feathers and age determines its time! And not a day before. special thanks to the finders who rescued this adorable baby and to our wonderful transporter Danielle who drove an hour plus each direction.

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Searching for product recommendations has become harder and harder over the years. I used to google or browse reddit for reviews, used them to create a shortlist of products and then actually dig deeper and compare them.

Lets say I'm in the market for a mechanical keyboard, but I don't know much about them. I use whatever search engine to look for "best mechanical keyboard 2024". The results are really bad, and I mean really bad. It's more of a list of keyboards to avoid, to be honest. The problem is not just google. Bing, duckduckgo, Kagi, Startpage... all results suck. The results are filled with AI generated pages or outlets farming affiliate links. There are a couple of good suggestions in the middle of the garbage but if 9/10 websites recommend a random razer keyboard, I'm inclined to believe it's an option worth considering.

Some of my friends say they resort to Youtube. I can agree that Youtube has amazing content creators that give amazing reviews and produce great quality content. But if you don't know anything about the subject, how do you know which content creator is good and which content creator is just farming affiliate links?

One of the things I loved about Reddit was that I could just go to /r/whateversubject and talk to what I felt was real people discussing products they loved. I no longer use Reddit ,and Lemmy, unfortunately, doesn't have a big enough userbase to have a good community for each type of product.

So, what's your strategy to find out good products on subjects you know nothing about?

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beholder (lemmy.world)
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Concept Tram (i.imgur.com)
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As already leaked, the game is a 6v6 third-person hero-based shooter. Heroes include magicians, robots, creatures, humans, and more. There are currently 19 different heroes, each with different abilities and playstyles that you’d come to expect from a MOBA including ranged, healers, tanks, assassins, etc.

Players have described the game to me as being very similar to DOTA in terms of its gameplay loop and mechanics. This includes killing enemies and creeps to get the in-game currency of “souls,” which allows you to buy items to make your hero stronger. According to sources, both creeps and enemies will spawn a soul upon death, which floats up and away when they die.

Frieren (by Myomuron) (files.catbox.moe)
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Artist: Myomuron | pixiv | danbooru

Full quality: .png 1 MB (2480 × 3300)

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Chisakina (by Mizo) (files.catbox.moe)
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Artist: Mizo | pixiv | danbooru

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/c/opensource is currently unmoderated because all the existing mod accounts are inactive.

Thats why we are looking for new moderators. To apply as mod, reply below indicating what would make you a good moderator for this community, and mention any previous mod experience you have. You should be registered on lemmy.ml and have previous posting history.

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Germany's AfD party on Wednesday banned its leading candidate from appearing at EU election campaign events, after France's main far-right party announced a split with the Germans over a slew of scandals involving the politician.

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apex predator (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/post/12407111

eyes are the window to the rule

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Norway, Spain, and Ireland will recognize an independent Palestinian stateas of May 28.

"There cannot be peace in the Middle East if there is no recognition," Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said. "By recognizing a Palestinian state, Norway supports the Arab peace plan."

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The seemingly “never-ending” rain last autumn and winter in the UK and Ireland was made 10 times more likely and 20% wetter by human-caused global heating, a study has found.

More than a dozen storms battered the region in quick succession between October and March, which was the second-wettest such period in nearly two centuries of records. The downpour led to severe floods, at least 20 deaths, severe damage to homes and infrastructure, power blackouts, travel cancellations, and heavy losses of crops and livestock.

The level of rain caused by the storms would have occurred just once in 50 years without the climate crisis, but is now expected every five years owing to 1.2C of global heating reached in recent years. If fossil fuel burning is not rapidly cut and the global temperature reaches 2C in the next decade or two, such severe wet weather would occur every three years on average, the analysis showed.

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Загальні бойові втрати противника з 24.02.22 по 22.05.24 (орієнтовно)

#NOMERCY #stoprussia #stopruSSiZm #stoprussicism #ВІРЮвЗСУ

| Підписатися ГШ ЗСУ | t.me/GeneralStaffZSU/14803

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