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Yea, both my brother and father had prostate cancer - we haven't invested money into treating either one which is why... neither of them died to it?

Fuck off with that incel bullshit.

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Genital mutilation is awful but the really hard part is getting buy in to the idea that it's actually genital mutilation. People don't want to be identified as mutilated - men who have been circumcised don't want the thing that happened without their consent to define them.

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Yea, don't - learning from previous generations is important but in an ideal world each generation is greater than the last... they learn the important shit and add their own knowledge.

Astoundingly, it seems like Boomers have unlearned nazi=bad - we need to do better humanity - we need to do better.

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I'm a millennial and I'd identify as an independent because I fucking hate the DNC... but there's no fucking chance Trump will get my vote and a 100% chance whoever has the D (probably Biden, let's be real) will get my vote. In my mayoral election I'm carefully researching both the dem and progressive candidates though.

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That's understandable - it's diplomacy... diplomacy is never certain.

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There were things like tracking guard shifts after sundown but the candle or an hourglass would be sufficient for that. It's usually a case where you don't actually care about what time it is now but you do care about time elapsed.

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For some reason I got an out of bounds memory exception when trying to dereference the parent.

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I agree with moving away from floats but I have a far simpler proposal... just use a struct of two integers - a value and an offset. If you want to make it an IEEE standard where the offset is a four bit signed value and the value is just a 28 or 60 bit regular old integer then sure - but I can count the number of times I used floats on one hand and I can count the number of times I wouldn't have been better off just using two integers on -0 hands.

Floats specifically solve the issue of how to store a ln absurdly large range of values in an extremely modest amount of space - that's not a problem we need to generalize a solution for. In most cases having values up to the million magnitude with three decimals of precision is good enough. Generally speaking when you do float arithmetic your numbers will be with an order of magnitude or two... most people aren't adding the length of the universe in seconds to the width of an atom in meters... and if they are floats don't work anyways.

I think the concept of having a fractionally defined value with a magnitude offset was just deeply flawed from the get-go - we need some way to deal with decimal values on computers but expressing those values as fractions is needlessly imprecise.

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Based and precision pilled.

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I get kinda bad vibes from this comment and I'd like to explain why...

If somebody said "We're building a point of sale terminal and to make it secure we're going to be using C++" I'd probably have a dumbfounded expression on my face unless they immediately continued with "because there are libraries we can lean on to minimize the amount of code we need to write."

C++ has an extremely mature ecosystem - Qt is essentially it's own language at this point! There are reasons to still consider building in C++ and saying "C++ is not a language for the future" feels dogmatic and cargo culty to me. Algol, Cobol and Fortran still have programming communities and while I agree that C++ is outsized in presence for the danger it presents there are still good reasons to choose it for some specific domains - high performance graphical programs being one of those in particular.

C++ has a plethora of foot guns and you need to be aware of them but when you are they're easy to avoid in fact your quote:

Even if you tried to actually enforce these habits, you'd just end up inventing a new language and it would be incompatible with previous C++ too.Even if you tried to actually enforce these habits, you'd just end up inventing a new language and it would be incompatible with previous C++ too.

Is probably the thing I agree most with - well built C++ isn't incompatible with regular ol' C++ but it feels like a different language... but as a not too old old-man-developer different projects often feel like different languages - each company/project has tools and libraries they use and it'll cause code written in the same language to read really differently... I'm a functionally oriented programmer with a pretty particular style, my C++, Python, Java, PHP, Node and Rust all look nearly the same except for language specific peculiarities.

So yea, discipline is needed and nobody's default choice should be C++ but if you follow best practices your C++ can be quite safe.

... that all said... I fucking hate the concept of definition files being sseparate from code files so I'm not going to use C++ anytime soon.

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Idiots on the internet are going to idiot - just bop them on the head as soon as they say "Facebook is infringing on muh first ammendment!"

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C++ can have excellent performance without ever using a single pointer and avoiding unsafe functions like gets() - this isn't necessarily a judgment on language - it's a judgement on bad programming habits.

Pointers fucking suck, in a modern C++ codebase everything should be pass by value or const/mutable ref. To my preference I'd rather drop mutable refs to force everything to be more functional but whatever.

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Just a sanity check here but... yall ever been mid conversation with someone and confused that they've forgotten a thing you talked about... until you realize that previous conversation took place entirely in your head?

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