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For example, in English the word right (opposite of left) and right (privileges, as in human rights) are homonyms. In Spanish, derecho/a also means both of those things. Don't the concepts behind those words predate the cross-pollination of the two languages? Why do they share this homonym quality?

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Given the fact that data is an electric circuit of ones and zeros, flowing at the speed of light, could we technically send information across time?

Appliances with an off light. (self.nostupidquestions)
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In the last few years I have purchased a pressure cooker and an air fryer. They both waste electricity by having an off light. Furthermore they act like red nightlights and my kitchen has an eerie red glow at night. What is the actual purpose for off lights besides to waste electricity?

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I'm a reddit refugee trying to figure this out. It seems to me like it's a decent idea to break up countrol like this, but unfortunately there are some inherent problems that mean it might not work in the real world.

The biggest in my view is that communities are scoped to the instance they started in. You could have 2 different communities with the same niche and the same or similar name but different insurances and the subscriber numbers will be split across them. I think this is damaging to growth because it spreads active users.

Eventually if the niche grows one of the communities of the niche will be the biggest and most active. So generally users will consolidate around the instances with the most active communities thus making those instances have a lot of control and defeating the purpose of federation.

Is there something I'm missing here? Because currently I'm not convinced this can both grow and keep things decentralized.

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It feels like such a waste.

EDIT: This is the type of cheese I am referring to. It comes wrapped in a piece of plastic then bundled together with x more and all of them get covered in plastic

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Hi! I'm trying to figure out if my anti fat biases etc are colouring my view. Background: I've lived in an olderish apartment (1970s) for about a decade, got a new upstairs neighbour a couple of years ago and now my bathroom ceiling leaks, grows mold etc. The maintenance folks have cut through the drywall a few times, confirmed mold, replaced the pipes, checked and watched for leaks without luck.

My guess as to what's happening is that the bathtub is an older one and the new neighbour is really big (for a Canadian. Like, not infinifat or whatever but would definitely take up more than a seat in the movies or airplanes) and not just belly fat but quite wide as well. I can't imagine he can turn in the shower without the sheets coming out of the tub and spilling water all over the ground (and with our poor molding etc I could easily see it working its way down)

Unsure how to bring it up so I figured I'd check and see if that's even a thing that actually happens or if that's just my inherent anti fat assumptions going to work. I don't know anyone socially even close to his size so don't really know where else to ask.

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Long story short, there is a song by Suzie Rose called "Don't Rush (remix)", which is available at most platforms, but I found at this page what appears to be the original version (which explains the remix label in the other one).

However, the original song is nowere to be found, when I try to shazam it, it just returns the remix, it doesn't appear at youtube, spotify nor as a result of any search engine (at least not ddg and google)

Yet, the song that can be listened at from the page I shared sounds 100% like an official record, not any kind of bootleg, and this other site also suggests its existence.

TL;DR: Suzie Rose has a song called "Don't Rush (remix)", where's the original besides here?

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One of my many admirers just went through literally every single post or comment I've ever made to downvote. Is there a way to see who it is and save them from having to see my posts in the future?

Also, is that how blocking works? I know that I won't see posts from someone I've blocked but does it also stop them from seeing/interacting with my content?

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I have noticed phones with a handset (like the one in the image) have a little cover that resembles something like a cold camera shoe under the bottom of the handset's top speaker holder. Is there a use for it? It has a line bump in the middle, but it doesn't go all the way from both sides, it leaves a gap. I have also seem some of them have extra space on the top of the cover, and some don't.

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like i’m watching blue planet and i’m yelling at the tv!

there’s all these yimmer yammer hand-wavey scientific rigor lines where it’s like ‘we may believe that these animals do on occasion have a base brain-related impulse that allows them to experience feelings somewhat like to those of friendship’ or whatever in the script on top of footage that they then describe as ‘it seems as though these two groups [of fish, different species] are old friends…’ in an almost whimsical manner.

can’t they give them some credit! they have eyes and a face, why is it so insane to think they can’t experience friendship or love or joy just like us? ‘buhhu uhhh its only accurate science if we only observe observable behavior’ why?? you’re neglecting a whole part of any living thing’s experience! inner life can’t be hand waved away! even for a mollusk!

and people loved doing this on reddit as well -- oh actually your cat doesn't understand love or joy or humor, it is simply reacting to the physical warmth of your lap, they don't actually care for you. don't worry, depth and emotion does not exist!

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v v ill w 2 colds back to back wanna die miserable 90% of my last 3 weeks of waking hours, little appetite

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Hey Folks, I've been in college for six years now and have dropped classes left and right. I had been consistent in the beginning and, of course, Covid had caused a bit of problems with consistency. Since that time, my grades slipped. I've dropped classes as well. I should have graduated two years ago however i've been working to survive since. I've got roughly 40k in student loan debt. each time I try and take classes again, I manage to for about two weeks and then after i have some random event in life come in and just ruin my motivation. (death, sickness, major change in lifestyle, etc.). I've been working in a career that was based upon my major and it is a decently comfortable and consistent job (IT), with some stress just due to the human interaction, however I do have issues with debt (working well to get out of but won't be completely out of non-student loan debt until 2025). I'd consider going back in about six or seven years depending on how life treats me, but is it worth cutting my losses, start paying back student loans, and focus on my job? If I do manage to take classes, i'll have about two years worth of classes to bust through but I'm not sure if I can push that much effort back out.

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I know what the word means, but I'm unsure how to use it in a sentence. In my native language, Danish,"backorder" translates to "Restordre" and when something is unavailable, we say it's"i Restordre",which translates directly into English as "in backorder", but I'm not sure that's correct English. Do English people say that or just "backordered" or something else?

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Do Alarms Turn Off Automatically After a Long Period of Time? (Android)

Here's the story. I went to a vacation overseas but still would like to receive sms. So I left my old phone back home with my sim and setup an sms forwarding stuff that automatically sends all my received sms to my email. (using Tasker and AutoMail since I already use those).

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off my weekday alarm. I was wondering if the alarm turns off after some time that it wasn't dismissed (an hour? half a day? etc.) because I'm worried that my neighbor (we live in a condo) would go nuts if my phone is ringing 24/7 while I'm away.

Phone is on Android 10, LG G7 ThinQ, and the alarm app is Sleep As Android.

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In Windows 11 there's a button on the taskbar next to the start button that lets you switch between multiple desktop environments. It seems like something that would probably be useful in theory, but I can't think of any reason why I would want to use it. Is it actually useful? What do people use it for?

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It seems like nearly every wristwatch I get, the common point of failure is the watch band, but when I try to find replacement bands, it's always sort of a hassle.

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I really like comparison tables on wikipedia but find them hard to navigate.

For example: Comparison of web browsers > General Information

Say I want a web browser for Linux which has been recently updated. I can sort by the "Platform" column, or by "Latest release: Date" but not both.

Sometimes tables can be very wide and/or very tall. Once you get to scrolling it is impossible to see either the row or column headings. So then you can't tell where you even are in the table. Example: Table of AMD processors Also they can have complex structures with merged headings and content.

Ideally I would like to apply some basic spreadsheet-type operations like hiding rows/columns, filtering, sorting by multiple columns etc. Even if there was a way to easily get the table into an actual spreadsheet that would be helpful. I tried some extensions that export tables to other formats but nothing worked without a lot of cleanup.

Is there some kind of trick or tool or extension that makes these ginormous tables useful? I can't tell how people even add information to these things, they are so large.

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Or what would that be called? Pretty much the same things that would usually be considered ableism, but when there's not a recognised disability involved but just health issue/s (which could be "disabling").

For example, not believing someone about their health issue, dismissing it or refusing to believe that it impacts their ability to function or can be a valid excuse for things (often solely on the basis that it's not a recognised disability), blaming someone's health issue on different things they aren't caused by (and trying to attribute it to the person's behaviour as if it's their fault), and/or claiming that their opinions can't be taken seriously due to their health problem

Would it be called health-based discrimination or something (despite somewhat mimicking the same mentalities as ableism)?

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Rob is blowing a whistle, over and over.

Bob: "Why are you blowing that whistle, Rob?"

Rob: "To keep the dragons away."

Bob: "I see no dragons."

Rob: "It works!"

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