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If Biden is also taking bribe money from Russia, as you suggest, then we should expect him to veto this bill, right?

Neoliberals are conservatives, but they usually are not outright traitors the way Republican conservatives are.

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Conservatives often breed like cockroaches. They take pride in how many children they produce, impoverished or not. And too often, neglecting their children is just seen as a way to "toughen 'em up".

Source: Am from the conservative south.

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Conservatives can read?

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I think many voters' positions have evolved on Israel now that the world is watching them commit genocide. Voters will now be able to choose which side of genocide they are on.

Obviously conservatives (including neoliberals) will be pro-genocide. But we need to start running candidates that appeal to non-conservative and progressive voters.

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Conservatives are cockroaches. Always have been.

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Brought to you by decades of Israeli lobbying money mixed with gullible religious morons in the U.S. legislature. Money in politics leads to genocide.

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Phil is a conservative, racist shitbag. He's completely shit on Pantera's legacy. And then he waited until the moment Vinnie died to go against Vinnie's famous wishes that nothing ever be called Pantera without Dime in it. He doesn't even have the decency to refer to the new band as a tribute in the name. Instead, he just calls it Pantera. What a shitty, disrespectful cunt. Phil has no redeeming qualities. He is an arrogant, self-serving, right-wing cockroach that should vanish into the ether.

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The U.S. needs to cut ties with Israel and back away from them. They are not allies. They have been using the U.S. for decades due to our gullible myth-obsessed politicians being heavily lobbied by them. If money were removed from politics, the relationship would dissolve almost immediately.

We get absolutely nothing of value from our relationship with Israel. There is no special strategic advantage as we have bases, NATO countries and allies nearby as well as multiple carrier groups in the Med. Our commerce with them is not special in any way. So, why give them billions a year and stand by their side as they commit genocide and start fights with their neighbors?

We should have no business there except, perhaps, to protect innocent people from genocide.

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Conservatives will do more than threaten. They are all bloodthirsty pieces of shit.

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You've spelled out nothing but your own shortcomings.

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The reverend has aaked a valid question regarding your position and you have run away and hid, in typical conservative fashion.

Every word uttered by a conservative is deception or manipulation. Every word. Honesty is simply not a conservative trait, so I think it was nice of the reverend to even include you in the adult conversation. You can't say we didn't try.

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That list is not "products made or designed in Israel". That list is just companies that support Israel.

I just don't want anyone to have the false impression that a relationship with Israel is necessary. It definitely is not.

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