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Hello everyone! Mods here 😊

Tell us, what services do you selfhost? Extra points for selfhosted hardware infrastructure.

Feel free to take it as a chance to present yourself to the community!


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Greetings, self-hosting enthusiasts and welcome to the Selfhosted group on Lemmy! I am formerly /u/Fimeg now Casey, your tour guide through the labyrinth of digital change. As you’re likely aware, we’re witnessing a considerable transformation in the landscape of online communities, particularly around Reddit. So let’s indulge our inner tech geeks and dive into the details of this issue, and explore how we, as a self-hosting community, can contribute to the solution.

The crux of the upheaval is a policy change from Reddit that’s putting the existence of beloved third-party apps, like Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, and BaconReader, in jeopardy. Reddit has begun charging exorbitant fees for API usage, so much so that Apollo is facing a monthly charge of $1.7 million. The ramifications of these charges have resulted in an outcry from the Reddit community, leading to a number of subreddits planning to go dark in protest.

These actions have pushed many users to seek out alternative platforms, such as Lemmy, to continue their digital explorations. The migration to Lemmy is especially significant for us self-hosters. Third-party applications have long been a critical part of our Reddit experience, offering unique features and user experiences not available on the official app.

As members of the Selfhosted group on Lemmy, we’re not just bystanders in this shift - we have the knowledge, skills, and power to contribute to the solution. One of the ways we can contribute is by assisting with the archiving efforts currently being organized by r/datahoarder on Reddit. As self-hosting enthusiasts, we understand the value of data preservation and have the technical acumen required to ensure the wealth of information on Reddit is not lost due to these policy changes.

So, while we navigate this new territory on Lemmy, let’s continue to engage in productive discussions, share insights, and help to shape the future of online communities. Your decision to join Lemmy’s Selfhosted group signifies a commitment to maintain the spirit of a free and open internet, a cause that is dear to all of us.

Finally, in line with the spirit of the original Reddit post, if you wish to spend money, consider supporting open-source projects or charities that promote a free and accessible internet.

With that, let’s roll up our digital sleeves and embark on this new journey together. Welcome to the Selfhosted group on Lemmy!

P.S. Thank you to Ruud who is actively maintaining the moderation front in this community!

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Hi! I'm looking for a good cloud storage provider for my backups. I will encrypt them locally and rclone them, so integration is important. I've been looking through reddit, and every single provider has something behind their ears (closes accounts, scans files, sketchy, blah blah blah), so I'm having a bit of an analysis paralysis.

Free tier would be ideal. I don't need a lot of space, just a few GBs. Thanks :)

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Does anyone here have any suggestions on how I might be able to resolve this for my instance? Thanks!

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I have an existing website that I use for all sorts of things. I was a bit more of a sucker when I bought the domain so I also bought a wildcard SSL cert for my domain instead of using LetsEncrypt. I use the home subdomain to link back to my home network where I'm in the process of setting up a FreeIPA domain. In order to make sure the SSSD works properly, I read that I need to LDAPS, and for that I'll need some certs. I know FreeIPA generates its own certs, but these are self signed. I'd like to have my certs actually be trusted as theres a reason this is on an actual domain. However when i try to add my certs with

sudo ipa-cacert-manage -t 'C,,' CERT_BUNDLE

I get an issue with one of the certs (I know which one) for using an insecure algorithm. And (expectedly) I can't add the other certs as this is part of the CA chain. So I read to try renewing with the external-ca option, and now I have a CSR from FreeIPA but I'm unsure if I can sign it with my SSL cert. Any guidance or help is vert much appreciated. I may have buggered my install in trying to figure this out, but I suppose we'll find out.

Update: It looks like I wasn't doing anything wrong; the root CA cert is SHA1 signed which seems to be my issue. I'm setting up everything with lets encrypt going forward and won't be buying a cert again unless i genuinely have a reason to.

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I am wanting to self host a fediverse instance. I don't hope to make it big. Hoping for 200 users at most, and I won't advertise it heavily so it'll probably be a while before it gets there.

Is it a bad idea to host something like this on local hardware at home? I have a lot of local-only self hosted services, and I wouldn't want those to be compromised.

But my biggest fear is overloading my network. I already don't get the fastest signal in some parts of my house, and I am worried the extra traffic might put more pressure on the network.

What are your thoughts on hosting local? Should I just avoid the headache and host on public instance?

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Hi, started self hosting quite a few things and would like a domain to use for when I'm out and about instead of having to remember what my IP is currently. What are the newest providers of services that can accomplish this?

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Unless you are missed the news. Bug found in OpenZFS causing data corruption, FreeBSD, Linux and illumos are all affected.

Good description of the bug

Some good news from bug tracker on OpenZFS

OpenZFS 2.2.2 and 2.1.14 released with fix in place. If you don't get your OpenZFS direct from here, point your vendor at it.

Patch your systems!!

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Recently I have decided that the backup solution I have been using is far too complex for my family to figure out when I die. I began writing documentation on how they can access photos, videos, documents and so on. In that process I thought, I gotta make this simple.

I’m thinking of just having two 10TB drives in RAID 1 on my desktop that get backed up to Backblaze via restic. Backblaze and similar cloud storage providers can send you a copy of your data for recovery. I think I can sufficiently document this process.

Has anyone else come up with a similar process?

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I built my instance from source: https://join-lemmy.org/docs/administration/from_scratch.html

It shows very few options for pict-rs in the UI config. I was wondering if I'm still able to apply object storage and/or conduct a migration?

Or, am I going to need to install pict-rs from source as well?

If I am able to use object storage with the embedded install, what settings would I need to add to the lemmy.hjson file?

Thank you!

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Someone here brought up that they were able to replace Cloudflare Tunnels with Tailscale - I can't seem to find the post, as it was a comment and deeply buried in a thread I've since forgotten the title of. :)

Can anyone explain the process for doing this? I assume it's through the use of their Funnel? I have three primary services I require to be accessible through Authentik (that's one of them) via my domain name.


To answer the question of why I want to leave Cloudflare Tunnels - is basically that I have several services behind it (I forgot one so make that 4 I wish to have exposed). Two password managers, Psono for my special needs daughter which finds it easier than Bitwarden and Vaultwarden for myself and my work logins. So, I can't just set up a VPN or Tailscale at work to connect my work passwords to. :) I also have Authentik and Home Assistant tunneled at present. That doesn't explain the reason why though so let me start here:

My step-daughter is learning video production and editing, we don't want to share her videos on Youtube or other sites, but would like to keep it more local to home. With that said, Cloudflare may not notice it at first, bit it's against their TOS to stream videos, not to mention their just over 100mb cap for file xfers which leads me to the next reason. Early in May of this year, we were in an auto accident, and we are frequently sending forms, accident photos and paperwork etc to the Attorneys, I want to have control of the ownership of the files and would prefer not to email them, but link them to my server, frequently, those files even zipped can be over 100mb.

I do have a private DDNS provider I have my domain CNAME pointed to so it resolves to the home IP that way, so the ultimate plan is to untie my site from Cloudflare's DNS to a offload to a VPS or two for (NS1 and NS2) With a recent issue with Oracle Cloud, I'm not motivated to use them for this basic purpose.

And just a small part of me is starting to get tin hat against the idea that Cloudflare can decrypt the data before it hits my site before it encrypts it. Just just isn't sitting well with me at the moment. I can't verify this data yet, but I like to play it safe than sorry.


So, I ran a funnel test and yes it works, but still have to use the ts.net like others said, so at best, I can figure this to be a good backup service. I can't forward a CNAME to my TS DNS. I checked /r/tailscale (Duckduckgo sent me there), and about a month ago, someone asked if you could use your own domain, the answer was "not yet" but there seems to be some interest.

What I found pretty fascinating is the mobile app does work quite well on Android and is so far so good, I can at least feel better knowing that the phones are on WG full time now through Tailscale. I had issues with the official WG client and another one staying on with our phones full time, so this so far has been a good improvement.

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Hi everyone. Basically the question; has anyone bought server parts off of PrimeBuy and Insight.com? Are they trustworthy?

I was looking for the Seasonic ES2, which has a fan at the back, to be used in a server, but the only places I could find it are at these two websites. They look fine to me but I thought I'd take the community's opinion on it (would be great if Seasonic sold it themselves but I don't think that's the case).


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So I recently found out that I have sh*t my leg... I was about to set up unraid but just before dipping my toes I was told that the parity drive needs to be the same or larger in size, really wish I had done more thorough reseach before recently buying that 10TB HDD hehe...

My planned setup was; 250 GB - SSD (Cache) 1 TB - HDD (Parity) 2 TB - HDD (Pool) 10 TB - HDD (Pool)

So what are my option now that I have messed that up, what would you recommend? To go without parity or is there another way?

Any help is appriciated, I am still quite new to selfhosting/linux :)

UPDATE; I can trade the 10TB for two 4TB disks + the extra. Should I?

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I've poked around online and it seems like Jellyfin had (music) volume normalization added to it sometime recently. However, I'm struggling to verify that it's enabled/working. Is it something I have to enable or is it on by default? If it's on shouldn't I be able to see something like a LUFS or ReplyGain value in each song's metadata?

UPDATE: I'm not familiar with Jellyfin's git strategy, but it seems like even though the audio normalization has made it into the master branch it has NOT made it into the 10.8.z release tag/branch. I determined this by looking for the changes in Emby.Server.Implementations/Data/SqliteItemRepository.cs from the normalization PR in the current version of the file in 10.8.z and they were not present.

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Anyone else using Mac minis as VM hosts for self hosting? My Friendica server is a Linux VM on a Mac Mini in my living room. The VM is bound to a VLAN tagged network interface so it’s completely firewalled off from the rest of my network. Also got a second Linux VM on the same box for hosting local stuff on my main VLAN (HomeBridge/etc).

I feel like they’re really nice platforms for this, if not the cheapest. Cheaper than one might think though; I specced up an equivalent NUC and there wasn’t a lot of difference in price, and the M2 is really fast.

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Hello selfhosters,

I need recommendation for cheap VPS that I will use to host gramps only. Gramps is selfhosted app for building family tree.

I tested gramps in docker container on my home server and its awesome, check it out. My home server is not open to public (accessing it using wireguard only) and I would like to give access to some family members (3-4) for gramps. I thought its best to pay for cheap VPS and run gramps only to avoid any security issues on my home network.

I believe performance and storage requirements fit in any cheapest model, but not sure which VPS is the easiest to setup. I have my own domain from porkbun, but I have never set SSL certs properly before and I have never used VPS. I see this as a great opportunity to learn, but also to make some family members happy <3

I'm eying servercheap.com and it says in description "1 IPv4", but then it offers "Add'l Ipv4 Addresses" for 9$. I'm bit lost here and I'm not even sure do I need IPv4 address. Maybe I can run duckdns or ddclient to avoid additional cost?

How is your experience with servercheap? Is there anything better for similar price?

Also, any tips for building server like that are appreciated. I was thinking Debian 11 + gramps in docker container since I'm familiar with that setup.


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Hello! A new self-hoster of lemmy instance. I've confirmed fedi is working and able to return json result for my server.

However, I am only able to find users and/or communities if I manually search for them.

Is there some sort of propagation or sync that needs to occur in order for searched queries to correctly populate data from the fediverse? Cheers

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I'm thinking about building a box for pfsense. Looking at hardware options and I see a pretty significant difference in price when comparing hardware with and without AES-NI. I don't necessarily think I'll need AES. The way I understand it, AES is for using VPN that is somehow running on the router??? I mean, my wife and I both use VPNs on our work computers so we can reach our work networks, but that isn't using any encryption features on my router, is it?? Or am I not understanding?

Jellyfin stuttering (lemmy.today)
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I have recently set up a Jellyfin server running on a Beelink S12 pro in docker (with a few other containers running), and I am having a few problems with stuttering video.

I get little micro-stutters every few seconds regardless of whether it is direct play or transcoding and regardless of what client I use (librelec with Jellyfin plugin), android phone, or firefox on a windows laptop), and I am struggling to narrow down the cause of it.

Any ideas of where I should look first?

The server utilisation seems low, I have tried a wired and wifi connection, I have tried 720, 1080, and 2160 resolution videos, with and without transcoding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes I know I'm defeating the purpose of a VPN by using a static IP that's solely attached to me, that's not why I'm using my own.

The issue I'm having is that a good number of sites see these IPs and block or captcha them. My current one is not on any lists and I still have it caught for some sites like Etsy or Lowe's even.

I've been reading that an AWS lightsale instance might work, is this the only option or is it going to have blocks by cloudflare as well.

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Hello selfhosted !

Continuing my journey of setup up my home k3s cluster.

I’ve been asking myself if Longhorn might be overkill for my home cluster,here’s what i did:

3 machines running k3s each. One of them has a storage in Raid 5 and I dont want to use any storage from the other two.

Thing is, i had to configure replicas to 1 in longhorn for my pv to be green.

Hence my question, since data is already replicated in the array, shouldn’t I just use a NFS storage class instead?

Thanks !

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Does such a thing exist? A coop cloud provider? A unonized cloud provider? An ethical cloud provider? A good guy cloud provider?

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Hi, I was looking at private CAs since I don't want to pay for a domain to use in my homelab.

What is everyone using for their private CA? I've been looking at plain OpenSSL with some automation scripts but would like more ideas. Also, if you have multiple reverse-proxy instances, how do you distribute domain-specific signed certificates to them? I'm not planning to use a wildcard, and would like to rotate certificates often.


Edit: thank you for everyone who commented! I would like to say that I recognise the technical difficulty in getting such a setup working compared to a simple certbot setup to Let's Encrypt, but it's a personal choice that I have made.

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Hey there!

I just wanted to share a bit about my experience as a hobbyist and self-hosting enthusiast. While I may not be the most educated on the topic, I've been able to self-host my favorite services to avoid relying on big companies like Google and Amazon.

A few years ago, I started my self-hosting journey with Nextcloud, and it completely blew my mind. Finally, I didn't have to rely on Google Drive anymore!

However, I quickly realized that using a Raspberry Pi made things a bit sluggish. I tried upgrading to a more powerful machine. Still slow. I then tried with an i5-4460, but it was still slow and buggy. I even tried an i3-10100, and it was still a bit of a pain to use. It seems like many others feel the same frustration, so I know I'm not alone. I often wonder how some other people claim they have no issues with Nextcloud, but hey, good for them!

Because of the tinkering it seems to need, I feel like I don't have enough time and knowledge to make Nextcloud work as smoothly as I'd like, which defeats the purpose of self-hosting it.

That's why I've been exploring other options. I gave Seafile a shot, but couldn't figure out how to solve a "CSRF verification failed" error. Projectsend and Xbackbone are great, but they don't quite match what I'm looking for. I also tried Cloudreve, but I wasn't a fan of its sorting philosophy. I did find Picoshare, which I stuck with, but for a totally different purpose.

Then, I tried ownCloud for the first time. Wow, it was fast! Uploading an 8GB folder took just 3 minutes compared to the 25 minutes it took with Nextcloud. Plus, everything was lightning quick on the same machine. I really loved using it. Unfortunately, there's currently a vulnerability affecting it, which led me to uninstall it.

I also gave OCIS a try, and it felt even faster. The interface was smooth and fluid, it was truly impressive. However, with the recent news of it becoming part of Kiteworks, I'm a bit unsure about its future.

I can't help but wonder why so many people have been raving about Nextcloud all these years when ownCloud performs so well right out of the box. I'd love to hear about your experience and the services you use. Share your thoughts!

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Anybody see a 48 port managed 2.5 Gig ethernet switch for reasonable pricing yet? it seems like these are still either thousands of dollars or sold for chinese market without appropriate certificatiosn to be plugged into the north american electric grid. Any help would be appreciated (even better if it has 2-4 SFP+ 10 gig ports on it)

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