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When I was about 8/9 years old I was told by a friend of mine I couldn't play with them any more. Their mother didn't approve of it for some reason.

One year later I asked my mom if she ever knew why this was the case. She said that other mother thought I wasn't good enough for her child. But that after a while that mother said she may be okay with it now.

But my mother said she didn't like that idea. That this friendship would be all reliant on that mother's "generosity". And I didn't feel the need to object to that. My mom's reasoning made perfect sense to me, even on age 10. This was not the way you treat friendships fairly from a parents perspective, I realised. (There is a little more to this story though, but this is all I care to share.)

I still feel like that was a mature thing I did. Because I was not a child that took 'no' very well at that age. So what are your childhood experiences where, now upon looking back, you feel you handled it maturely?

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I'm looking for a funny video of a guy if I remember divorced that had enough with women and looking someone to settle and live with. But not in a homosexual context, just friends to have drinks with etc.

The guy's monologue was hilarious, around 3-4 minutes long, he has a beard if I recall and was either American or Canadian. The video was from 2-3 years ago.

Do you best Fedi and let's find this out!

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Hey, I just got glass fiber internet.

When I connect my laptop with a Lan cable directly to the router I have very fast internet. If I connect my laptop to the RJ45 it seems like its slowed down. It's still fast, but not as fast as when directly connected to the router.

Any ideas how I can get faster speed through my RJ45's if I connect my laptop to the RJ45 port?

The problem is I can't install new ports everywhere in every room and my router is basically in a room where my laundry is. So I won't be gaming in there, but for now I am.... because of how fast it is lol.

Any ideas? No I won't use WiFi for gaming though lol.

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Got my bloods done and my Testosterone levels are LOW. I'm working out a lot and kind of pissed Ive been doing it on "hardmode" for god knows how long, but before I take the doc up on the script I'm doing my due diligence on the realities. It seems like every article I find is either written by a trt clinic or is a one sided hit piece. So Im after some real world experiences.

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The work bathroom is currently a warzone, on their phone speakers people like to play music, play games at full blast, and one guy likes to chill to ambient rainforest. What song can I play to passive aggressively make it known that I don't want to listen to their tik tok feeds while I work out my demons?

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I've been doing this for some time now. Even if it's something that I consider important.

I just don't see the value in participating in a discussion that I have seen countless times already where the same points and arguments happen over and over again. One that I know wilI turn ugly. It's exhausting and I've decided to just opt-out.

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Stocks, Investing, Gambling, Bitcoin .etc

Look, I'm not a fucking broker or a hustler, okay? I don't care that you keep running around telling me or others to go waste our time and money to put into markets that can be incredibly unpredictable. It is all about luck, chance and risk. Things most wouldn't want to put themselves on the line over even if they were down next to nothing. They'd rather buy lottery tickets.

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Did they determine this by comparing what DNA fragments they've managed to recover, or by physical skeletal structure similarities, or what?

I'm no expert in the field, but I just don't see it.

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The birth (or death) of a relative, the release of a new program, game, series, movie, the date you were dreaming about, could be anything

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So, I see some comment, post view from my instance is missing comparing to view from that original instance. Which prevent me to interact (like, comment)

As a user, how to tell the instance to update missing content ?

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I am curious about podcasts with high quality content but that are pretty centered around specific topics like hobbies or particular professions.

For example, there are a handful of ham radio podcasts such as Linux In The Ham Shack.

Tell me about some podcasts that keep you up in your interests or career that wouldn't make sense to share with most people you know.

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Just curious how they get the satellite pictures. Do they have their own? Is there an open-source option or public availability of satellite pictures somewhere?

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You can't cut any taxes or programs to fund your idea. Nothing else in your government is going to change. It can't be a tax that you avoid somehow. The money comes from you and similar people in your situation. Don't try to get around it in some way.

What would you pay more taxes to support?

What's your favourite F-Droid app? (links.hackliberty.org)
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