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Yeah, one would really think

[-] [email protected] 8 points 2 weeks ago

Every single time he opens his mouth would be enough.

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Nature is healing

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Hundreds of beavers

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I was working for that women once, and she was super nice. I was like 30 and she was around 50, but she tried really hard to be cool and hip. She said she's hosting a dinner party bbq kinda deal and if i wanna come. I said i'd love to, but i already have tickets for a concert.
"What concert?"
"Oh it's that band, they are not really famous."
"I know some bands, you know?!"
"Infant Annihilator"
"What's that?"
'They are called INFANT ANNIHILATOR'
"Oh okay... Never heard of them."

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I'm so glad the pedophile ring is invluding the lgtbq+ community. They are so nice and progressive. If i were gay, the first thing i'd wish for is that the pedos like me.

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But it says so on reddit.

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That's kinda crazy. I always thought that a thing from the movies. In 40 years i only remember 3 blackouts, and two of them were when i was like 7 and it had just an absurd amount of snow.

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I have a hard time enjoying this meme because it's dumb and unfunny. It's peak le epic Reddit thing that we all agree to care about even if no one actually vares about that ape.

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A lot of people do, weirdly. My dad is super obese and would rather eat weird smelling old ass cheap processed meat than anything remotely healthy. But he would bever eat the same thing twice a day, or the next day. Everything he cooks and doesn't eat gets immediately thrown away. Meanwhile i can cook on sunday and eat it for a week.
There was this throwaway line in some random sitcom where someone aks if they want to have Chinese food for dinner and he says something like: we had chinese food yesterday. On which he replied: chinese people eat chinese food everyday.

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I bought one. A few years ago. I wore it like twice, because it gets super hot in there.

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They claim 340 miles on a model 3, which in real life testing goes as low as 190 miles. If you now subtract another 60% it looks really bleak in the worst case scenario

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Is there a Spotify alternative that has no ads?

I pay for Spotify for 7 years or so now and i'm so sick of all the ads. After every update there seems to be an: oops, sorry, you have ads now. Podcasts are filled with ads. I was just listening to a podcast where they shoved in 3 ads mid-sentence. How long until musicians put ads in their songs. I'm just so sick of it.

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