LW Holiday Logos (lemmy.world)
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Hello World,

You may have seen the LW holiday themed logos we have used for Halloween and Thanksgiving. LW's users represent many countries around the world and we want to celebrate holidays and other special days that are local to you, but our team is fairly small and we aren't aware of a lot of the local customs out there. So we're asking you what you would like to see represented in a LW themed logo. What are some holidays/special days in your area and how do you celebrate them? And not just major holidays, we would like to celebrate festivals, days of remembrance, and other special days.

Please, comment below your suggestions and ideas on how we could represent them in the LW logo.

EDIT: Mostly looking for events throughout the year. What's left of 2023 is already in work. Thanks!

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Hello World!

Lemmy.World is looking for new engineers to help with our growing community. Volunteers will assist our existing infrastructure team with monitoring, maintenance and automation development tasks. They will report to our head of infrastructure.

We are looking for junior admins for this role. You will learn a modern cloud infra stack, including Terraform, DataDog, CloudFlare and ma

Keep in mind that while this is a volunteer gig, we would ask you to be able to commit to at least 5-10 hours a week. We also understand this is a hobby and that family and work comes first.

Applicants must be okay with providing their CV, LinkedIn profile; along with sitting for a video interview.

We are an international team that works from both North America EST time (-4) and Europe CEST (+2) so we would ask that candidates be flexible with their availability.

To learn more and begin your application process, click here. This is not a paid position.

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Hello World,

Due to our pace of growth, our platform ended up with thousands of communities created by you, our dear users. While we are still appreciative of every community effort, we decided we need to be able to better assist and publicize them. To assist with this effort, we now have two community team positions available:

  • The Community Engagement Team: This team will work with community moderators and find ways to increase their engagement, provide them with easy access to logo and banner options, and communicate with you better to assure transparency as needed. Team capacity: 6 new members expected
  • The Community Management Team: This team will be responsible of making sure communities have active moderators, assuring compliance in Lemmy.World communities, and keeping track of community moderation logs in order to assure they are moderated in good health. Team capacity: 6 new members expected

Both of these teams will be working closely with the admin team, and are expected to become ways for our users to have enhanced control of their instance. Let's build something great together!

How to apply

All applications must include the following information:

  • Your Lemmy.World registered username, and your reason to apply
  • The position you are interested in
  • Your time zone, and average availability level

All applications may be sent to @[email protected] or @[email protected], or e-mailed to [email protected]

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Hello World!

The Lemmy.World Terms of Service was recently updated, and we have also published 3 new documents set to be in use, starting from today. These documents are:

they're too long, didn't read


Here are some simplified explanations to save you from the trouble. This update of our documentation was made to further reassure transparency towards our users, to comply with applicable laws to the best of our abilities, and to make it more convenient for all of us to use Lemmy.World safely.

The Changes Made to the Terms of Service


  • Section 8 was updated to refer to our new documents.
  • Section 5 was updated to further accommodate some of our communities, which were requesting exemptions from the previous version.
  • The minimum age was raised from 16 to 18.


The Privacy Policy in Short

We don't collect any real data from you. The only actual data we do collect are your username, password, the e-mail address you provide, and your Internet Protocol(IP) address.

We will never share your data with anyone for any reason, unless you do illegal stuff.


What's the Fair Use Policy?

The Fair Use Policy defines the main user and bot rules, and it is made so that rules of conduct and participation are easier for our users to read and access.


The Cookie Policy

Lemmy.World uses cookies like any other website. If you'd like to learn more or disable cookies, then visit the relevant link to our Cookie Policy.


end of relevant content

Upon these bits of info, we are also dying to tell you about why are we even bothering with any of this at all, and much more about our efforts and struggles that we hadn't had the time to tell you yet. But let that be a topic for our next post, haha :) stay safe, and with love!



Lemmy.World checking in (self.lemmyworld)
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Hello World!

First off, better late than never: Happy Halloween!

Sorry we've been a bit quiet lately. But we love you, promises given! We're just working on a lot of things, and most of us are very busy with their daily lives lately. We'll be back with you to announce some of our projects tomorrow. <3

Lately, and gladly, here's a grand thanks to @[email protected] for giving us an amazing Halloween icon!

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Hello World!

We've made some changes today, and we'd like to announce that our Code of Conduct is no longer in effect. We now have a new Terms of Service, in effect starting from today(October 19, 2023).

The "LAST REVISION DATE:" on the page also signifies when the page was last edited, and it is updated automatically. Details of specific edits may be viewed by following the "Page History" reference at the bottom of the page. All significant edits will also be announced to our users.

The new Terms of Service can be found at https://legal.lemmy.world/

In this post our community mods and users may express their questions, concerns, requests and issues regarding the Terms of Service, and content moderation in Lemmy.World. We hope to discuss and inform constructively and in good faith.

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The results are in!

We welcome Lemmy Silver Trollface Thonking Surprised Pikachu Popcorn Crying Lemmy Smash Facepalm and duckass to the community.

To use the emoji's simply type :duckass: :silver: :trollface: :thonk: :pikachu: :popcorn: :sad: :smash: or :facepalm:

Hello World,

Nothing as exciting as emojis, right? We would like to make it easier for you to express yourselves, so we'll be adding custom emojis to Lemmy.World. The question is, which ones? Let's pick together!

So, we're reaching out to everyone with a Lemmy.World account: Please provide a link to the image you'd like to suggest and upvote the ones you'd like to see! The most upvoted emoji's will, after review, be added to our list of custom emojis.

The emojis can be used by anyone on Lemmy.World in comments and posts.

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Hello World,

Today, after careful consideration and evaluation of recent events, we have decided to defederate from Lemmygrad.

Regrettably, we have observed a significant increase in hate speech and calls to violence originating from the Lemmygrad instance. Due to the severity of the posts and comments, we are not waiting for the next Lemmy update that will allow users to block instances.

At Lemmy.world, we have always strived to foster an inclusive and welcoming user environment. However, recent posts and comments from Lemmygrad have clearly violated our server rules and, more importantly, our core values. We firmly believe that hate speech and incitement of violence have no place in our community, regardless of personal beliefs or affiliations.

As always, we encourage all users to report any content they deem inappropriate or harmful. No matter one's stance in any conflict, Lemmy.world will always take immediate action to remove and ban any posts or comments that incite violence or propagate hatred.

We encourage everyone to continue engaging in discussions within the boundaries of respect and understanding. As we move forward with this decision, we remain committed to providing all community members with a safe and welcoming space. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation in upholding our shared principles.

Thank you,

The Lemmy.World Team

Phishing Mails (lemmy.world)
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This will be a quick post. We have received a phishing mail to our [email protected] mail address telling that they are "lemmy.world Security Team", telling that they will "disconnect" your account from our instance. This is ofc, not us. Do not fall for it! The attached image is how the mail looks like.

~Lemmy World Team.

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Edit : OK so the outage was less brief than expected. The upgrade of the 3GB pictrs database took over 1 hour, and the version 0.4 database is now 14.5 GB... But anyway, it seems to be working alright now!

We will upgrade pictrs today, from 0.3.1 to 0.4.4. This will enable us to switch to S3 storage later on, and is needed for more anti-CSAM tools. Outage should only involve picture uploads, and should be brief.

A message to new users (self.lemmyworld)
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Hello World!

The last week or so we have seen quite a big 'boost' in the amount of new users signing up so we thought it would be a good time to highlight some things that are of interest to new users.


Lemmy World is not a free speech instance, there are a couple of ground rules that need to be followed. If you're new, I would advise you to read our Code of Conduct.


If you are new to the fediverse as a whole, it might all be a bit overwhelming. What is Lemmy? What is federation? What even is an instance? For those questions I would suggest you have a look at the getting starting guide. It should cover most of your questions.


You can head over to the [email protected] community. This community should be used for questions regarding Lemmy World and is not the support community for the Lemmy software this site uses.

Our Admin @quinten recently made a post covering the most recurring questions there too. Read about that here.


Lemmy World hosts a few custom User Interfaces which give you a completely different experience both on the desktop as on mobile.


There are a lot of Third Party apps available for Lemmy. From Paid to Open Source, you will find something that suits you easily.

For a complete list of apps have a look at https://lemmyapps.netlify.app/ (Thanks [email protected]).

EDIT: Updated the apps list. Also some more interesting links in @[email protected]'s post here: https://lemmy.world/comment/3962001

EDIT 2: Instead of https://photon.lemmy.world you can now just go to https://p.lemmy.world. You can thank @[email protected] laziness for that.

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Hello World!

As we've all known and talked about quite a lot, we previously blocked several piracy-focused communities. These communities, as announced, were:

In our removal announcement, we stated that we will continue to look into this more in detail, and re-allow these communities if and when we deem it safe. It was a solid concern at the time, because we were already receiving takedown requests as well as constant attacks, and didn't want to put our volunteer team at risk. We had zero measures in place, and the tools we had were insufficient to deal with anything at scale.

Well, after back and forth with some very cool people, and starting to have proper measures as well as tooling to protect ourselves, we decided it's time to welcome these communities back again. Long live the IT nerds!

We know it's been a rough ride with everything, and we'd like to thank every one of you who were understanding of us, and stayed with us all the way. Please know that as users, you are what makes this platform what it is, and damned we be if we ever forget it.

With love, and as always, stay safe in the high seas!

Lemmy.world Team


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EDIT: The update is done - Lemmy Host now running 0.18.5

This is a short post to inform you that we will be updating Lemmy World to the latest stable release of Lemmy. This is small update that fixes issues with federation of moderation actions performed by admin accounts. There is a bigger update, v0.19.0, just around the corner but the developers wanted to get this federation issue fixed as soon as possible.

The server will be updated at 1700 UTC - if you want to know when that is in your timezone you can click here.

Since this is a small update, it shouldn't take long. Downtime should be minimal. Please feel free to check both https://status.lemmy.world and https://dash.lemmy.world before and during the upgrade.

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I've written a short blog about what happened in August, and the finances.

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Join the Adventure on the official Lemmy.world Minecraft Server!

Calling all Minecraft adventurers and builders! We're thrilled to invite you to embark on an incredible journey on the lemmy.world Minecraft Server. Get ready for an immersive experience like no other, where creativity knows no bounds, and the possibilities are endless.

Minecraft Version: 1.20.x
Address: minecraft.lemmy.world

You can ask questions, request features, share your stories on the discord, matrix and in the official lemmy community

The Server has some rules

Other info:

Server FAQ: https://lemmy.world/post/5467019

Server Info: https://lemmy.world/post/5468646

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Hello everyone,

Recently we have been dealing with a lot of spam from the kbin.social communities. There is a bug in kbin where moderation tasks are not federated to other instances. That means even if a moderator over at kbin removes a post, it will still be visible on Lemmy instances and it's up to the instance admins to clean it up.

There have been talks about this in the Lemmy admin channels with some instances considering defederating from kbin.social - and others who have already made that step.

We don't want to defederate, because we know this would impact the kbin community greatly - but we have to do something. That's why we have currently removed most of the kbin communities from Lemmy World, making them unavailable to our users. But the kbin users can still view and interact with our communities and users.

This means that those spam-accounts will stil be able to post in our communities too, but at least it makes the task of moderation already a little bit lighter on our team. But it was either this or defederation. The moderation tools on kbin are in an even worse state then Lemmy's.

We will keep monitoring the situation and will keep you up to date should anything change.

We hope you understand and support our decision.

The Lemmy World team

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We set up a bridge between the Lemmy.world General Matrix room and the Public-1 channel on the Lemmy World discord server yesterday. It's not perfect as emoji reactions aren't visible and some minor things like how it handles edited messages but other than that it seems to be working well.

Now people on both chat clients can interact with eachother!

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We know most of you were thrilled about our Discord server, so we decided to make you even happier with our very own space on matrix!

And lastly, this one is more for admins of other instances but we have opened a "LW Defense HQ" room which we want to use in our ongoing fight against spammers: https://matrix.to/#/#defense:lemmy.world

Come join us!

EDIT: Madlad @[email protected] was easily convinced to set up a lemmy.world matrix server. So I edited the links to the new space and rooms. The old ones still work too!

That means you can now also sign up for a Lemmy World matrix account. Instructions in this comment: https://lemmy.world/comment/3443207

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Lately we have been dealing with a few abusive members from Feddit.nl and we were unable to get in touch with the instance administrator.

Part of the problem is the instance's open registrations which do not require you to enter an e-mail address during signup. This in combination with an inactive admin is a recipe for abuse.

We hope this is only temporary but we have to do this to protect our users.

Edit: we use fediseer, have a look https://gui.fediseer.com/instances/detail/lemmy.world

Edit 2: We got in touch with the Feddit.nl admin. Email requirements were added to the sign-up process and we're setting up a communication channel. So that means we are federating with Feddit.nl again!

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An overdue blog post about the finances and other news from the .world

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Hello everyone,

We unfortunately have to close the !lemmyshitpost community for the time being. We have been fighting the CSAM (Child Sexual Assault Material) posts all day but there is nothing we can do because they will just post from another instance since we changed our registration policy.

We keep working on a solution, we have a few things in the works but that won't help us now.

Thank you for your understanding and apologies to our users, moderators and admins of other instances who had to deal with this.

Edit: @[email protected] the moderator of the affected community made a post apologizing for what happened. But this could not be stopped even with 10 moderators. And if it wasn't his community it would have been another one. And it is clear this could happen on any instance.

But we will not give up. We are lucky to have a very dedicated team and we can hopefully make an announcement about what's next very soon.

Edit 2: removed that bit about the moderator tools. That came out a bit harsher than how we meant it. It's been a long day and having to deal with this kind of stuff got some of us a bit salty to say the least. Remember we also had to deal with people posting scat not too long ago so this isn't the first time we felt helpless. Anyway, I hope we can announce something more positive soon.

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Lemmy.world is temporarily disabling open signups and moving to an application-required signup process, due to ongoing issues with malicious bot accounts.

We know this is a major step to take, but we believe that it’s the right one for both us and our community right now.

We’re working on a better long-term technical solution to these bots, but that will take time to create, test, and verify that it doesn’t cause any problems with federation and how our users use our site, and we’d rather make sure we get it right than have a site that’s broken.

We’re making this change on 28 Aug 2023, and don’t have a specific timeline for how long registrations will require an application, but we will post an update once our new anti-abuse measures are in place and working.

Take care, LW Team

Lemmy.World at Mastodon (mastodon.world)
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Hey everyone!

So we've been trying our best to listen to members of the community on how we provide updates and information to you fine folks! To that end, we would like to welcome a new secondary, fedi-friendly avenue, Mastodon.


We will be posting updates here in ADDITION to our normal [email protected] community. As both a supplement to our Discord server and a place for the community to directly interact with us via micro-blogging.

We feel this opens up a few neat doors for sure to keep communication open and transparent.

See you there 😉

  • The LW Team
Recent Outages (self.lemmyworld)
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Hey everyone, so as I'm sure everyone is aware Lemmy.World has been experiencing several outages throughout the last few days.

We have been investigating the root cause of these outages but believe that they are related to our current hosting provider (Hetzner) blocking access from ClouldFlare as (we think) they believe that our CDN is a DDoS'er, and is causing these disconnects to our backend server, problematic for sure.

We've opened support tickets with our current provider and are awaiting a response. We have no issue with being as transparent as possible with downtime. Anyone that is curious, can feel free to check out https://status.lemmy.world and https://dash.lemmy.world for up to the minute outage information. We are also looking into other fediverse friendly methods of posting status and outage updates

In the meantime, we are evaluating alternative hosting options and solutions to provide a high level of reliability to you, our users. Really, we want to say thanks to everyone for soldiering through all our technical growing pains.


  • LW Infra Team
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Earlier, after review, we blocked and removed several communities that were providing assistance to access copyrighted/pirated material, which is currently not allowed per Rule #1 of our Code of Conduct. The communities that were removed due to this decision were:

We took this action to protect lemmy.world, lemmy.world's users, and lemmy.world staff as the material posted in those communities could be problematic for us, because of potential legal issues around copyrighted material and services that provide access to or assistance in obtaining it.

This decision is about liability and does not mean we are otherwise hostile to any of these communities or their users. As the Lemmyverse grows and instances get big, precautions may happen. We will keep monitoring the situation closely, and if in the future we deem it safe, we would gladly reallow these communities.

The discussions that have happened in various threads on Lemmy make it very clear that removing the communites before we announced our intent to remove them is not the level of transparency the community expects, and that as stewards of this community we need to be extremely transparent before we do this again in the future as well as make sure that we get feedback around what the planned changes are, because lemmy.world is yours as much as it is ours.

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