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I am from HK and have travelled around Taiwan, etc so it would be nice to find some dishes that are close to home

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Would this type of dress in navy blue be too much to attend an Andrea Bocelli concert?

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I was recently in an accident and cannot exercise; particularly, I cannot put weight on my feet or lay my feet on the ground. Consequently, I have to maintain my weight purely through diet. I typically aim for around 1300 calories/day.

So far I have:

  • breakfast: fried egg/egg white on toast with a glass of water (about 200 cals)
  • lunch: chicken breast, small piece of bread, with a large spinach salad (about 300 cals)
  • afternoon snack ?
  • dinner ?

Thank you.

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the world of the rich vs the average person...

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No comment, just sad to read these news

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The closest word I can think of is a sycophant but that's too strong word and not exactly what I'm looking for. The word I'm thinking of has negative connotations and it's for someone who is friends with different groups but only at a superficial level and isn't necessarily honest about who all they're friends with. This person would be seen as untrustworthy.

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many east asian dishes included some ready made sauce like 豆瓣酱 or 柱侯酱 in chinese cuisines or 고추장 in korean cuisine. These sauces make our dishes delicious but unfortunately they are very high in salt and/or sugars. Is there some way to make the dishes with these sauces from scratch or without such high salt/sugar? We often have to add sugar in the dish in addition to the sauces. Thanks.

I'm sure this is a similar problem in other cuisines but my question is just about east asian cuisines.

edit: i'm referring to homemade food, not restaurant food.

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There are organizations like Save a Family Plan where you can sponsor a family who is living in poverty overseas and help give them funds for education etc. Are there any organizations like this for Canadian families? I tried searching online but it kept showing results for how to sponsor one's family to come to Canada (like to immigrate). Thanks.

I'm aware of the perils of microcredit so i'd rather not get involved with something where the person might have extortionate interest rates or there's a loan to be paid, i am talking about microfinance where there is money directly given to the family in need and it is used to help make the family self sufficient.

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When i was very young and learning beginner spanish, i thought it was taught that in some parts of latin america, they use some plural form instead of tu when speaking. Is this correct or am I misremembering?

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For example, pad thai should be balanced between sweet, sour, and salty. Indian dishes don't have meat as the feature in a dish but rather it's added for some texture; the dish itself is the feature. Hunan cooking is dry and hot and often sour and differs from Sichuan cooking which it's often compared against. Generally speaking in Asian cuisines, if you don't cook the spices exactly correctly, it will change the taste of the dish quite a bit.

As a francophone, i can say that french-based cooking is an art as the ingredients are traditional basics that are in season. The food should be delicate or have a cut (e.g. a creamy cheese should have something acidic to cut it like a nice wine). It is the combination of the techniques (method of cutting ingredients like julienne style or method of cooking like flambee, saute, etc.) to create the dish.

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Recently found Bronx and Banco and it looks very similar to Self-Portrait. Is the quality different?

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Looking for a ski club for someone; I saw online that there were a few different clubs. The person is a relatively advanced skier but more importantly it would be nice to have other people their age to ski with regardless of skill. They are a few years out of college so ideally a ski club where there are many other people in their 20s. Thank you.

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I got into a mild accident last week; after being checked out, i don't have anything broken but i have torn ligaments in one of my feet. My recovery has mostly been resting my foot and not putting pressure on; i'm not allowed to go for a walk. Would I be able to go swimming? This way I can keep my foot from being stiff but i can do some exercise.

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we *should *ban circumcision, it's genital mutilation and children cannot consent

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the text makes it seem like people were shot over soccer but that's not the case at all

Video footage posted on the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper website showed a man in an orange jacket on a scooter at a street intersection with a rifle first firing two shots, then three more, then running into a building, firing two more shots, leaving, taking a few steps back again and shooting one more time. One Belgium newspaper said a witness said the shooter shouted "Allahu Akbar" before the shots were fired.

In the video message recorded by the self-declared perpetrator, he said: "Islamic greeting Allahu Akbar. My name is Abdesalem Al Guilani and I am a fighter for Allah. I am from the Islamic State. We love who loves us and we hate who hates us. We live for our religion and we die for our religion. Alhamdulah. Your brother took revenge in the name of Muslims. I have killed 3 Swedes so far Al hamdoulelah. 3 Swedish, yes. Those to whom I have done something wrong, may they forgive me. And I forgive everyone. Salam Aleykoum."

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Real question: why is the us so involved with israel?

they're meant to be a main ally in the middle east for the US

most of the other countries are either allied with Russia/China/Iran/etc or too unstable

there's also massive israel lobbying in the US https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_lobby_in_the_United_States

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For those wondering, "Hurting the feelings of the Chinese people" is an actual phrase (伤害中国人民的感情) it started all the way back in the late 50s.

this last part "感情 ganqing" translated as "feelings" or "emotional attachment", it's actually an important part of chinese culture, esp business culture (similar to this is "guanxi" which is someone's network). These are major parts of chinese culture and relationships with others. this phrase is more like "you're hurting our relationship"

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There are just two full-time developers on this project and they seem to have other priorities. No offense to them but it doesn’t inspire much faith for the future of Lemmy.

this doesn't seem like a respectful comment to make. People have responsibilities; they aren't paid for this. It doesn't seem to fair to make criticisms of something when we aren't doing anything to provide a solution. A better comment would be "there are just 2 full time developers on this project and they have other priorities. we are working on increasing the number of full time developers."

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"The patient resides near a lake area inhabited by carpet pythons. Despite no direct snake contact, she often collected native grasses, including warrigal greens, from around the lake to use in cooking, Senanayake said.

The doctors and scientists involved in her case hypothesise that a python may have shed the parasite via its faeces into the grass. They believe the patient was probably infected with the parasite directly from touching the native grass or after eating the greens."


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i think it's one of the largest airlines in the world, their hub is Frankfurt iirc so they offer flights almost anywhere and if you connect it's via Frankfurt


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not sure if you're serious or not, lufthansa is germany's main airline

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how is texas allowed to exist as a state, they are seriously so inhumane and backwards that it's baffling

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Texas is a degenerate state

  • Can't fix their energy system
  • Doesn't allow water breaks
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The difference is you can't taste other people's alcohol but you can smell others' smoke

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