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Those calls came after numerous media outlets reported potentially identifying biographical information about the woman, including her job and the neighborhood she called home. Fox News Jesse Watters highlighted the juror's details while reading through public pool notes about the selected members. "This nurse scares me if I'm Trump," Watters said.

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[-] MushuChupacabra 341 points 4 weeks ago

I think that the mafia uses similar tactics as a part of their defense strategy when on trial.

[-] Gradually_Adjusting 135 points 4 weeks ago

They don't exactly move in different circles

[-] EdibleFriend 87 points 4 weeks ago

I honestly would trust the Mafia in charge over republicans.

[-] [email protected] 28 points 4 weeks ago

At least the mob generally has something that halfway kind of sort of a little bit resembles lines they won't cross.

[-] rustydomino 21 points 4 weeks ago
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[-] [email protected] 11 points 4 weeks ago

And they're usually pretty upfront about the ones they will.

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[-] samus12345 19 points 4 weeks ago
[-] EdibleFriend 29 points 4 weeks ago

I'm dead fucking serious. If you had to pick that total fucking caricature of a mob boss or Trump to run this country. Hand to fucking god which one do you choose.

[-] samus12345 31 points 4 weeks ago* (last edited 4 weeks ago)

Fat Tony without even a fraction of hesitation. It's actually difficult for me to think of many people, real or fictional, I'd choose Trump over. I'd rather have Skeletor.

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[-] TropicalDingdong 15 points 4 weeks ago
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[-] morphballganon 268 points 4 weeks ago

Fox News committing stochastic terrorism, again?

[-] homesweethomeMrL 202 points 4 weeks ago

No no no. This is just witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Oh, and stochastic terrorism, yes. So, yes.

[-] Jimmyeatsausage 34 points 4 weeks ago

You guys just don't understand! Any media organization not tampering with the jury pool is just a leftist rag!

Why is there no unbiased news?!?! All I want is an unbiased news source that covers the news conservatives care about - like where I can find these jurors to threaten!

[-] [email protected] 13 points 4 weeks ago* (last edited 4 weeks ago)

If only there were some kind of fairness doctrine, that forced news organisations to make an honest attempt to report both sides.

[-] Maggoty 268 points 4 weeks ago* (last edited 4 weeks ago)

Holy shit did Fox News just intimidate a juror in a high profile trial?

Edit - just got to this bit

Other outlets including NBC News, CNN, CBS News, and ABC News also publicized details about the juror, including additional identifying information.

What the fuck? How is this even in the public domain?

[-] TwoBeeSan 123 points 4 weeks ago

I walked by a tv at work today on CNN.

They were literally discussing the profession and reading habits of a juror.

Big ass question mark greyed out female, and a host making the biggest deal over the fact a juror reads NYT.

It's fucking scary I'd drop the fuck out too. These piranhas are gonna oust any information about you for views. The news is beyond a joke, completely agree with you, how this is public domain and tolerated is more telling to our status as a nation.

[-] Hobbes_Dent 30 points 4 weeks ago* (last edited 4 weeks ago)

This is going to be the delay he wants if the US media goes full OJ here. Which they likely will - some to benefit Trump, all for the views. Juror protection be damned.

[-] CptEnder 15 points 4 weeks ago

Yeah it's pretty crazy even MSNBC was covering some of their details yesterday, but tried to scale it back today. The reality is this info is being put out on the wires to all press agencies. The real one to blame it the judge for not locking down the procedures or how and what the lawyers can ask.

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[-] MedicPigBabySaver 206 points 4 weeks ago

Fuck the courts for letting public have access to that info.

[-] [email protected] 61 points 4 weeks ago

Exactly, knowing ahead of time all of this should have been sealed by default. Anytime the defendant/case is this high profile the whole thing should be sealed off to contain this circus.

[-] [email protected] 11 points 4 weeks ago

It doesn't matter. Trump will literally call them out himself. And nothing will happen when he does.

The system is broken. It is not breaking, it is fucking BROKEN.

[-] geekworking 49 points 4 weeks ago

It doesn't sound like it was released.

It seems like stuff from jury selection questions that some court audience members noted. The court already blocked recording.

They remove the audience, but that's a double-edged sword since no public transparency even for reporters would fuel all of the conspiracy crap and there would be no information available to debunk. This is Trumps wet dream. Being able to spout pure fantasy with nobody to rebut.

Best solution would be for the judge to clamp down to say that he will charge anyone who leaks any jury info with contempt.

[-] xantoxis 13 points 4 weeks ago

The judge may have been anticipating this media circus. Now there's a clear reason to remove the audience, so it's safer.

Trump was going to spout lies and nonsense no matter what, and the people who believe him now will believe him no matter what. My money says the judge just wanted an excuse--and we'll see a complete lockdown with no audience from now on.

[-] NegativeInf 24 points 4 weeks ago

Well, they have now made it where the employment and past employment questions stricken from the record and have instructed all media not to report the answers to those portions of the questionnaire. That's what she felt identified her.

But I agree in spirit.

[-] Brunbrun6766 26 points 4 weeks ago

Why is the press even in the room or present in any way when that information is being discussed

[-] NegativeInf 17 points 4 weeks ago

Because generally these things wouldn't be a problem. Except that trump and his followers have a history of grasping at every straw, defaming anyone they can, and getting people hurt for no good reason.

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[-] [email protected] 175 points 4 weeks ago

If the courts don't immediately arrest and charge this person with juror intimidation/tampering then it's all over. The fascist mob will figure out who the jurors are and threaten their families en masse because there will be no consequences.

[-] Burn_The_Right 12 points 4 weeks ago

Conservatives will do more than threaten. They are all bloodthirsty pieces of shit.

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[-] [email protected] 112 points 4 weeks ago

At what point does this become jury tampering? Veiled threats should never be taken lightly, especially since Fox is an entertainment organization and not news, as they've argued in court previously.

[-] [email protected] 94 points 4 weeks ago

How the fuck is this legal?

[-] homesweethomeMrL 85 points 4 weeks ago

If they face no consequences, it’s legal! Ish. Y’know.

[-] TropicalDingdong 28 points 4 weeks ago

Anything that doesn't have consequences is legal.

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[-] [email protected] 25 points 4 weeks ago

Because the goal is to declare this a mistrial. Break as many rules as possible, get thrown in contempt, etc. Because those will be MUCH smaller penalties/fines and will drag out the clock until after the election.

Whereas grinning and bearing it lets the courts actually try to get some semblance of justice.

[-] hperrin 68 points 4 weeks ago

Using terrorism to protect a criminal (again). The Republican Party cannot possibly be redeemed.

[-] ATDA 58 points 4 weeks ago

Can we complain to the FCC or something? This is crazy...

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[-] [email protected] 53 points 4 weeks ago

If they get one or two of these Jurors KILLED they're going to get a VERY STERN letter from the Judge!

[-] TheCelticPirate 52 points 4 weeks ago

All according to plan.

[-] [email protected] 46 points 4 weeks ago

I've read that Jury Tampering has a very low bar in New York. Pretty sure Watters just crossed it.

[-] [email protected] 18 points 4 weeks ago

God I hope so, fuck these people.

[-] just_another_person 36 points 4 weeks ago

So 90% of a jury of his peers fucking hate him, and will conclude he did the crime. Oh my God, sounds like he's going to jail. You really need to keep churning the group until you find the select few who think he's innocent of a crime? The obviousness says something.

And, no, haters, this is not what jury selection looks like. 10 years as a trial lawyer, and never ONCE were any of my selections broadcast on TV. This shit should illegal.

[-] Maggoty 12 points 4 weeks ago

I'm just a middle aged white guy and I know this isn't normal because it's never happened in my life unless the news is talking about jury tampering that already happened.

[-] Makeitstop 27 points 4 weeks ago

Watters has alleged without evidence that "liberal activists" are lying to get on the jury, a claim that Trump himself has repeated on Truth Social, potentially violating a gag order.

It's like they saw Trump, Giuliani and Alex Jones all get absolutely fucked in court for defamation, contemplated their own settlement with Dominion and the 2.7 billion dollar lawsuit pending from Smartmatic, and said to themselves "now seems like a good time to endanger innocent people by spewing inflammatory bullshit."

Not that I expect them to learn a lesson if they aren't bankrupted or actually sent to prison.

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[-] [email protected] 23 points 4 weeks ago

This Watters dude is so smug. I hate his guts. His existence bothers me.

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[-] unreasonabro 17 points 4 weeks ago

It's like a totally lawless country already, the laws exist but don't matter/aren't enforced, your police are all too busy hiding their own crimes to actually do any real police work (and they don't know how any more anyway), and the news, mortally terrified by their own financial situation, increasingly cross lines that'd have been suicide even ten years ago.

I wish you fucks would get serious. Some of us Canadians are talking about burning down your white house again. (And yes, it was us - we don't draw a hard line between us and the empire that delivered us here, on account of having ended the relationship like grownups and not with the stupid, arrogant violence that still infects your society today)

[-] Rapidcreek 14 points 4 weeks ago

I can't help but contemplate that jurors are concerned about being publicly identified in a case involving a former president. Typically, you would only see that happen in a case involving violent organized crime.

[-] geekworking 17 points 4 weeks ago

Violent organized crime

Yeah, like Jan 6th

[-] [email protected] 13 points 4 weeks ago

I would be fucking THRILLED if the judge puts a universal gag order on publication of ANY juror details.

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[-] nucleative 13 points 4 weeks ago

Does this kind of jury tampering increase the risk of a mistrial?

[-] TipRing 12 points 4 weeks ago

I wonder why they don't just clear the courtroom of reporters during juror selection and let them back in for the actual trial.

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