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Looks like OP changed the question after getting some undesireable answers, which means they are safe to block.

Kids, if you don't like the answers you're getting, keep the post up, but block anyone being particularly rude. That way, people can benefit from seeing the full discourse and learn what you learned.

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Ignore call

Text: what

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Oh man. If I had one that close I'd eat there twice a week and get fat.

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Not all love is romantic. That said, affection is a spectrum. Categories of relationship types are human constructs.

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Look up the fallacy fallacy and then look up irony.

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Thanks for the heads up so I know to block them!

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Actual Linux users wouldn't be so oblivious as to post that here.

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The spicy potato soft taco from taco bell

Also the bean burrito

If I want a cheap, quick dinner I'll get a few of those in some combination

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I got the Last Campfire for 2 or 3 bucks and it was still worth it

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I'm already like that and I don't have hearing loss

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If you want to create new words, boy am I excited to tell you about German

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Direct my energy and attention to all the me things that got swept aside when I was with them. You have fewer distractions now. Go get those things done you've been putting off!

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Let's say you are dying of starvation. You pull one of your teeth out, causing blood to slowly seep into your mouth, which you swallow. The calories from the blood getting digested will delay the time you die of starvation, right? Or will losing blood while starving kill you faster?

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The guy tries to surprise his family by asking for a photo of the car, then plans to pop out of a fake car seat. But the plan backfires when he gets stuck. The car has a toy car glued to the hood. The request was something like "the guys don't believe I glued a toy car on the hood, can you send a pic of it" or something.

The show has mystery elements, and the episode starts with the premise that the guy is missing. I forget how popular of a show it is.

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I love these mechanics. Manually controlling a player character to run around a world doing these things is great for immersion.

I've already played Skyrim and My Time at Portia.

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