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That’s the hard part. If I had that, I’d be writing.

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He has a vife, you knov.

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It’s not the Canadian consumers fault that the North American industry dropped the ball.

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Chef Boyaredeezcansstackingup

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Teefs? A distraction from that lightsaber.

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🎶 You’re not going to hire a white man to play the little mermaid. 🎶

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By the most Canadiana sounding name possible.

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Because good lasers are red.

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That’s a Deep Thought.

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Have you looked at World Anvil? It's been a long time and I don't remember what the free vs. paid tier comparisons were, but I thought it was pretty slick.

Edit: Didn't realise the community I'm in. I have no idea the privacy state of World Anvil but I'll edit if I come across it.

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Hooookay so I came to say something along the lines of my interpretation of the art being a statement on how humans are acting and maybe specifically the Trump movement based on the 2001: monoliths. Or something.

But I wanted to read a bit first, but then it's right there:

And on the same day the Romanian monolith vanished, a new monolith appeared in California, at the top of a mountain off a hiking path. According to local news reports, the California monolith is another triangular prism, 10 feet tall and about 18 inches wide: around the same height as the Utah and Romanian monoliths, but a little narrower. Like the Utah monolith, it has a smooth surface. It appears to be made out of stainless steel. Unlike the Utah monolith, it hasn’t been embedded into the ground. A hard push could topple it over.

On December 3, it got that push. A group of young men who apparently drove five hours to San Luis Obispo County livestreamed themselves destroying the monolith on the blockchain site DLive. Dressed in camo gear, night-vision goggles, and Trump paraphernalia, the group chanted “America First” and “Christ is king” as they rocked the monolith back and forth.

“Christ is king in this country. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space,” a man in the video says. “So let’s tear this bitch down.”

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