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Block and move on kids

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I'm not trying to give you shit here OP, you did what you did 4 years ago and you're thinking of doing something about it now so it's all good, but:

this is so astronomically expensive every penny saved is good…”

This is so astronomically expensive that I can't imagine caring about 300 bucks to see if anything is horrifically wrong with it. Seriously folks, get an inspection if you're buying a house! This would be like, I dunno, taking a job without talking to a single person who works there, except at least with the job you can quit without wasting thousands of dollars! The inspection could save your life!

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Because change is costly and therefore a risk. When it seems that resources are scarce, risks are dangerous, and it can seem rational to destroy ideas that cost more resources, lest your imagined model of society collapse for lack of resources as the idea takes over.

It's always conservatism, in other words.

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It doesn't matter, if it was a good idea 17 other people also had it and at least one of them is a big enough asshole to try it

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Sure but the point is, after months of pithy quips about how the Democrats will support genocide of the Palestinians and the Republicans will support genocide of everyone including the Palestinians;

here we see that even on this specific issue, the parties have differences. So make the right choice.

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Lemmy is starting to have a huge problem with people creating multiple sockpuppets--probably programmatically generating them, in fact--just to win internet arguments. If this goes on too long you're going to see a really surprising number of sudden downvotes on everything you've said in this conversation, and anyone who agreed with you.

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Dog teeth only have to last about 15 years.

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This feels a bit subtle, they should have gone with a black and white photo of Hitler and "Miss me yet?"

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The Secret Service was created to investigate counterfeiting. The president stuff came later.

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I'm setting up with HA and zigbee smart bulbs. I've got a few automations already set up, such as turning on a bunch of lights in the morning and turning most of them off again at night.

All these lights still have physical switches. I don't want to take those switches out for lots of reasons, and putting smart switches there seems like overkill when the bulbs are already smart. What are people doing with their physical light switches to ensure that they don't get flipped?

Ideas I've had:

  • some kind of physical plastic covering that fits snugly around it. I'd probably do this if I had a 3d printer, but I don't. Maybe someone sells a thing like this? More just a reminder not to touch them.
  • Carefully paint the switches a different color (perhaps the HA color scheme?). Again, basically just a reminder. This especially makes sense with a few multi-switch plates where some of the connected lights are automated and some are intentionally left manual.
  • Entirely replace the plate with a smart switch? Besides incurring a nontrivial cost and being a bunch of work to install, this won't even help me with the aforementioned multiswitch plates. I don't want all my lights automated.

Other ideas?

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This song plays in RDR (the first one) when you enter the nation of Mexico.

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Seems self-explanatory

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