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Looks like Infinity is subsciption only. Just learned about Red Reader (from this thread) and it so far appears to be free, with also having anonymous browsing. Just info for anybody who might be interested in either.

EDIT: At the expense of RedReader's interface being absolute garbage lmao

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Okay because Lemmy's being Lemmy and poking holes at your question instead of even trying to provide a straight answer, I'm gonna assume you mean the Abrahamic god and say helocentrism and evolution were both ideas that the catholic church strongly opposed initially. Pretty much anything that says humans aren't super special, actually, tends to not mesh with christian ideology, for obvious reasons. Modern day panpsychist ideas (the thought that consciousness is a fundamental property that becomes more complex with the complexity of the organism, or at the very least that plants and individual cells are conscious) are gaining hold in scientific communities lately and, if sufficiently proven/argued for (because consciousness is notoriously insufficiently defined), it's probably gonna be another X on the accepted christian worldview.

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Yeah how the hell would one sew buttons on ice cream?? That's just confusing.

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Hmmm we might need to verify his state of residence, just to be sure...

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I think the reason is less about "i, an individual, am getting my data harvested" (though certainly still a factor) byt more because China is still very much considered an enemy of the US, and they are not only harvesting americans data in a very invasive way - as in, recording pretty much everything you do on your phone, not just in the app - but an adversarial government now has access to all of that. Additionally, because the chinese "free market" has been effectively neutered in recent years, high chance that the CCP is able to influence TikTok's algorithm to affect what people see and push propaganda. People should be concerned about it in the same way people should be concerned about russian bot farm, but more so, because there isn't an audience of millions feeding russian bot farms their personal information.

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Rock the vote, let's rock the vote ba-by

Rock the vote, let's tip vote O-VER~

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Once again we're being subject to the deep state's WOKE agenda! First they tell us that RESPIRATORY ILLNESS and UNPASTURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS are dangerous to control us and give us gay autism, and now they're trying to brainwash us by scaring us away from our GOD GIVEN SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!! Little snowflakes scared of a little lead?? Like this little semi-automatic riffle that I had somebody in Tennessee buy for me even though I have no use for it?? Scared of the wittle bullets I'm putting in? Scared of having a cute wittle gun pointed at you? Scared of resting it under your chin, like so? Scared of putting a wittle bit of pressure on the tr

(disclamer: this was supposed to be a "proverbially shooting yourself turned litteral" joke please don't ban me)

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I know that it's probably just some combination of A. His sugar daddies want cheap labor and B. Democrats are leaning onto border controls so now he has to be contrarian, but you know what, if this gets republicans to embrace positive immigration reform, I'm here for it.

Still not voting for him though.

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An 8-1 ruling is like, 5 broken clocks going at slightly different paces being right at the same time though! That's pretty impressive, right?

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Accidentally change the result by being the only voter lmao

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Something something broken clock

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Because they fight literally everything Biden does in court.

Advice on wall insulation (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Hi all,

I am in need of some advice regarding diy wall insulation for my currently uninsulated house. The situation is like this: The house is 80y/o, wooden frame, stucco siding. My main concerns are minimizing wall damage, and minimizing fire-spread risk.

For these reasons, I had wanted to go with blown-in mineral wool, but the olny 2 brands I could find (Rockwool and ThermaFibre) have discontinued their blown insulation. I've heard about using perlite for insulation, but it seems that it's a bad idea for drywall due to how loose the grains are (drill a hole, lose your insulation), and the only advice for binding it is to use concrete, which is probably way too heavy (and permanent) for use inside drywall. I also can't add insulation externally because of the stucco siding.

I'm really at a loss here. I feel like my requirements aren't so unusual that there isn't already some product or technique out there to cover my use case, but I can't find anything still in production. If anybody has any ideas whatsoever, I'd love to hear them.

UPDATE: I did start looking into the sheeps wool recommendations, HOWEVER, in that time I found scrap mineral wool available from ATS that I'll be able to use as loose fill. Thanks for trying to help, everyone!

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