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Ain’t got no gas in it.


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“Ya gotta catapult the propaganda.”

-Gee Dubz

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Ahead of the vote, former President Donald Trump issued a confusing statement that sympathized with both the pro- and anti-Ukraine aid factions of the GOP without taking a clear position.

very much. more and more.

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These Republican rightwingers – reflecting the affinity of their political idol, the former president Donald Trump, for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin – have grown openly hostile to Ukraine’s cause.

Fucking moronic traitors. Unbelievable the republicans have caved utterly and completely to russia.

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Well all of them that they could, they ran out of strikes. Because he’s a demented rapist fraud who tried to carry out a coup just three years ago. Many people hate his fucking guts, more and more.

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Nah, just the usual incompetence and fraud.

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If only anyone could have known

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Sure, he got away with it the first time. Why not do it again.

Looks like he sure learned his lesson, eh Susan Collins?

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Supporters seem unbothered by the fact that he does not always draw that distinction.

No kiddin.

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No I 100% believe they just fucked it up like that because they’re goddamned morons.

Nice work, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, et. al.

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Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes


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SAN FRANCISCO, April 17 (Reuters) - Microsoft said on Wednesday that Russian online campaigns to influence the upcoming U.S. presidential election kicked into gear over the past 45 days, but at a slower pace than in past elections.

Russia-linked accounts are disseminating divisive content aimed at U.S. audiences, including criticising American support of Ukraine in its war with Russia, researchers at the tech giant said in a report.

While the Russian activity Microsoft observed is not as intense as around the previous elections, it could increase in the coming months, the researchers said.

"Messaging regarding Ukraine - via traditional media and social media - picked up steam over the last two months with a mix of covert and overt campaigns from at least 70 Russia-affiliated activity sets we track," Microsoft said.

The most prolific of such Russian campaigns is linked to Russia's Presidential Administration, they added. Another one is aimed at posting disinformation online in various languages, with posts typically starting with an apparent whistleblower or citizen journalist posting content on a video channel. That content is then covered by a network of websites that include DC Weekly, Miami Chronical and The Intel Drop.

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NSA ’just days from taking over the internet’ warns Edward Snowden

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(Trump lawyer Alina Habba — the one who fakes smartargued on Fox News last night that this is a denial of Trump’s “due process” rights. Needless to say, LOL no. Habba also bellyached that Trump’s lawyers won’t get Passover off, because “Observant Jews have a right to go and pray to who they want and observe Passover!” You know, whoever those Jewish people pray to. Also, the trial is off for four days of Passover, so Habba is lying.)

. . . “Forcing Trump to skip his son's graduation is actually an act of evil. There's simply no other word for it. It's evil,” whined weird MAGA anal fissure Jack Posobiec, lying. “Pure evil,” hissed Trump junior, his saliva presumably collecting in his cheeks, covered in sweat. “Judge Merchan is truly heartless in not letting a father attend his son’s graduation,” said Eric, not specifying which son.

“I was looking forward to that graduation, with his mother and father there, and it looks like the judge does not allow me to escape this scam,” said Trump outside the courtroom, lying.

Every babbling pigfuck in MAGA world is screaming about this, and it simply isn’t true. Kari Lake, doing an impression of a human with a soul, tweeted, “I am heartbroken for President Trump & Barron. All the hard work our kids put into graduating, & President Trump is being robbed of getting to experience his son’s High School graduation ceremony. This corrupt judge is heartless & cruel.”

Senator Mike Lee, one of the least serious members of Congress by any metric, tweeted, “Telling Trump he can’t attend Barron’s graduation goes beyond mere jackassery. This is deliberately cruel.”

. . . MeidasTouch has a good rundown of the ticktock of the goings-on what happened in the courtoom yesterday: the tiny handful of weak and sad Laura Loomers who showed up to protest on Trump’s behalf; the beginning of jury selection; questions about what will happen to Trump when he violates his gag orders; all kinds of evidence that will and will not be allowed. (A bunch of the tapes you’d think a jury might like to hear — grab ‘em by the pussy, the E. Jean Carroll deposition, etc. — Merchan ruled too prejudicial. You know, because he’s SO UNFAIR.)

Trump apparently did not like it when he was sworn in as “MISTER Donald Trump.”

And more!

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Microsoft left internal passwords exposed in latest security blunder

An internal Azure-hosted server was left without password protection.

Happy Eclipse Day (nypost.com)
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Don’t stare directly at the sun.

DON’T stare directly at the sun

Seriously tho, don’t - stop. Stop it.

Godda- are you some kinda demented . . . YES, that sun right there, don’t stare at it like that - like you’re doing!


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A well-thought-out take on why liberals are lising to facists in US politics

Apologies if this violates sub rules. I did read them, and it said we should only post links to "articles". Although this is a YouTube video, I think it qualifies because it is an opinion piece with clear points and context.

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