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[-] [email protected] 64 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

In case you're wondering, some broadcast equipment, such as the Axia Radius, uses Ethernet sockets for the connection of balanced and unbalanced audio.

This simplifies cabling, but you need adapters at the end of each cable to go back to RCA, TRS, XLR etc.

[-] youstolemyname 9 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

Some networking equipment has serial ports (RS-232) that use RJ45 connectors. 3.5mm TRS connectors are also commonly used for serial ports.

[-] Holyhandgrenade 5 points 8 months ago

In my home studio I have a Behringer S16 digital snake which connects to my X32 in the control room with only a single CAT5 cable in between. So it's literally sending 16 channels of audio with a single ethernet cable. Pretty cool!

[-] [email protected] 48 points 8 months ago

How else did you think they got the dialup noises to play?

[-] [email protected] 8 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

Dialup didn't use ethernet.

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[-] Mr_Dr_Oink 7 points 8 months ago

Thats wrong. This is how they got dial up to play


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[-] [email protected] 36 points 8 months ago
[-] [email protected] 19 points 8 months ago

This could come in handy for my USB industrial smelting oven

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[-] [email protected] 33 points 8 months ago

You could use it if you had another one with a female headphone jack. You could play your music to a speaker in another room if you have Ethernet in both rooms. Copper is copper.

[-] [email protected] 17 points 8 months ago

I've done this. I've made speaker wire to ethernet adaptors to connect speakers in a different room through the walls to an amp. Feels and probably is so wrong.

[-] [email protected] 8 points 8 months ago

It really depends how much power you put through the cable, ethernet is something like 0.2 mm2 per core. You'd definitely want to double up cores.

[-] [email protected] 12 points 8 months ago

While, as you said, both wires will conduct electricity just fine, they will have different AC impedance.

I would guess this wouldn't make much of a difference if you go Audio->Ethernet->Audio, since sound is at fairly low frequencies. But Ethernet->Audio->Ethernet might have problems with really high data rates, like GiB/s.

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[-] [email protected] 19 points 8 months ago

Fun fact: usb uart to audio jack is actually a thing: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1G43QaOnrK1RjSsziq6xptpXaN/win8-10-android-mac-pl2303hxd-usb-uart-ttl-to-2-5mm-audio-jack-serial-adatper-cable.jpg

Some older android phones used the audio jack double duty as a serial debug console, the nexus 5 for example.

[-] techognito 6 points 8 months ago

did you know you can use markdown to embed that picture in your comment:

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![omg fancy image thing](https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1G43QaOnrK1RjSsziq6xptpXaN/win8-10-android-mac-pl2303hxd-usb-uart-ttl-to-2-5mm-audio-jack-serial-adatper-cable.jpg)

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[-] [email protected] 16 points 8 months ago

I totally used an adapter like that. It did have a raspberry pi in the middle, though.

[-] kpaniz 16 points 8 months ago

I mean, the PinePhone has a switch to change the audio jack from audio into some kind of data transfer protocol. I guess someone could make it work.

[-] SpaceNoodle 14 points 8 months ago

Audio jacks have been muxed as debug serial for ages.

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[-] [email protected] 6 points 8 months ago

I think you would need another connection (ie. a 3rd stripe, TRRS vs TRS cable) for data transfer. Although digital audio is all data anyways I guess and now I don't even feel right but I've already typed it out.

[-] [email protected] 13 points 8 months ago

Finally, I can connect my Sinclair ZX Spectrum to Ethernet!

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[-] [email protected] 13 points 8 months ago

Can I do dial-up over VoIP?

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[-] Num10ck 12 points 8 months ago

i made a male version of this 4 times and then bought a ABC RJ45 switchbox for my work desk, so i could choose between computer audio and desk phone audio and cellphone audio through my work headphones.. lets you bump your own music in between calls without dealing with pause buttons etc.. worked great.

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[-] [email protected] 11 points 8 months ago

This is so you can record the dial-up sounds.

[-] tiita 11 points 8 months ago

ha! beat my Bluetooth network cable!

[-] Ghostalmedia 10 points 8 months ago

It’s in this months Dongle Crate subscription shipment.

[-] [email protected] 10 points 8 months ago

I mean, network cabling is the same unshielded twisted pair wiring we've used for analog telephone audio over the last 150 years.

[-] Death_Equity 6 points 8 months ago

Networking uses 4 wires in 2 pair for 10mbps and 100mbps. You need the full 8/4 for gigabit and above. Telephone uses 2/1.

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[-] [email protected] 8 points 8 months ago

Btw, when do we get Micro Ethernet?

[-] droans 8 points 8 months ago

Ugh, micro Ethernet is a garbage standard. I prefer Ethernet Type C.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

...for audio streams?

I mean, if the adaptor is active, this could actually work. I have a fucking USB-fed Router/Modem in a case this size.

[-] FlyingSquid 6 points 8 months ago

Ah, I see you've worked telemarketing too.

[-] dipshit 6 points 8 months ago
[-] [email protected] 5 points 8 months ago

HdbaseT audio only?

[-] AllOutOfBubbleGum 5 points 8 months ago

Is this a USB Ethernet adapter for one of those weird older devices that used 2.5mm for USB?

[-] [email protected] 6 points 8 months ago

This is likely an adapter for a switch or router to access it's debug console.

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