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Age wise I dunno if it holds up. the episodes are available on YouTube as at this point it's pretty much nearly lost media: https://youtu.be/nRTlgcCmu3U

It's an acted out gameshow where people have to solve a murder. The premise is quite interesting, near the end of the episodes they have an elimination where they send 2 people to a place and the murder searches from them. Only 1 person makes it back.

I thought I'd share this. I remember seeing this on the BBC when I was a kid

Gatekeeping the Infuriating (self.mildlyinfuriating)
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It goes without saying, One thing that annoys me is whenever a topic comes up about someone finding something mildly infuriating and there is always that 1 person who has to decide it isn't because of x, y and z reasons

Like I guarantee, if I were to do the same it'd be on every post with tiles that were out of order, upside down because it's one of the few things I look at and shrug because it's whatever... but I'm not about to do that. People are allowed to be infuriated by things that don't necessarily infuriate you.

Any kind of Gatekeeping in general.... very infuriating.

Anyway see this post as an open invitation to vent. Comment below. What infuriates you? and what thing that typically infuriates others, doesn't infuriate you.

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I grew up on this man's epic fail toy reviews and I am scared it has been 13 years since they were last uploaded. I was 15.

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Everyone else: 311223

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Are they asking for a desktop you can carry like a suitcase? Because I mean they make those too lol

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These people care more about an unborn baby than they do about the baby after it's born. Actually sad.

If every one of these anti-abortion assholes want to start taking the babies of families who cannot raise them then it wouldn't be seen as just a disgustingly hypocritical movement. That is not the case. If you want to start forcing women to have babies they can't care for but you don't want to take care of the consequences of that, you are the problem.

Nobodies out here delivering fully sized aborted babies for shits and giggles. Pregnancies are painful and traumatic enough.

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Company: You need to have everything ready before the start of your shift.

Me: Do I get paid for coming in early?

Company: No

Me: Okay, if I'm starting before my shift time then I am going home early to make up for the lost time.

Company: If you leave 1 minute early we have to deduct an hour from your wages

Me: leaves

Company: nobody wants to work anymore.

Companies have normalised wage theft but call it what it is. It's theft.

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Mine is a pretty tame example: I never minded the smell of garlic was fine around it... but I took a job for DHL and they had these large tubs of garlic for horses that had to go out to people. There were about 10 of them coming down the belt.

Now I can't stand it. I'm just reminded of how strong that smell was I was actually gagging. The tubs were heavy, the handles were feedble. Some of the tubs were damaged so I got a bit on me.

I stunk of it for the rest of the shift. It wasn't even a normal garlic smell it was just so powerful and nauseating.

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My contribution to your freshly made community as mod/owner of Lemmy Shitpost and Mildly Infuriating Communities. Hopefully I will not be a feature of this community... but who knows lol. This is the first ban I've ever received and it was for a pretty tame comment as far as comments go.

I was not the only one. This guy was on a power trip fr Which matters little to me now, my old reddit account is gone and done after the apicalypse

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/126190

People were rightly calling out the fact that the subreddit only had the 48 hour blackout. They seemed really offended by SomeOrdinaryGamers insult of reddit mods... oh well? I discord mod, I don't exist purely on discord I have a life outside that being called out for being a discord mod is just funny banter. Get a thick skin lol

but the reaction was truly magnificent and I want to share it Completely missing the point and deliberately missing the point. Of which "Doing a 48 hour blackout and saying that gives an end time/date to the blackout meaning it really doesn't fucking matter to big-corpo reddit."

Which is correct because u/spez proved that. Anyway Enjoy the meltdown: https://imgur.com/a/xobVK6T

I managed to catch the user that was posting before they banned them from the subreddit. Dude is very obviously terminally online... So embarassing.

Anyway, I'm not going to do what that subreddit admin did. That was an utter abuse of power. Also smile crappy_pirate. You're on lemmy! Welcome.

Update I got banned 🤣

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It's now 2023, and I fully embrace my identity! To those who are still finding themselves, no matter how young/old you are; people are more complex than words can define; asexuality is a spectrum so even if you don't find a label. That doesn't matter.

Even if the answer isn't with you right now, you may find the answer come to you later. You know your sexuality better than anybody else.

You are worthy of love! Much appreciation for all aces.

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Natural, healthy, positive growth! Not growth for growths sake

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I think it's a lot more because the internet was a niche. It's something your parents/family or weird creepy uncle wasn't on. All these old memes still feel "untouched" by facebook and it feels like an in-joke. In other words memes felt more special.

4chan was onto something, once memes became mainstream they died... a little hyperbolic but they do lose their fun factor being more popular now.

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Insert possible Legoland family conflict scenarios

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If you know, you know

Blocked on one side of my nose (self.mildlyinfuriating)
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Can't unblock it, no matter what I do. It is driving me nuts. Fucking allergies :(

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It's fucking annoying, admittedly edge is good on its own merits, but you know what pushes me to not want to ever use your product? Anti-consumer practices.

I have been very happy in using FF for my main browsing. It has adblock, NoScript and SponsorBlock. Since I use NoScript I jump on Edge when I want to use a trusted website for payments but I really want to use it less when it does this shit.

I can't wait for the excuse "OoOooh wooooops, that's a bug! Sowwy EU we did not mean to do anti consumer pwactices" as a way to dodge blame

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer fella... AwkwardTheTurtle famous power mod known to steal peoples posts, ban them and re-upload them.

I'm sorry, I do not feel bad. lol

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If the mods of mildly Infuriating want to jump ship they are more than welcome to have their old positions back!

I am also sure for those of mildly interesting they also would find it easy establishing a mildly interesting community here on Lemmy. I know I would join it!

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In fairness, I have just been doing this when mildly infuriating was born (5 days ago) and I want to ensure I am doing enough in terms of respecting the original poster. It is a good suggestion though.

I guess a template of "Repost from [username] on [insert website]" would do fine." Good comment!

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Whilst Lemmy is growing and trying to compete in content against the goliath that is reddit it needs to be reposted so to speak. I'm not about taking original or potentially original posts and claiming them as my own so it's good practice to source the location of the original.

We are competing with a platform that has existed since 2005, it's no easy task. You may find posts that are original posts. Just again best practice. Source the original.

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Of course they aren't going back. We saw how arrogant spez was. There was no doubt in my mind he is just going to rely on the fact that most people are rarely committed enough to do anything.

My expectation... Some will stay with the fediverse. Others will see the blackout as a "we did everything we could" and then go back, business as usual.

I for sure will not be back. I like RIF and it is the only way I browse. With RIF gone so too am I.

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