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What's all this about trout now? Are trout the new beans?

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The Rundown is a freaking solid action comedy! Stifler brings great comedic energy. Walken is an awesome antagonist. Rosario Dawson steals every scene she's in. All around great time!

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Like the old fucks would vote for us instead of other old fucks

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I know you're saying that in jest, but I would assume that the bat scientists used quiet infrared cameras for their work.

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Ah, forgive my word usage. I meant to say that they first started in that era, not that they were solely used back then. I do appreciate how informative your comment is, nonetheless!

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Advice Animals were much earlier, in the late 2000s. I remember seeing them on gaming forums before Reddit was even a thing, when SA and Digg still reigned supreme.

Know Your Meme traces them back to 2006.


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What adds salt to the wound is that the money was taken from the IRS who would've used it to hire more auditors so they can audit more wealthy people who've been cheating on their taxes.For every $1 spent for auditors, they return an average of $12.

So we really lost $168bn in federal income that could've helped the public.

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Hey everyone. As promised, here's what I did for the holiday. It's a classic mojito mix, made with freshly picked key limes. This is actually the 3rd pitcher, so pardon the lack of visual flair.

And before anyone asks, I don't use a specific recipe or ratio. I built to taste based on the palate of the people I'm with. Some of my family like it weak and mild sweetness, so I have the bottle of rum for floating and made a simple syrup for the family who are speedrunning diabetes.

I've been making these since I was 6, feel free to ask me about any of it!

Happy Turkey Day!

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Just as the phrase is "for God's sake," the proper grammar is "for fuck's sake." It's possessive. The fuck is the subject here, it's for their sake. For the sake of the fuck.

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"heard you was talking shit." - The Pope, probably

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This funny meme is also a good example of survivorship bias. There are both good and shitty ACs from both eras. We're just only comparing to the good old ACs because the shitty ones already broke.

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Why are we bothering to continue giving her the attention? Sharing this nonsense only helps her.

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Reddit won't actually die, it'll just be a hollow shell of what it once was.

To illustrate my point, Digg still exists.

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