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Why would anyone recommend their company to use Oracle stuff these days? Oracle should give kickbacks to people that recommend to use Oracle Database, Java, or VirtualBox in their company so they'll keep at it /s

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Looks like we're finally able to use the mech!

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Tesla Board Chairperson Robyn Denholm urged shareholders to re-approve CEO Elon Musk's $46 billion pay package this week, saying the vote is "not about the money" while suggesting that Musk could leave Tesla or devote less time to the company if he isn't properly compensated.

Don't threaten me with a good time!

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Numbers must go up at all costs. By the time the company's reputation hit rock bottom, the CEO already jumped ship to the next company.

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If you're getting targeted ads for penis enlargement pills, then the system thinks you have a small pp. If this is an error, you should submit photographic evidence to their office to prove you don't have a small pp.

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I assume they won't allow porns in ads, but you can still get worse stuff than porn, like erectile dysfunction medication ads which causes people around your seat to look at you with sorry eyes.

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The whole point of crypto is to be immutable, so that money is simply lost to him now.

IIRC there are several cases where some group of people lost big enough coins and force most of the miners to fork to get their money back. Not bitcoin though.

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They notify but iirc only if you push a commit to a public repo. The dev in the article pushed it to a private repo, then later made the repo public.

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Thank you for the correction!

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Won't this cause subtle but serious issue? Kinda like how pomegranate translates to "granada" in Spanish, but when you translate "granada" back to English it translates to grenade?

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Every once in a while security researchers would discover sophisticated exploits that would allow malwares to take over your computer via multimedia files, but those are actually rarely exploited in the wild by run off the mill malwares.

Unless you're an important person being targeted by hackers and three letter agencies, your biggest source of threat is running infected programs from untrusted sources, e.g. cracks downloaded from random torrents or warez sites, shady sites serving ads that trick you to run some executables, etc.

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How do you sanitize ai prompts? With more prompts?

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A Spark Extinguished (chinabooksreview.com)
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At the height of the Great Famine in 1960, a group of students exiled to the countryside launched a magazine that dared to tell the truth. Their convictions, and the love they bore for one another, were put to the test.

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OpenAI's response to Elon Musk's claims.

How Does BlueSky Work? (steveklabnik.com)
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Interesting post about BlueSky’s underlying federated protocol (AT Protocol)

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Snyk team has found four vulnerabilities collectively called "Leaky Vessels" that impact the runc and Buildkit container infrastructure and build tools, potentially allowing attackers to perform container escape on various software products.

On January 31, 2024, Buildkit fixed the flaws with version 0.12.5, and runc addressed the security issue impacting it on version 1.1.12.

Docker released version 4.27.0 on the same day, incorporating the secured versions of the components in its Moby engine, with versions 25.0.1 and 24.0.8.

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