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Where do you live?

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Yeah. Taiwan is arguably the world’s most important player in semiconductors. It’s where the most cutting edge fabs are, it’s a big reason China and the west are quarreling over Taiwan, and why Biden has been trying to dump a shit load of money into catching up with Taiwan.

China invades Taiwan, the pandemic chip shortages are going to look like child’s play.

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Everyone eventually dies from IDS.

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Sounds like a lot of this is for non-generative AI. It’s for dumb things like that frequently used emoji feature.

Knowing how my legal teams have worked in my tech companies, I’m a bet that a lawyer updated the terms language to be in compliance with privacy legislation, but they did a shit job, and didn’t clarify what specifically was being covered in the TOS. They were lazy, and crafted something broad, so they wouldn’t have to actually talk to product or marketing people in their org.

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Smears hair dye on temple

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For you. It’s dynamic and the links keep changing location now. That bar is terrible now.

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Best part…

The web filter is in that stupid filter carousel, and it’s just off of the screen on mobile. So you have to swipe left from the top of the screen to view web results.

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Jackets, often, but not always. Track jackets, windbreaker jackets, shell jackets, etc. Light jackets and coats without lining are pretty easy to find. I even have a light sport coat with no lining.

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A model trained on jokes about bacon, narwhals, and rage comics.

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A spirt visited me and told me this.

Luckily that spirt read the article and watched the video in it.

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“Nothing is stronger than family.”

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"While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments," the Office of Melania Trump wrote in a statement to ABC News.

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