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Fuck Missouri, but you'll be a few miles away if you're storming Omaha, Nebraska.

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They stopped making the big ones about a decade back. The ones sold by the truck should still be larger, but not by as much as they used to be.

They also went up in price a lot. Firecrackers used to cost ~$0.29 wholesale but they raised it to ~$0.55 when they shrunk them.

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Europe and the US already have UHV transmission lines. Grid interconnects and long-distance transmission have voltage between 500kV-1,000kV

China is still developing its national grid.

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That's every binary, though. False are everything that's not true. Ones are everything that's not zero.

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God cloned Adam to make Eve, thus we all are the same gender. Wake up sheeple!

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No, that's just quantum gender mechanics.

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Missing diffs is a problem, though.

I don't get how Microsoft owns GitHub yet hasn't figured out any way to actually create a spec that would be git compatible for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files yet.

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Indiana waiting for Texas and Florida to ban it so it can do something more extreme but without any flak.

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Don't forget the beef subsidies, too!

Per a 2015 Berkeley study, witjouy the beef and dairy subsidies, a Big Mac would cost $13 and a pound of beef would cost $30. Obviously both would be more now since inflation has raised prices by about 1/3 across the board and food prices have definitely grown faster than the average.

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about 25% of people who make under $50,000 were cutting back on fast food

Only 25%? Who hasn't cut back, even if it's subconsciously?

I know it's just an anecdote, but my wife and I make a lot more than that and we've had to cut how often we get fast food because it's become way too expensive.

Shit, half the time we just get sit-down service because the cost isn't that much higher. Why would we get low quality fast food for $30 when we can go to a local sit-down restaurant and get higher quality food for $40, tip included?

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#2 and 3 don't actually happen since it can't be recorded on the P&L.

The donation would get recorded to cash and offset to a liability account, probably something named Charitable Donations Payable likely with a subaccount for the specific programs.

Overall, the effect is essentially the same, though. Fwiw, I like to use the same comparison as you did to show to people how dumb this belief is.

The individual who donated at the register also is allowed to claim the donation when they file their taxes.

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That is quite possibly the least helpful answer you could give.

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