[-] SpaceNoodle 4 points 3 hours ago

Except Chicago-style pizza.

[-] SpaceNoodle 8 points 3 hours ago

Is this for real? "We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" Just tell the asshole to turn it off. Get your shit together, Britain.

[-] SpaceNoodle 17 points 4 hours ago

Maybe you should start a new channel called "Popular Opinion."

[-] SpaceNoodle 9 points 4 hours ago

Ah, so it's even worse for the business than I had previously thought.

[-] SpaceNoodle 4 points 4 hours ago

So, exactly the same effect.

[-] SpaceNoodle 5 points 5 hours ago

For pasta, I just mix a bulk restaurant flour (~10% gluten) 2:1 with egg, knead until incorporated and smooth, then tightly wrap and let rest for at least twenty minutes before rolling and cutting.

[-] SpaceNoodle 72 points 5 hours ago* (last edited 5 hours ago)

The original article I read about this quoted the owner regarding sales that were turned down in order to fulfill Tesla's order.

I'm glad to hear the community has rallied around the business, but that doesn't excuse Tesla from bilking them.

[-] SpaceNoodle 69 points 5 hours ago

What about the cost of labor and lost sales?

[-] SpaceNoodle 1 points 5 hours ago

That could be arranged. I could bash you over the head with a python.

[-] SpaceNoodle 2 points 7 hours ago

But insects are a natural part of a chicken's diet.

[-] SpaceNoodle 1 points 7 hours ago

The good news is that you can stop using Perl at any time.

[-] SpaceNoodle 151 points 20 hours ago

People thrive when the community supports them. Imagine if we all helped everybody.

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