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I will see if it is starting like cyberpunk or if its getting a good release.

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Yeah, thats the thing 10 years for that mix of saints row, Far Cry. Is a bit undershooting its promise.

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Yep thought that too but didnt wanted to say it out loud.

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if the 1080 wont run it on ultra low 720p its so bad optimised, like Cyberpunk 2077 on release, and this will probably downgrade everyones experience.

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How are you all today ;D

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Rockstar Gaming disapproves

Yeah they treated it really bad and the cheaters were everywhere and toxic playerbase is not really good.

And after i looked up how gta online handles serverside/clientside code, i can understand how easy it is just to cheat.

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It looks like just GTA V with mods and crack lol

But i already see people 70€ for it.

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I moved away from Windows few months ago, and i would recommend linux mint, its easy, stable and beginner friendly. And you can of course Distro Hop to another distro. And with steams proton or wine (almost) every game can be run! For those few that doesnt run good or at all, you can still dual boot windows and linux mint.

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Weird bug. You could just dump your inv to a chest and then save and leave, but this will take too long i would guess.

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ahh never knew that lol

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It looks like its a bit to the left and a bit more forward in the second picture

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I am pretty new to linux ( almost 2 months PURE linux mint ) and i still find cool software ( like lazydocker, lazygit, zsh... ) but i feel like there are 100k more interesting software to have ;D

If anyone could recommend me some cool / interesting software, that would be cool.


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All the roads near spawn are getting improved by aurifex5128

Thanks to aurifex5128!

test (self.hdev)
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Hello everybody!

As announced in the last weekly update we are proud to open the doors to the event area of this years halloween building contest!

In spawn you will see a portal (to hell) where you get teleported to the event area. There you can see more informations and the area where you can build.

Everybody gets some starting coins. ( 400 credits ) So that you dont go empty out of it if you have claimed something during the event. To claim those ask a mod or admin.

See you there!

Weekly Update #3 (self.hdev)
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geteilt von: https://lemmy.world/post/7086139

Here we go again! Reporting to you the news of the Minecraft server! We gained some new members, new buildings and some great experience!

This update will be special! As we announce the first ever build event of the server the theme is Spooky Halloween ( What a big surprise ;) ). The event will start on Monday the 23.10.2023 and a portal will raise near spawn and send you to the building start area!

The prizes are going to be some item prizes, like good enchanted diamond armor, diamonds, netherite and other rewards will be announced at the end! You even get an entry prize for joining the event!

The rules and information for the event is nearby the event location.


Here are some pictures of the week;

submitted 2 months ago by Rooki to c/lwmc


submitted 2 months ago by Rooki to c/hdev

Another reason not to use google search

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by Rooki to c/lwmc

In the Location Trivia you can guess the location and Owner of that shown house / location.

Try to guess the location and owner in the comments!

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by Rooki to c/lwmc
submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by Rooki to c/lwmc

Here are some interesting information / tips for the Minecraft Server!

Protect your stuff with griefprevention

Simply do /claim or place a chest or use a golden shovel ( use /kit Claimtools for it )
Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsjXB-BaE0

I get spawn camped.

Even if its illegal to spawn camp you should not cry around for every single small problem. If he keeps 24/7 spawn camping, please report him.
Just use /rtp, it will send you somewhere in the wilderness.

I want to talk with someone.

On the official Lemmy World Discord and Matrix there are dedicated Minecraft channels. On discord you can join public voice lobbies.

The Server is full

Yeah as we dont have a threadripper on the server we limit the ammount of users to a maximum 30. If we see a steady full server we will look into upgrading. But for now 30 should be enough!

Plugins installed:

Server FAQ (self.lwmc)
submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by Rooki to c/lwmc

Here are some Questions and Answers:

Q: Java or Bedrock?
A: Both (Bedrock version is untested, let us know please! )

Q: Someone griefed my house
A: You should have protected it with Griefprevention ( /claim )

Q: Someone harasses me or cheats.
A: Either create a post here asking for help or dm @[email protected] ( discord or element too ) last resort could be the admins of Lemmy.world.
For reports please add evidence and not just say "he cheated in front of me!!"

Q: I got banned, where can i appeal.
A: For Temporary Bans, you cant, wait your time out.
Permanent Bans can be appealed after 1 week.

Q: I accidentally dropped my diamond pickaxe into the void/lava/disposal bin.
A: You can craft yourself a new pickaxe

Q: I got scammed
A: Should have made more sure if the seller is trustworthy. ( or make secured trading station )

Q: Someone traps you with a player warp
A: Screenshot where you at and screenshot the warp in /pw menu

If you have even more questions let us know in the comments, we will probably answer them.

Server Rules (self.lwmc)
submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by Rooki to c/lwmc

Every Minecraft Server has some rules, this server is no exception!

The Rules build upon the official Lemmy.world rules.

Additionally Minecraft Rules:

PVP related:

  • PVP is enabled BUT should be the last resort.
  • PVP has to be with mutual consent!
  • Spawn Camping is not allowed!
  • Trapping People is NOT allowed!
  • If you fight, keep others out of it. ( Dont kill inocent people )
  • If you want war. It has to be with mutual consent.

Building related:

  • Griefing is not allowed.
  • But if you build anything unprotected its your issue, not ours.
    ( You can claim spots it with a wooden hoe )
  • Trapping claims/users is not allowed.
  • Abusing the claim system will result in a ban
  • If you dont use your claimed spots it will get force abandoned by admins.


  • Trading is not secured in any way. Create yourself a trading station or just "trust" each other.


Be friendly, dont attack without a consent, dont grief

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It would be even greater if lemmy.world does it ;)

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