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Respect who accept this challange

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Ok no one answers, thats sad to see.

We can not change anything no one speaks up!

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Our automod does NOT automoderate anything else than blocklisted urls / words. The notification only happens if:

  1. You are on Lemmy.world
  2. The moderator is on Lemmy.world
  3. The community is on Lemmy.world

We will changing the wording of the text soon enough as this is a common missunderstanding.

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I just wanted to ask what are you doing on the server currently? Is there something we could do?

If there is a need for a reset? Changes with the plugins? Other version wanted? Old school mc?

Is the community still here? (self.oldschoolminecraft)
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I tried to connect but the server and website seems offline.

Sad to see the old school server go.

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Did you try smashing the orb and cast reconstruction on it?

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Did you already tried to upgrade to Wizard 2.0?

Wizzard Support (lemmy.world)
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Let me guess, it will cost as much as a normal smartphone but with less? The page doesnt even load on my side.

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Btw, the automod is ONLY a service from us, that you are getting notified when something got removed from you. If you mean the @[email protected]

test (self.hdev)
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trttt (self.hdev)
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Hello world,

we chose to close down this community and redirect everyone interested in wordnews to https://lemmy.world/c/world because we want to reduce the load on moderators and have at least locally on the instance less duplicate communities.

We did this action with the cooperation of the mods in c/world and c/worldnews.

[l4l] Test right (self.hdev)
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[L4L] Test (self.hdev)
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Really cool video from @[email protected] i want to share.

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Hi i will make it a short one!

We created a new modpack server ( Steampunk ) it is available under minecraft.lemmy.world:26565.

The whitelist is active and you need to dm me here, discord or matrix your minecraft username to whitelist you on there.

Note: The survival server is still up and they both have enough ressources!

Server Survey! (self.lwmc)
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Hello world!

as probably many seen in the recent weeks, there was a decline on active users on the server and we want to ask you what we can do or what are the next games you want to play with the lemmy community!

The choices are:

  1. Minecraft with a new Modpack ( please recommend us a modpack you want to play with the lemmy community )
  2. A different game?
  3. Shut it down forever?!
  4. Your idea?!

Note: If possible we will still let the current vanilla server running ( but with reduced dedicated resources).

Thanks for everyone participated in the minecraft server! We never anticipated it was so active and so enthusiastic from everyone participating!

But please take part in this Survey or we will probably have to shut the server down if no one wants or suggests anything!

The Lemmy world Minecraft Team!

Edit: We have chosen for 1. A new Modpack Server ( more information here: https://lemmy.world/post/11596380 ) NOTE: The Vanilla Server STAYS, so it doesnt go down.

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I did this with the nice mod named nvidium! No lag so far! Thank you all for building such nice things!

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