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I've just described where reports are going in another comment on this post, but to expand on that, reports on the same instance are shared between community mods on the same instance and admins, which means that even though admins may see your report, a moderator resolving the report can also do this in an attempt to avoid the report being seen by an admin.

There are already discussions about improving this experience in general, but this is probably going to take at least several months to significantly improve.

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Hello @[email protected],

if you're seeing content violating our terms of service, which doesn't get taken down despite your reports, please do reach out via email to [email protected].

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Hello @[email protected],

the reports are being sent to

  1. the reporter's instance (Lemmy.World) in your case, where they can be seen by instance admins and also community mods if there are any on this instance
  2. the community's instance, where they can be seen by instance admins of the community's instance, as well as by all community mods that belong to the same instance
  3. starting with 0.19.2, reports will also be sent to the content creator's instance, meaning the person who created the post/comment.
    Lemmy.World is not yet on 0.19, so this will not happen today, but it will start being the case when we update in a few days.

Coming back to your reports, I've taken a look at your reports of posts and I can only see 2 reports there, neither one relating to content containing spousal or animal abuse.

To answer your question about reporting options for communities, there is currently no native functionality in lemmy for reporting communities. Only posts, comments and private messages can be reported.
Having said this, many instances provide contact information in the sidebar. For Lemmy.World, you can find this e.g. on https://lemmy.world/.

We absolutely do not tolerate content promoting violence. See also our terms of service about this.
If you see any such content still up at this time and accessible through Lemmy.World, please do not hesitate to report this to us, either via report, or by sending an email to [email protected] if you want to report this privately.
You can also send me a private message with more details.

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that's odd, i wonder if that is related to lemmy 0.18.5.

it seems to work fine for me as admin, and i can also do this just fine with a mod account on a lemmy 0.19.3 test instance, so i hope this issue goes away with the update in the next days.

i've restored @[email protected]'s comment now.

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fwiw, it does not appear to be triggerable from within lemmy at this time.

I've just tried this on another instance and lemmy complains

The webfinger object did not contain any link to an activitypub item

I suspect this currently can only be triggered from threads.

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Hi @[email protected],

which comment are you trying to restore?

Which client are you having issues with, how are you trying to restore the comment?

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it's mostly [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected], though some of the latest spam also started arriving in [email protected].

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it's not just this community getting hit.

it's mostly [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], though some of the latest spam also started arriving in [email protected]

[-] MrKaplan 5 points 1 week ago

Most of these are unfortunately limited to local instance moderation, which means all instances that don't run these bots don't benefit from them.

The posts have already been modified in ways that they aren't as easy to reliably filter anymore, though still possible with fairly low false positive rate.

To add to this, depending on how content is removed, removal may or may not federate properly. on Lemmy.World, we've been removing content in a way that reliably federates, so while a lot of this spam does arrive in [email protected] and [email protected], the removals on Lemmy.World should federate to all other instances (0.18.5+).

The other portion of the spam is mostly on Lemmy.ml, in [email protected] and [email protected], and not all of their removals have been done in a way that federates.

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they appear to be advertising their "criminal organization", listing some of the illegal activities they do and where to find them.

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posting and commenting.

voting should work: https://lemmy.world/post/11967676

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