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"plain clothes officers" fuck off with that shit, they're not officers at that point, that's just thugs with guns

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Took some nyquil because I wasn't feeling well, I had stayed up until like 4 and I was too tired to realize that the drowsiness wouldn't wear off before I woke up. Got up feeling almost drunk and drove to work. I feel asleep on the road and woke up with just enough time to slow down before rear ending someone at 50 mph.

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You can't lump in blm riots in there, those were protests stoked to violence by police officers, so what you should be saying it's, corrupt police forces resulting in blm protests

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People say it feels like old reddit and it does to a degree, but in other ways it feels better!

People are so interested in finding alternatives to the systems that we hate, and actually are passionate about supporting those things and developing them into useable and enjoyable platforms.

People are interested in spreading the word about the importance of unions and the climate crisis. Idk if those posts just get squashed on reddit, but I've seen SO much more talk of workers rights and informing others about them.

It just gives me hope about the future for once. Like things are happening that are different, and I know that we can't be silenced here. This is a platform by the people, for the people, and that can't ever be fully taken away.

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Just as the title says, I have two accounts on connect

On for sh.itjust.works, and one of lemmy.world

When I'm logged into the lemmy.world the sidebar opening especially lags way more than with the sh.itjust.works account

Edit: it appears to possibly be related to the number of subscriptions rendered in the list.

Before they load things seem to run more smoothly

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Please read the rules before posting!

This is not a support forum, this is to serve a similar purpose to AskReddit, meaning to ask users their opinions on things, about experiences they've had, etc.

To ask general support support questions please go over to [email protected]

To ask Lemmy.World support questions, please go over to [email protected]

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My notifications on any app I login to say "not_logged_in".

Some apps say I'm not following any communities, others do.

Any time I close out the website, when I open it again I have to login.

Some apps don't let me comment.

Edit: it was an issue with sessions on lemmy.world not my account. It appears the admins are working on this still? Idk, apps are still giving me issues.

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Knowledge is knowing that a few drops of gasoline contains all the calories you'd need in a day

Wisdom is knowing that it isn't a good idea to drink gas

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Microsoft code docs are the literal worst

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That may sound like not a lot, but Facebook as been hemorraging users for a few years now, if they're losing users at about the same rate as Facebook, that's a big oof.

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Keep it separate, mass de-federate. The biggest lemmy instance has to make a stance.

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I hope I'm not costing the dev lol

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Just for the devs sake, Phone: Asus Zenfone 9

The majority of my gripes are minor but there is one main one that gets on my nerves:

PLEASE persist the thumbnail cache on posts more consistently!

  • When I click on a photo then go back to the home screen, all the photos on the page have to seemingly reload.

  • if I'm not in list view this causes post to move around wildly, making the otherwise very good app frustrating to use.

Edit to this one: it looks like they're maybe not loading thumbs but full sized images? So maybe this is partially on lemmy because they don't serve thumbs yet? Idk. One would think that after the initial load you could serve appropriately sized thumbnails that are generated and stored in the cache.

Lesser issues that I expect will be fixed with time:

  • then swipe out menus seem a little slow and jittery

  • there is little to no outlines on posts when not in list view, this can sometimes make it hard to differentiate when one post stops and another begins.

    • this could be fixed initially with a subtle outline
    • additionally a nice to have would be theme options(but I understand that's probably not a priority right now)
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What you'd want to do now is reach out directly to the admin of the instance.

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That's cuz it's Lemmy's first legendary meme post

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Jesus wtf lol, this is one of those posts that's going to become a copypasta

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Where porn goes, users go, this is a good thing

rule (lemmy.world)
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Hardly. Stolen valor is when you impersonate a vet for clout.

You're putting in a code in a checkout menu that you and you alone will see, to get a discount.

Your mum's in hell (www.youtube.com)
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