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Hi Lemmy! I've just uploaded a new version, and this is the changelog:

  • Mark as read on scroll (Settings-General-Posts). Posts will be marked as read when you scroll past them. Disable Show read posts in your Account Preferences and you won't see those posts again. Note: In Lemmy, voting, saving or reading comments of a post marks the post as read automatically
  • Support for animated webp images
  • Play gifs embedded in comments
  • Show context option when visiting a single comment thread
  • Fix long comment chains being unreadable
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Play Store Link

Thanks for using and contributing to Lemmy via Boost. You're awesome!

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Hi Lemmy! I've just uploaded a new version, and this is the changelog:

  • Community moderation tools: Lock comments, feature posts in community, ban users, remove posts/comments, appoint as mod. All this tools are available when visiting a thread.
  • View and resolve post/comment reports. There is a new moderation section available in the main menu (hamburger menu). It will show the new unresolved reports count.
  • Show if an user is mod, admin or bot (A, M and Bot) next to username.
  • Highlight moderator distinguished comments
  • Show community moderators in community sidebar
  • Set the default feed on app start from settings (Settings-General)
  • View cross-posts of a post. While visiting a post, tap the ๐Ÿ”€ icon to view a list of cross-posts
  • Cross-post a post to a different community (Post menu, Share, Cross-post)
  • Show new comments counter since last visit
  • Show if a link is already posted when creating a post, and where.
  • View your upvoted and downvoted posts in profile (Lemmy 0.19)
  • Bug fixes and improvements


Thanks to all of you supporting the development of the app. You are the best! โ™ฅ๏ธ

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I remember there used to be an option like this on the Reddit app..

On a post that contains a particular content type you could filter to show just that content type of posts.

On posts with a photo hit a filter option to show only posts that have a photo.

On posts with a video, hit the filter option and you can see just posts with a video.

I think there were options for the format where posts just contained text also.

The filter was available directly from the options on the post.

Is this a feature in Boost already?

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Hi! I would really love the ability to hide a specific post. I've got trypophobia so when I scroll past something that sets it off it I'd love to be able to make sure I don't see it again.

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My instance has just upgraded to Lemmy v0.19.3 yesterday, but I don't see any of the new features (scaled sort etc). I tried logging out and back in (had to anyway as the subscriptions weren't showing). Switching to a different instance on 0.19.3 shows the correct features, but when I switch back, nothing.

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Disable Show read posts in your account preferences and you won't see those posts again.

Join the beta from the Play Store listing and give feedback if you test it. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™

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This is the first time I'm seeing this symbol. A different post from the same user, in that community didn't create the symbol.

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When I ban someone for 1 day, the modlog shows it for 3 years.

It seems to be consistent, a 3 day ban comes out as 9 years.

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Am I blind or is there no way to view comment drafts? I recall this being possible in Boost for Reddit.

If I search settings for "draft" two things come up:

  1. The "Save drafts" option that I have enabled.
  2. Some "Drafts" under Lateral menu. But when I look there, there's no "Drafts" option anywhere to be found.
Display name (lemm.ee)
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I'm not sure if this is me or if it's a feature request, but is there a way to have people's username show as their display name when they have one set? Or to display profile avatars on comments?

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It's annoying to have to click "view all the comments" and then scroll to find where the one you were looking at is. The other thing I've done is click the permalink button to see it in a browser to find the context...

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The solution is Settings -> Account preferences -> Show read posts?

Thanks [email protected]

I've posted a few time, but the post list always remains empty for some reason.

I can see other people posts on their profiles.

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I am not sure if this is bug report or a feature request but when you click hyperlinks in comments with the single click to collapse feature enabled it collapses the comment. This is very counter intuitive and I feel like it should not collapse when I click on hyperlinks.

App translation (self.boostforlemmy)
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Is there any way we can help with the app translation?:))

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No matter which account I use or which instance I am on, I can't post comments through the app. I just get error 401. Doesn't seem to happen on Firefox, so I doubt I've been banned or blocked. Is there a quick fix?

Edit 26 Feb 24: issue seems to be gone now!

New to Boost for Lemmy (self.boostforlemmy)
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Long time user back in the day on Reddit, and to stumble across it here, good to see. Has Lemmy gained enough critical momentum? Woot!

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Not sure if this is a bug or unintentional side-effect of another setting. When I try to view my profile, the posts section is empty.

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I am on Boost 1.0.10 Android.

I saw a note in this community that said long press on the community name or 3 dots. I can't find block under any of the 3 dots available nor does long press have that option. What am I missing?

Can Boost display albums? (self.boostforlemmy)
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Been using the app for a few weeks now and I haven't seen any image albums. I'm not sure if I haven't come across any albums or if Boost just doesn't support albums yet. Anyone know?

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It would be helpful, for those of us who have pictures load in our feed, to have the option to have those posts marked as read after voting.

This would eliminate the need to click on every picture to use other "marked as read" features.

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As title says :-)

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When I make a comment on a post, no matter how I type it up, it always just shows up as one paragraph.

Is there something that I am doing wrong?

1: now I'm also wondering what it does to a post so... 2: I'm splitting up this sentence like it was bullet points

Edit: Spacing seems to be the difference, but I still feel like I shouldn't have to skip lines to start new lines.

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This started with the most recent update and happens on all text posts. I can't see behind images or the comments though.

Edit: here's how this post looked after posting

The image

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When looking at All and sorting by Top (hour, day, week, etc.) it goes blank when telling it to refresh.

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