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- Lemmy.world is not loading, and I am encountering an error when opening a new page.

Please start by checking the following links to see if Lemmy.world is experiencing any issues:

- I am experiencing an issue with the client I'm using.

Are you using a client other than the website itself? Is the issue specific to that client? If so, please contact the developer of the app or web client you are using.

Here are some popular apps/web clients you can reach out to:

- I am unable to create a community, and I keep seeing a spinning circle.

Please check if the desired community name is available.

- There is a community I want to moderate, but the moderators appear to be inactive.

Please email us at [email protected] or create a post in this community.

- Did we defederate, or did someone else defederate from us?

Visit https://gui.fediseer.com/instances/detail/lemmy.world for information about defederation of any instance.

Alternatively check https://defed.xyz/ and enter "lemmy.world" to view a complete list of defederations.

- I cannot access my account.

For assistance with account access issues, please email us at [email protected]. We cannot assist with these matters in the comments section due to privacy concerns.

- Why am I banned from this specific community?

Lemmy offers transparency, and you can check the modlog of the community to understand the reason behind the ban. If you have further questions, feel free to send a private message to one of the moderators. If you have other issues, please email us at [email protected].

- Can this feature be added to the website?

If you would like to request a feature to be added to Lemmy, please contact the Lemmy developers on GitHub or reach out to the developer of your preferred (web) client. Instances like ours cannot directly add features to the website.

Comments don't load? (self.support)
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Lately I'm seeing this more and more where posts have comments that will refuse to load. It seems like the issue is getting progressively worse. Right now, I'm using the Alexandrite front end but the default has the same issue where comments don't load.

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Today I have come across two different accounts that were probably a misinformation toll and probably a scammer. Is there a way to report these accounts and the communities they make right to Lemmy.world admins?.

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I'm not sure if there are certain images on here causing this popup to appear or what, and I wonder if someone can help me figure this out. I wonder if its something that will need to be blocked or an instance that needs to be de-federated until the admin of it agrees to remove the Malware that is causing it to happen. Here is a screenshot I managed to take of the popup.

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I know that this question was asked several months ago, and the response was that there wasn't a setting for it. Has a setting that blocks posts with keywords been implemented since?

Thanks in advance!

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I cant seem to get timely post federation to my instance (moist.catsweat.com) from lemmy.world. I might see a new post every few hours instead of every minute or so.

posts from other lemmy instances (lemmy.ca, lemmy.ml, dbzer0, etc) have no problem.

i see a ton of lemmy.world traffic in my nginx logs... it seems very specific to 'new posts'. voting/comments seem to come through no problem once the post shows up.

ive checked a few other instances similar to mine, and they are not having this issue. so it seems something specific to lemmy.world and my instance.

i do recall a similar issue several months back, and it involved a lemmy.world admin resetting some outbound queue.

any ideas?

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I was actually thinking about making a community for him called, 'Pictures of Ruud wearing a hat' Where basically You just post his profile picture with him Wearing a different style of hat.

It's got to be a different style of hat though every time.

I'm being serious lol I think it would be fun. Like light hearted cutesie silly kinda thing.

The only caveat though, is he HAS to join and also give his honest opinion about what he thinks about the style of hat the OP puts on him in the picture.

Like he has to say if it sucks or not if he likes the color and stuff.

submitted 1 week ago by KonalaKoala to c/support

I just found that I'm getting the infinite spinning issue when commenting on a post in [email protected] and not sure what the issue is as it is the same on two different computers.

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Mod has been inactive for months, and I'd like to take it over and help it generate more traffic. They have dozens of other communities they gobbled up during the API protests which have also been abandoned, just fyi.

Also forgot to add, I messaged them a few weeks ago about joining the team to revive the community, and haven't received a response.

submitted 1 week ago by Ultragigagigantic to c/support

I am being unfairly targeted with temp bans despite doing my best to follow the moderators requests.

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/support

[email protected] doesn't have much traction but I'm trying to change that and there are a good amount of subscribers. Unfortunately the only mod seems to have created the community, made one post, and not returned in the ten months since. I've messaged them but I'm not hopeful they'll ever come back to Lemmy to see it.

I understand the concerns over "power" mods. While I do mod a few communities already only a few get any real engagement and I try to be pretty hands off with them, only removing obvious spam and trolling.

Thank you for your consideration.

submitted 2 weeks ago by azulon to c/support

For some reason, the link in the post I've just made appears twice: under the title (red on the screenshot), and as a link preview above the post body (blue on screenshot). All other post only have the link under the title, but no preview.

Most other posts look totally different and have the link only appear once under the title (for example, this one: https://lemmy.world/post/14822763).

How do I fix this? Because I couldn't find any "hide the link preview" button in the post editor?

submitted 2 weeks ago by Ultragigagigantic to c/support

Put me in the trash where I belong.

submitted 2 weeks ago by KickassWomen to c/support
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I posted a picture in thiccmoe. I later got a message that it was removed NSFW. That's fair.

I asked the mod of that community and they didn't do anything and don't know what I'm talking about. Also, if I go to that community, it's still there.

I went back to my messages and noticed it's from automod at lemmy world, not Ani social. The community is on Ani social.

How does that work? Does that mean it's only removed for lemmy world users since the automod is from lemmy world? Does it affect anything on Ani social?

submitted 3 weeks ago by jeffw to c/support

I recently took over a handful of unmoderated communities and would like to request another: [email protected]

I messaged the mod, but did not get a reply. I don't see any account activity in the past 2 months either. I'd like to shape the community to be about art in any medium, whether that be sharing art or posting news about art.

Moderation of CommunityTV (discuss.tchncs.de)
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I was wondering if someone could make me a mod of [email protected]. The mod there hasn't been active in 7 months. I messaged them last week and the week before, but got no response. I mainly just want to remove an old sticky post. Thanks!

Edit: this has been taken care of, thanks!

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Hello, I am a little concerned about a moderator who seemed to threaten a user with a permanent ban over a trivial disagreement (I was not part of this discussion, just saw it). Is there a way to report abusive mods?

Edit: I just realized that the community in question is actually not hosted on Lemmy.World. Maybe a better question would be, is there an equivalent community to this on Lemmy.ca where I could raise this issue? Although I still would like to know an answer to the original question in case I see this again.

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If they removed infinite scrolling I think this is awesome! Infinite scrolling is addictive and related to multiple detrimental psychological effects.

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Hi, Can't post, it just spins -- similar to https://lemmy.world/post/16458 -- tried replying and posting on multiple posts, communities, etc.

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It's a recurring issue and has been for weeks now. The most recent one I noticed was this comment, which despite being tagged 4 days ago, only just recently appeared in my inbox.

A while ago it was only 2 days, but the problem seems to be getting worse and worse. In a meta post on my instance, an admin noted that they don't believe it's anything they can resolve on their end, so I'm posting here on the assumption that it must be a LW issue.

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I often use a commercial VPN service, which I suspect is not rare among Lemmy users. Most of the time, I'm able to post to lemmy.world, but on occasion I am not. The default web UI provides zero feedback, just a spinning submit button forever, but if I look in the browser dev tools, I can see it's being blocked.

I understand that some limitations are necessary to prevent spam and other abuse, however this is a very blunt instrument. The fact that I have a 10 month old account with consistent activity should outweigh any IP address reputation issues.

Perhaps the VPN limitations could be narrowed in scope to cover only account creation and posts from young accounts.

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When trying to post this news article on the Egypt Community, after clicking the create button it keeps loading forever.

Client used: official website.

is the issue unique to this community: yes.

Side note: If possible, appoint a new moderator or, if there isn't enough manpower, consider adding me. This way, the community can continue to thrive on Lemmy instead of remaining dormant.

Edit 1: also if possible do the same for ex-egypt community.

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Same username but couldn't even login once. This is my alt from lemmy.ml

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