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- Lemmy.world is not loading, and I am encountering an error when opening a new page.

Please start by checking the following links to see if Lemmy.world is experiencing any issues:

- I am experiencing an issue with the client I'm using.

Are you using a client other than the website itself? Is the issue specific to that client? If so, please contact the developer of the app or web client you are using.

Here are some popular apps/web clients you can reach out to:

- I am unable to create a community, and I keep seeing a spinning circle.

Please check if the desired community name is available.

- There is a community I want to moderate, but the moderators appear to be inactive.

Please email us at [email protected] or create a post in this community.

- Did we defederate, or did someone else defederate from us?

Visit https://gui.fediseer.com/instances/detail/lemmy.world for information about defederation of any instance.

Alternatively check https://defed.xyz/ and enter "lemmy.world" to view a complete list of defederations.

- I cannot access my account.

For assistance with account access issues, please email us at [email protected]. We cannot assist with these matters in the comments section due to privacy concerns.

- Why am I banned from this specific community?

Lemmy offers transparency, and you can check the modlog of the community to understand the reason behind the ban. If you have further questions, feel free to send a private message to one of the moderators. If you have other issues, please email us at [email protected].

- Can this feature be added to the website?

If you would like to request a feature to be added to Lemmy, please contact the Lemmy developers on GitHub or reach out to the developer of your preferred (web) client. Instances like ours cannot directly add features to the website.

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Pretty much any post on Lemmy is missing comments and they never show up no matter what I do. Sometimes I can fidget with the sorting, clicking "New" and "chat" and one or two may show up, but not all. I am guaranteed if a thread has X comments, only a fraction of those are visible to me. It sucks to see on one of my posts that I have 10 comments, but can only see 3, for example.

Also, sometimes I get a reply from someone that I can read in my inbox, but when I click to go to the original thread, it's not there.

I really like Lemmy, but this annoys the hell out of me and I don't understand why it is happening.

Edit: To clarify, I am using the Lemmy.World default web interface in the LibreWolf browser.


Thanks @NiaTheCat!

[In your profile settings, in addition to "Undetermined," also] make sure English is selected too, you’ll see comments marked with no language but you won’t see any marked as English directly without it, and some instances default to marking them English

If on PC you can hold ctrl to select multiple

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Browsing lemmy.world in a browser. I am on page 3 of my feed. I open a post, read it, and press the back button on the browser to return where I left off in the feed. However, instead of taking me back to where I was on page 3, the back button takes me somewhere on page 2. So Everytime I want to go back to the main feed from a post, I have to click back and then scroll to the bottom and click next page then scroll to find where I left off.

How do I fix this? Thank you.

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The creator hasn't been online since creating their account 5 months ago, and there are literally zero posts, not even a greeting or banner - it's a blank site that was created and then immediatly abandoned. I would like to give that community a second chance and update, rules, banner, icon and last but not least some actual content for others to interact with.

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I am locked out of my main account because I turned on 2FA while testing for lemmy app development. Didn't finish setting up the 2FA but did not turn it off in the settings. Now I can't log in at all

Resetting password did not help. Any guidance? 😔

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I replied to a post in a thread (about how my 15 year old burned DVDs were going bad and what I was doing to remedy it). The thread is still there but my post is gone. It wasn't an argument. It was a reply to someone asking for data backup options.

Some auto generated explanation from Lemmy would be nice like : post deleted by owner. Or posted deleted by moderator.

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Why do posts with zero comments show up at the top of a “sort by new comments”?

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I am a big NFL fan, and I found the instance nfl.community. It has a community for each team, as well as a general NFL community. I joined a couple of the communities through my lemmy.world account, but it sees no posts there. I know this instance isn't defederated from nfl.community, so why wouldn't I be able to see any posts? I don't understand, what am I missing?

EDIT: I just reread my post and realized that I didn't mention that there are tons of post on all the communities on this instance, but nothing shows when logged in through World.

SOLVED: So I had the chance today to reread through this thread and do some digging based on the replies, and I've figured out the issue. I went back and looked at nfl.communities, and it turns out that [email protected] is correct - all the posts on that server are by users that are from the alien.top instance. Those aren't actual users, alien.top just scrapes posts & comments from Reddit. So those aren't actual posts by Lemmy users, and, as can said, there wouldn't be any engagement from anyone on that server, because they won't see my posts & comments. Lastly, I followed a link can posted with bot rules, and one of lemmy.world's policies is "Bots shall not just be posting Reddit content", which is exactly what alien.top is doing. That explains why World is blocking all the posts from the nfl.communites server.

Thanks to everyone who responded and helped sort this out!

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It was a Bot account. I much have blocked bots after it sent the message.

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The [email protected] community is currently without an active mod: the original creator does not seem to have been active on Lemmy in months. I PM’d them to check whether they were still interested in the community and have received no reply.

I'm presently more or less the only active poster there, though that may change next month when this year's Advent of Code kicks off.

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I posted a comment that was removed and the admin gave this as the reason.

Violates server rule 5.0.1

What and where are the server rules? I see User Rules here: https://legal.lemmy.world/fair-use/

I'm a little pissed that the comment was removed without notification by an admin when it was a little off topic, but not insincere. Not sure of what's going on.

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The [email protected] community is abandoned. The original creator has not posted at all on Lemmy in 4 months and has never posted to the community. I PM’d them and received no reply.

For almost the past month I’ve been the sole poster there, so I may as well mod it I figure. Thanks.

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Apologies if this has been asked before and also wasn’t sure where to ask it. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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I tried to create a community, I selected an icon and a banner and selected a language, then I received the following error: https://imgur.com/a/dRy7ilX

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In short, I want the ability to hide news and political stories temporarily, much like you might hide nsfw articles temporarily when at work. Id like to be able to maintain all my previously made filters and communities, and still be able to scroll through "all", but just temporarily hide the news and such, just to get a break from it.

The only option i can think of is to make a second account that has those communities banned, but that wont keep my other filters synced, such as if I have blocked a new nsfw community on one account, it wont sync to the other. Id prefer it to stay on the one account. Currently I mainly broswe through Sync for Lemmy, so maybe this is best directed to their devs, but any ideas would be great

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This isn't our instance but I'm wondering if we can block the user (bot) spamming this community: https://lemmy.ml/c/clojure

User: https://clj.social/users/planet/

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inbox [show context] link lands on commenter's instance even on local post. not logged in so mostly useless. when commenter is local all is good. config or lemmy code bug? 🤷

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Just curious to know if the feature is been planned for future updates.

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After creating a post in a community in which I am moderator, when I go back and click the "more" drop down the only thing there is " edit" and "Delete". There is no "Lock" or "Community" I am using Firefox browser.

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I keep getting an error trying to upload an image. The weird thing is that I don't think it's a size issue. I uplpaded a 12MP image earlier without issues, but keep getting an error when trying to upload a 7MP image.

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EDIT: As noted in the linked post, the defederation was a mistake and has been reversed. Thank you to the lemmy.world admins for reviewing this quickly.

I'm not a lemmy.world user, so I'm not directly affected by this defederation. I am a fan of both anime and the fediverse in general though, so I'm concerned about an apparent crackdown on my hobby and by what seems to be an increasingly damaging flaw in the fediverse model.

A few days ago. lemmy.ml defederated from ani.social, a lemmy instance specialized in anime. The only explanation given by Dessalines (lead dev of lemmy, owner of lemmy.ml and lemmygrad.ml) was that it was "full of CSAM". As far as anyone who's commented can tell, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of this whatsoever (see post link for an overview of the discussions). The only CSAM here appears to be in Dessalines' head.

That defederation was annoying, but not all that surprising. Dessalines and his fellow lead dev Nutomic are tankies, and tankies often seem to have a weird hatred of anime fans. The two of them have a history of making self-marginalizing decisions, so the obvious course of action is to just point them out so that people gradually abandon lemmy.ml, and hopefully eventually fork the lemmy codebase.

However, today I found out that lemmy.world had also defederated ani.social, again with no evidence presented for the decision. It looks like the LW admins are just rubber-stamping the bad decision of the lemmy.ml admins, without bothering to investigate at all.

We really can't afford to have the most popular lemmy instance behaving like this. The LW admin team has generally shown more professionalism in that past, so what gives?

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...and hasn't for months. Every client I try. It returns no results. A known issue? Does it work for anyone else?

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