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[–] BonesOfTheMoon 86 points 1 month ago (1 children)
[–] [email protected] 27 points 1 month ago (3 children)

I'd rather hang out with the crystal people.

[–] BonesOfTheMoon 64 points 1 month ago (7 children)

Idk some of them are this bad.

[–] [email protected] 38 points 1 month ago (1 children)

> Alpha male
> no insecurities

[–] BonesOfTheMoon 14 points 1 month ago

How is someone into Reiki this big of an asshole? I'm not saying I am into Reiki, but it sure doesn't jive with the rest of him.

[–] [email protected] 28 points 1 month ago

Not narcissistic

I mean it's hard to be more narcissistic than this

[–] Viking_Hippie 16 points 1 month ago

"Alpha Male", "empath" and "no insecurities" in the same fucking sentence is some TRUMP level lying 😄

[–] taiyang 14 points 1 month ago (1 children)
[–] [email protected] 10 points 1 month ago

Funny, because he looks like a basic bitch

[–] [email protected] 14 points 1 month ago

Nature lover


Guess he wants a cyclist girl?

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[–] [email protected] 10 points 1 month ago

I've at least seen a crystal. Some of them even actually do things.

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[–] Etterra 81 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) (18 children)

My favorite is when you give a Christian evidence of any sort and they block you because they lack any counterargument. God is good? Here's a Bible passage about smashing babies on rocks. God hates prostitutes? Here's that part where Jesus washes women's feet with his hair. Nobody understands electricity? Then why don't you stick a key in an outlet? The eyeball is proof of creation? Here's a literal demonstration of how they have evolved multiple times from simple light-sensing cells. Blocked, blocked, blocked, yelled at then blocked.

I could go on all damned day, but you get the point. Blind faith is antithetical to logic, full stop. As far as I'm concerned, it's a psychological disorder, regardless of the object of said faith.

[–] Crashumbc 16 points 1 month ago (1 children)

Not only that, but delusions needed to support religion and basically hard coded into these people since birth. Makes them susceptible to being controlled by others.

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[–] kofe 9 points 1 month ago (3 children)

It took me a while to deconstruct from Christianity because Catholic schools aren't terrible at encouraging critical thinking (at least in my area). I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the existence of everything, and usually handwave from a non-christian perspective, but still not scientific.

Anyway, I've had tough conversations with my parents about it. They get upset that I don't believe a virgin cis-girl (not woman, mind you - canonically Mary was 12) can be impregnated without sperm. Or that Jesus performed miracles or that he or Lazarus rose from the dead. But I don't argue with them about whether a god exists anymore cuz idfk and likely never will

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[–] [email protected] 8 points 1 month ago (1 children)

Jesus washes women’s feet with his hair.

TIL Jesus was into some weird shit.

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[–] [email protected] 6 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

As far as I'm concerned, it's a psychological disorder, regardless of the object of said faith.

Yeah, hard belief is manic.

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[–] AFKBRBChocolate 53 points 1 month ago (5 children)

Oxygen is measurable. We can detect even tiny amounts of it, we know its makeup, we have well characterized its behavior, and we can make it work for us.

We have no evidence for the existence of any gods. Seems like we can exist without them just fine.

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[–] samus12345 49 points 1 month ago (3 children)

So you're saying we just need to freeze god to see him?

[–] FlyingSquid 38 points 1 month ago (2 children)

It's worth a try. We need to get some revenge and revenge is a dish best served cold.

[–] [email protected] 10 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) (1 children)

I used to think that saying meant that revenge was ice cream when I was a kid. Mmm... Vengeance... 🤤

[–] FlyingSquid 7 points 1 month ago

I guess you hadn't seen Star Trek II...

And where's God? Up in the sky. In space.

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[–] WereCat 8 points 1 month ago

Yes, it's the cold truth

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[–] RoyaltyInTraining 46 points 1 month ago (1 children)
[–] Viking_Hippie 11 points 1 month ago

And make him into the most artisinal smoothie in all of Portland!

[–] [email protected] 44 points 1 month ago (4 children)

Ask and you shall receive - Toast

[–] [email protected] 13 points 1 month ago (1 children)

This looks like someone who has used a soldering iron to draw Jesus on a piece of toast and then countersunk it into a second larger piece of toast.

Which I doubt was easy.

[–] TheLowestStone 6 points 1 month ago (2 children)

The "image" is on a piece of cheese.

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[–] [email protected] 11 points 1 month ago
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[–] [email protected] 34 points 1 month ago (15 children)

God is like oxygen—highly volatile.

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[–] [email protected] 25 points 1 month ago (2 children)

Can't say I've ever seen liquid oxygen.

[–] [email protected] 21 points 1 month ago

Mixed with Hydrogen we have.

[–] [email protected] 13 points 1 month ago (3 children)

It's amazing. Especially when you're trying to chill and prime a pump, and there's gallons of it flowing across it's own vapor in puddles.

Just try not and think about what happens if it flows across that oil spill and you step in it.

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[–] FlyingSquid 21 points 1 month ago

I realize I'm posting a complaint in my own thread so it's my own fault, but I keep getting "Love is Like Oxygen" by Sweet stuck in my head since I've posted this.

[–] [email protected] 20 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) (3 children)

Liquid oxygen is way too pretty for how dangerous it is

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[–] MockingMoniker 14 points 1 month ago (2 children)

Drink it and you'll see him.

[–] Etterra 10 points 1 month ago (5 children)

Probably not. If you can pony up some testable proof of his alleged existence I'll reconsider my stance. In the meantime I refuse to believe that any good, as described, is worse at keeping their followers in line than the gods invented by Gary Fucking Gygax.

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[–] Sterile_Technique 13 points 1 month ago (2 children)

You don't even need oxygen to be in a liquid or solid state to see it: oxygen is the reason the sky is blue. When you look through a large enough volume of gaseous oxygen, as you do when you step outside in the day time, you can see it just fine.

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[–] boatsnhos931 7 points 1 month ago
[–] [email protected] 6 points 1 month ago (1 children)

Oxygen is absolutely measurable, and your own body will quickly tell you something is very, very wrong if your 02 intake is too low, or even weird (which is why SCUBA mixes are a topic of their own.)

There is the matter that oxygen does affect light, which allows us to tell if an exoplanet has oxygen in the atmosphere, which means it's not invisible, just very transparent. But when we look at other worlds we detect oxygen by analyzing the light that comes from them, so we see oxygen.

In the meantime, the human species as we know it (homo-sapiens) has been around for 250,000 years. The monotheistic version has been around for about 4,000 years (and even Adonai had others in His pantheon. The temple priests of Adonai murdered Asherah, His consort, by massacring all the Asheran desciples and burning Her temples down). For most of that time, ancestors, elemental spirits and animal spirits were central to our religious faith, not high-concept deities. For the vast majority of human existence, God did not exist as He is commonly regarded in popular religions.

[–] [email protected] 8 points 1 month ago (8 children)

AFAIK, we do not, in fact, have any biological system that detects oxygen in the air. What we use instead is detection of the things that are typically present when oxygen is not. Like CO2 concentration. This is what makes a room "feel stuffy", CO2.

I don't think this invalidates your point at all, of course you have a valid argument despite the biological misunderstanding here.

The only reason I know this is when looking into the whole, capital punishment by nitrogen hypoxia thing, I kinda stumbled into a lot of information. We don't generally detect nitrogen nor oxygen in any way, shape, or form, since it's quite plentiful in the atmosphere of the earth (78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen), there's not much reason to. We've never needed a biological trigger to say "there's oxygen here" because there's never been situations where that hasn't really been true until very very recently (eg. Closed systems like submarines, aeroplanes, vessels that go into high orbit/space, etc).

Looking at the evolution of it, any such space will accrue toxic/deadly levels of atmospheric gases, long before the oxygen is consumed. So we have biological processes to detect atmospheric toxin levels, with one example being CO2. According to some data I've read, CO2 freely is absorbed and expelled by the body through the blood via the alveoli (lungs), which makes the amount of CO2 in your blood a function of atmospheric CO2 levels, which may slightly waiver due to your physical workload. As you produce CO2 within your body from metabolic activity, either from regular metabolic tasks or through physical exertion, the rise in blood CO2 levels is expelled by the blood through equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. Simply, if you have higher CO2 concentration in your blood than there is in the atmosphere, it will diffuse towards the atmosphere (I'll reiterate that the process works in reverse too).

High CO2 concentration in your blood affects your blood pH and can create an acidic environment, which the body can easily detect.

As far as I'm aware, there's no similar biological process to detect oxygen levels, either directly or indirectly.

This is the danger of nitrogen hypoxia. If you're in a low CO2 environment which is devoid of oxygen (or has very little atmospheric oxygen, not enough to sustain human life), with most of the o2 concentration being replaced by nitrogen instead, your body can still expel CO2, but cannot obtain the o2 required to survive. Since there's no mechanism to detect this, your blood o2 levels drop to levels which are incompatible with living while you remain unaware that a problem exists.

Thus, you can easily perish when your o2 saturation drops to nil, with no indication that you're at risk of dying.

Sorry for the dissertation, this is just something I find incredibly fascinating about biology. I hope I didn't bore anyone too much.

Disclaimer: I'm not a biologist or scientist, I'm just some guy with ADHD, and I've hyperfocused on this subject a couple of times. If anything I've said is incorrect, I invite corrections. If possible, please link additional resources for further reading and my ADHD brain will thank you very kindly for the effort.

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[–] TokenBoomer 6 points 1 month ago
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