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Yes, but you see, those cost money.

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Not the notities!!!!

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Holy shit, they failed hard.

I'm sure they could have come up with a witty thing with Haim and Harm.

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But people better at writing have an advantage, we should only use language, that's a level playing field. /s

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Though I agree that it's likely not how they were designed, but capitalists must do a capitalism.

When the fine for doing exactly this, is a small portion of the increased profits (and only after it's discovered, and prosecuted), then it's just another way to do said capitalism.

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*when I don't hear it

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Five years ago this was valid. Hell even two years ago.

Today..... You're most likely to get a bullshit sales pitch disguised as a blog that doesn't actually answer any question you asked but has one word in it from your question sentence.

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I see the judiciary branch is taking a page out of the police handbook. Implying some are still good, and just a few bad apples.

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13 unable to perform

I hate it when I'm unable to perform

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How is this not considered false advertising? You go to a shelf and see your favorite snack on sale, you grab it. Finish the rest of your selections and go to check out.

By the time you get there the price of your snack is no longer what was shown on the shelf.

If it isn't false advertising, it's bait and switch.

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that he was going to keep believing it anyway because holding onto it made him feel better.

Welcome to religion.

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I've been using RealVNC for family computer help and have been wanting to setup a self hosted replaced for a while now, but haven't had the time. RealVNC has recently axed their free levels, so I'll use it as a reason to setup a self hosted solution.

Ideally it would be something like a web page (I have a domain and reverse proxy) where family can go, get a code or a software to run, which will then let me control their system securely.

I was considering guacamole on a pi at each location I'm likely to have to support, but this doesn't help when family is away from their home network on laptop.

What is out there for this? Have you used it? What are your experiences?


Suggestions on bootcamps? (
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I've been playing around with Arduino and esp for ~10yrs, just googling, copying around code snippets, and reading compiler fail logs.

I'm fed up with my lack of ability to understand larger projects and more in depth programming (pointers, objects, etc)

I'm mostly focused on embedded software (iot, iiot, etc.) So probably looking at staying with C,C++ or rust?

I'm fine with investing some $$, but don't particularly feel I want to spend more that $1k at the moment to fix my ignorance.

What bootcamps would you suggest?

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