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There's like 1200 legal benefits to marriage iirc. Things like being able to visit in the hospital outside of visiting hours, possessions going to your spouse after death if there's no will, stuff like that.

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Oh but they fucking love evo psych when a shitty study confirms their biases, but when they run into replication issues they just ignore it.

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A common practice used to be rotating the fields, but unfortunately as pesticides and fertilizers have "improved," it's less common for big farms like this.

One way to tell if you have healthy soil is to poke into the dirt and see how long it takes to find a worm. Fields like this? Good luck finding any.

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If you want to call it a theory then I suggest working to have it peer reviewed. Otherwise, just call it a hypothesis. I see issues with it, personally, but I'm just one person and am not an expert. I'm finishing my undergrad in psych, but the rest of my comment is based purely on recreational study following experts in personality disorders and extensive therapy myself.

Main thing I'd note is that most people will show some level of narcissistic traits, but meeting the full criteria to label anyone anti authoritarian as narcissistic goes against the point you make in the first few paragraphs that we shouldn't be so quick to throw the term around. Feeling entitled to better pay on it's own can be justified, especially if it's in tandem with wanting fellow workers to receive that same benefit. Quite empathetic, actually. Turning off empathy in specific settings also suggests it's not a pervasive trait, which is an important piece of the DSM that was not mentioned.

I definitely see the argument that some anarchists will meet the criteria. And I agree with a good, maybe even majority of the points, like reducing stigma. Plus, it's expensive to get through an offical peer review process, and you're right that many folks with NPD could never afford that. But I think it would help to at least include some expert opinions and case study examples to support what seems to be mostly anecdotal testimony. Or if you have been diagnosed yourself, build on that as a primary case study example (cuz you do call yourself one, but it's not clear if you went through an assessment for it).

Super interesting idea, though - I'm gonna save it to reread and mull it over some more. Props on getting it published, for sure!

Ninja edit: Holy shit this turned into a much longer comment than I intended, sorry!

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That's pretty much what I did this time, but I did also pay attention to the weapon I picked (bloodhound fang) and what attributes scaled well with it (strength, but more so dex). I'm also looking up videos for most of the bosses so I can get familiar with their attacks before losing all my runes 😅 I'll probably be using the fextra chat to find help on the final demigods, too lol

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I have mine connected through my laptop as a second/larger monitor, but I also just don't gaf

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Me still working my way through the first playthrough of elden ring

(I gave up for like a year cuz i'm dumb and didn't pay attention to which weapons and specs were best to upgrade)

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And for those just curious which states: Louisiana, Florida, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Montana and Arizona

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Where the hell are we keeping all of these ponies, and how will we afford their food and healthcare?

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More likely intersex, though there's no documented cases of completed pregnancies from one person impregnating themselves (I'm about to do some googling, but last time I did all I came up with were tabloids). I'd think it more likely the whole virgin part was a lie. Plenty of those kinds of cases with individuals and families trying to cover up a young child's innocence, unfortunately

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Towel robes are fucking amazing for this. Fuck Bernie Sanders with his advocacy for universal healthcare, and Vermine Supreme for his policy of "everyone gets a pony." No friends, true political power comes with towel robes. I will not rest until every man, woman, NB and child has one (if they want, I mean I'm not about force. And while I'm on this rant, is Vermin aware of how costly ponies are to keep? Hay alone, let alone a barn with their own pony healthcare. But ok yeah I'm typing this as I'm passing out, just food for thought)

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It took me a while to deconstruct from Christianity because Catholic schools aren't terrible at encouraging critical thinking (at least in my area). I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the existence of everything, and usually handwave from a non-christian perspective, but still not scientific.

Anyway, I've had tough conversations with my parents about it. They get upset that I don't believe a virgin cis-girl (not woman, mind you - canonically Mary was 12) can be impregnated without sperm. Or that Jesus performed miracles or that he or Lazarus rose from the dead. But I don't argue with them about whether a god exists anymore cuz idfk and likely never will

fuck the manosphere (self.casualconversation)
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I just want to vent a bit - I started seeing someone a few weeks ago. Old fling that I ran into through some friends that got rekindled, and I was excited that it seemed like more than just casual hookups this time. But there were some yellow flags I ignored that turned out to be red flags, and now I'm feeling frustrated and hurt.

Dude for real dropped the line that men are more "capable" and "logical" on me. That gender studies are "indoctrination." I told him we should probably stop seeing each other if that's really what he thinks. It wouldn't be logical for me to keep seeing someone that thinks lesser of me, now, would it?

I'm grateful to have some guy friends that I turned to after I left, cuz I wanted to go into "fuck all men" mode, but I know it's not true or helpful. Just like there are women out there that have internalized misogyny, there's feminist men, enbies, etc. We're all just people and we're not monoliths beholden to differences in biology. This is just sexist, manosphere bullshit in particular

Anyway. I'm still feeling angry and wanted to put it out there for some support and solidarity. Anyone have a recent win they'd like to share or something?

ETA: Thank you so much for the conversation y'all! I've been trying to keep up but I gotta get some sleep. I'll check in later but hope everyone has a good day. Keep up the empowerment! 💜

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I know it's not the most engaging or thought provoking question, but I'm having a bad day and would really like to find a space to vent

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I was noot prepared for this intensity

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Hey y'all, want to give a heads up that I used redact a few days ago to delete all my comments and found the entire history restored today. I've seen a few useful tips that if you're petty enough, start editing and deleting your comments manually so it doesn't get noticed as quickly. I started by viewing my top comments and edited them to say "As a language AI model, I'm beginning to edit all my comments in protest of reddit"

I'm just going to do a little at a time and will check back in after about 12 hours or so to make sure it's not restored then keep going

Obligatory fuck spez

ETA: Thank you @deweydecibel for the explanation! If y'all are using redact, try making sure you're using the one with a 5 second delay

Edit 2: @EnigmaNL also noted the script didn't work for comments in subs that were locked down. I just finished going through mine and can confirm there weren't too many left, so I think that's what the issue was!

familyyy (self.h3h3productions)
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I was thinking of making a community here for h3 and am glad to see ones been made! It was one of the only subreddits I'd checked this last week and now I feel so much more comfortable sticking to lemmy. Just want to say hi for now with ✌️& ❤️ Shout out to all the hoes for Hila, Olivia, Lena, and Sam!

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