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Anecdotal evidence (seeing a couple of methheads) says it works.
For weight loss at least, doesn't mean you will look good, just thin.

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Preempting all the "he was a man of his time" apologists:

Columbus was arrested during his lifetime because his actions were considered awful by his contemporaries.

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Seeing how some users already interpret is as a dating app ... they're not the only ones

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tbh, up to 80 years ago Europeans were in constant war as well and nobody else drew their borders
EU had to be created to finally stop French and Germans from killing each other

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with the virtual assistant earning customer satisfaction ratings at the same level as human agents.

zero equals zero

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There's more on this guy's Instagram page, so inconvenient to share... https://www.instagram.com/aircraft_experiment_amit_rana/reels/

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The fact that they needed to receive a lot of complaints to reconsider makes me wonder - do they even do any kind of usability testing for their products? Anyone who even sat in a car with only touchscreen can tell you the experience is not comfortable.

And I don't think it's just about the price of physical buttons. Buttons are a selling point right now, they could charge a small premium (not in the thousands but ~$200 certainly.

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Fuck mobile operators, this kind of cost should be illegal to exist at all.

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The biggest issue would be microchips which require some really precise machinery to manufacture.

1930s - complete reverse engineering
By then they had both an understanding of semiconductors and computational theory. Using semi-conductive materials to compute wasn't yet a thing, but there wouldn't be much surprise at the concept. Some kind of reproduction is likely, probably not a 5nm manufacturing process like modern chip factories, but they could make it.

1890s - eventual understanding, but not able to manufacture
Measuring devices were sensitive enough by then to measure tiny electrical fluctuations. They would be able to tell the device functions due to processing of electrical signals, even capture those signals. Biggest missing piece is mathematical theory - they wouldn't immediately understand how those electrical signals produce images and results. Reproduction - no. Maybe the would get an idea what's needed - refining silicon and introducing other stuff into it, but no way they could do it with equipment of the day.

1830s - electricity goes into a tiny box and does calculations, wow!
This is the age of the first great electrical discoveries. They would be in awe what is possible, and understand on a high level how it's supposed to work. Absolutely no way to make it themselves.

1730s - magic, burn the witch!

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Makes sense to reflect on life and understand one has made mistakes. We shouldn't judge people based on prejudice, if he says it was painful for him - it was.

But then the typical billionaire narcissism triggers. Please pity me but only me. I don't see him saying we need to fix the system so no one else suffers the same.

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Still waiting for Excel stories ...

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8 hours of nominal work does equal about 3-4 hours of actual focused work. This is completely normal don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Humans need to eat, go to toilet, socialize with their coworkers, relax the brain, move if constantly in the same position.

Btw, meetings are work. If you spend a lot of time in meetings that does count as actual work.

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