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[–] [email protected] 129 points 1 month ago (90 children)

If my dogs ever tried to kill me, I’d just pin them both down. That’s the benefit of not having insanely powerful dogs.

IMO you shouldn’t have a dog that you can’t physically restrain. Any dog can snap and you need to be able to physically stop them if that happens.

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[–] [email protected] 86 points 1 month ago (8 children)

me not knowing the breed looks them up via DDG

So she was basically mauled by the Demon Dogs from Ghostbusters.

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[–] Linkerbaan 64 points 1 month ago (6 children)

and the two registered dogs were safely seized having been contained inside a room, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said.

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[–] Treczoks 41 points 1 month ago (1 children)

If she was unable to control them, she should not have gotten permission to own them in the first place.

[–] [email protected] 61 points 1 month ago (4 children)

Definitely think owning dogs should require a license and a test of some sort like driving a vehicle.

Can't control a 120lb dog? Class B license instead of Class A license.

Only allowed to buy dogs under 100lbs.

Don't understand how feeding and training works? No license for you.

Licenses for being able to own non-fixed animals as well. Being able to breed dogs and cats needs to come with way more responsibility as well.

[–] ikidd 36 points 1 month ago (20 children)
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[–] [email protected] 34 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) (35 children)

I wonder if Lemmy will be any more Normal about dogs than snoosite was

Update: prognosis is not looking good

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[–] yamanii 29 points 1 month ago (2 children)

Didn't even need to put the breed in the title, we already know.

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[–] slaacaa 28 points 1 month ago (3 children)

Very sorry for the life of this lady.

Shitbulls should be banned.

[–] then_three_more 41 points 1 month ago (1 children)

From the article

From 1 February, it became a criminal offence to own the XL bully breed in England and Wales without an exemption certificate. Anyone who owns one of the dogs must have had the animal neutered, have it microchipped and keep it muzzled and on a lead in public, among other restrictions.

So I'm guessing she got them before they were banned and had an exception so she didn't have to have them destroyed.

[–] [email protected] 45 points 1 month ago (1 children)

Or didn't and simply flouted the law.

There's a stereotype of people who own those breed(s) for a reason.

[–] keesrif 23 points 1 month ago (2 children)

The article did mention them as "registered", so I don't think this applies.

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[–] 11111one11111 17 points 1 month ago (1 children)

Idk if it's the same everywhere but in my experience in America I have came across a huge range of canine breeds owned by a huge range of human breeds (quality of person) and 100% of the time the human was a caring person that loved their dog the breed is unnoticeable. On the other side, when the human is subpar the breed of the dog is more noticeable as an inverse correlation to how shitty the person is.

[–] [email protected] 23 points 1 month ago (10 children)

This is the dog equivalent of "guns don't kill people, people kill people."

But without the gun, no one would be killed by the gun.

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