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Great job! 3 is one of my all-time fav, but 5 was also surprisingly good. 6 really ruined it with the health bars,so I’m not looking forward to 7.

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LLMs are very useful for synthesizing information, e.g. sumamrizing long texts. Yet every company is actually pushing to use it to create more text, which as you say is at least partly nonsense.

It shows against the difference of what users need (quick access to accurate information) vs what these companies eant for us (glue your eyeballs to the screen for the longest possible time by e.g. overwhelming you with information, regardless of the quality)

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Somebody call Ray Kurzweil, the singularity is here!

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Best explanation for the difference between a million and a billion: a million seconds is 12 days, a billion seconds is 31 years.

While we are angry at the guys who maybe stole a few months, there are people who have stolen centuries and millenias. The warner CEO is closer to being homeless, than being a billionaire (though neither is realistic).

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Angry reader slammed article due to a word in its title - you might be surprised to find out which

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Breaking news: big budget media product that was developed by a competent and hard working team who understood and respected the source material turned out susccessful

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Damn you for making me shed a tear for a comment on a greentext post, what a wholesome story.

Really shows the impact that your family and upbringing has on you. You were good friends and good people for helping him out, so good to hear stories like this.

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The power of feedback, and I’m saying that without any sarcasm/irony. Most people never get genuine, honest feedback in their entire lives. The people closest to them shelter them and beat around the bush not to hurt their feelings (or the opposite, they intentionally hurt if they are assholes).

But strangers don’t care about your feelings, they can be honest.

Of course they could have been nicer in the story, guy propably had a shitty night and felt bad, but will thank them years later for this moment that transformed his entire life and gave him a different future.

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Same here, generic pop is as far from my taste as possible, and as a mid 30s dude I really came to like her music, it’s like she took the storytelling aspect of country and put it into pop, works really well imo.

Also some funny things about her music and calming voice, like my friend’s few months old baby instantly falling asleep to her music (and refusing otherwise), or my dog also sleeping through hours of drive in my car if Taylor is playing, but getting up if I switch to something harder.

Add to this her immaculate work ethic and (perceived) niceness, being an emotionally healthy person by growing up in a rich, loving and supportive family, writing music about heartbreak and love instead of drugs and sex, dressing like a normal pretty person without oversexualizing herself, etc. I think many parents would be happy if their daughters would listen to music and like an artist like this.

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“At long last, we have created the Torment Nexus from classic sci-fi novel Don't Create The Torment Nexus”

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Maybe with the advance of AI, the engineers at Apple can finally push the boundaries of technology enough to be able to achieve that

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I was debating if I want to buy one, but after trying that remote play worked well with a tablet on my home wifi, I took a leap of faith and ordered one of the last ones nearby. Picked it up yesterday.

Key points:

-Very satisfied with the performance so far, no noticable lag on home wifi. Finished Spider-Man 2 and beat the final boss on it, also tried some shooters, no issues with lag in single player games on my 500 Mbit network (meaning: maybe a partial second of stutter every 5-10 mins).

-So much smoother experience than using e.g. my tablet with a controller. Just pick it up, press 2 buttons, and you can play in a few seconds.

-The screen is also better than expected. 8 inches is super big for a handheld, around the size of the iPad mini. Very immersive, when playing. Colors are also great, and I’m saying that as an owner of an LG OLED TV. Of course an OLED screen would have been probably better, but also more expensive, and the resolution is still better than most handhelds giving us a great picture.

-The controller grips are very comfortable for even a longer session. The haptic feedback and trigger resistance feels just like the controller we are used to.

-The missing BT is annoying if you have a good headset (I don’t), but I understand the concerns with delay, though I have no personal experience on that.

-The only time connection became bad, is when downloading a game/update on my PS5 while playing, it even completely dropped once. Very annoying if you want to run an update in the background, but also not a dealbreaker, you can just run updates in rest mode.

-The price is fine, payed 219 EUR for it. I would like it a bit lower, but still okay with it (understanding the privilege that I can waste this money on something that is far from a necessity). I would not want to pay the price of a “proper” handheld for a controller with a screen.

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I stopped using reddit when Apollo went down, and 2-3 hours of scrolling and active posting in some niche subs turned into ~30 mins of Lemmy per day, which I find much more healthy.

I didn’t start doing yoga, painting, or a side business, just feel much better having cut back the last big pillar of my social media addiction.

So thanks Steve!

(If it’s not too much to ask, please take a look at how you could improve instagram, you could save another 15 minute of my day)

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