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Tories in a nutshell, 25 days of slave labour for the young, tax breaks for the old.

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But in the hypothetical where both the axis powers and the allies have less personnel there wouldn't be as many pilots navigators etc for those bombers.

Actually in your example the defending forces come out on top, even if the level of conscientious objection wasn't symmetrical. A ww2 era bomber required several crew members (pilot, co pilot, radio operator, navigator) whereas fighters just needed one person.

So in the hypothetical we have both sides far less capable of doing things like dropping so many bombs on Desden that it caused one of the only firestorms created without the use of Nukes.

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If you're making up the world, for sure

I thought that was the point of a hypothetical.

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Oh, right, I had forgotten, cultural movements in one culture automatically take root simultaneously in others regardless of geographical or ideological distance

That's actually a good point.


Simple maths. Less people fighting is less people killing and dieing.

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I think you're thinking about it at a very basic level. In a world where more citizens of the allies refused military service more citizens of the axis powers would have also. Likely leading to the same overall result, but with a far lower death toll.

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Poverty causes stress. Stress causes erectile issues.

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A rdo in the week can be pretty nice now and then you be fair.

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FYI - don't try the search shit in the UK.

Stop and searches are not voluntary, and officers don’t need your permission to go through your belongings. You can’t refuse a stop and search by UK law. If you do, they can use force.

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What a world we live in.

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Good point. It makes it even more hot air. If managed to win and tried to bring it in I can see push back not just from those that would be called to but also from the civil and armed forces that it affects. It's pulling resources away from them doing their actual jobs to childmind kids who would rather be anywhere else for 25 days.

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Obvious troll is obvious.

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Don't the armed forces themselves dislike conscription? Flooding in loads of kids who resent being there and are only popping in for a year can't be good for a professional fighting force.

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