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You haven't lived until you've compiled a 3com driver in order to get token ring connectivity so you can download the latest kernel source that has that new ethernet thing in it.

[-] ikidd 4 points 20 hours ago

Florida would beg to differ.

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Look, if my code compiles on the first try, I'd call that a miracle as well, but I ain't no saint.

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GrapheneOS has a sandboxed Google Play that works fine with any banking apps I've used. You can also move them to a work profile to segregate them further and still used them.

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These cargo vans are heavier and get worse fuel economy than a half ton with a similar engine. I'm not sure why lemmings hold them out as the more viable alternative to pickups. They're great if you have a bunch of stuff to protect from prying eyes but don't tow well and you can't put long, heavy or tall things in.

[-] ikidd 8 points 1 day ago

The US will do the right thing one day, after they've tried everything else.

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I wouldn't be afraid to use Proxmox for small and middle size business. It's solid and based on solid, opensource tech. As long as people make sure they get paid, I'm sure they'll get even better.

Good on you for making sure your clients pay for support, that's how opensource thrives.

[-] ikidd 10 points 2 days ago

Could just use a regular DC motor and limit switches.

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I'd just install something and ignore people until you are more familiar with things. You don't have to stay with the first distro you install, and you can install many at once and see what fits. Stay away from the complicated ones until you're further along on your journey.

As for the dual boot thing, Windows had (has?) a habit of blowing out the Linux bootloader if it's installed on the same physical drive as windows. IDK if this still happens, but when it did it was annoying for someone that isn't too familiar with how bootloaders work. To be safe, using a second drive for your linux stuff and then just choosing which drive to boot from at your BIOS boot chooser (often accessed by hitting F12 at boot) is the safe way to get around this. Then you aren't messing with the drive Windows is on at all and there's no chance for drama if Windows Update decides to do that.

There's a few good beginner distros that work well enough with nVidia; Ubuntu, PopOS, Mint are all good choices for beginners. EndeavourOS and Manjaro seem to get along with nVidia if you want something Arch based if your inclination heads that way eventually. Glorious Eggroll, one of the main contributors to Proton, the gaming backend Valve is working on, builds a distro called Nobara that has most of the gaming/video tweaks preinstalled on a Fedora base, and in my experience it's one of the easiest distros to get started with gaming on Linux. PopOS is a Ubuntu-based distro that's put a lot of effort into being a gaming capable distro as well.

Whatever you choose, realize that Linux is like any other interest on the internet; there's a lot of people that like to lift themselves up by pushing others down. Ignore the donkeys and do what works for you. If that means using Windows, then I guess that's what works and that's fine, too.

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This is 90 minutes of domestic use. It's a nothingburger story. I wouldn't get too far up Uncle Joe's ass.

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Meh, I deleted this, it was just going to get misinterpreted by literalists.

[-] ikidd 63 points 3 days ago

If it's not genocide, then he shouldn't be afraid of the trial.

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I have no idea how long this has been a thing, and maybe every clipboard works that way, not just Plasma, and I never realized it. It also lets you do things like Rt-click on it and do the regular operations like Search in Firefox. Spaces aren't preserved unless you specifically select them but search engines seem to be able to sort out the words usually.

I post this in case you haven't been part of the 10,000 this day already, like me.

Edit: seems to work in Firefox and LibreOffice, but not Kate or Okular. I'd love to see this as a general feature, it's handy as heck.

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Looks expensive. The grey ones are the broken ones.

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Thank you for the great work, Vernor. You'll be missed.

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We have our house and a cabin. While I guess I could make an area for the cabin, it has it's own areas that I'd like to manage separately (and copy automations directly).

I have purchased a HA Cloud sub but I don't seem to be able to get the cabin to connect to Cloud.

Do I need a separate sub for the cabin at full price? This seems a little over the top, not to mention clunky to manage with different Nabu Casa logins.

Or am I just going about this wrong? If anyone else manages two properties and integrates it nicely, I'd love to hear your solutions. I'm mainly subbing to Cloud because of the better TTS and STT response. Maybe I just invest in a skookum whisper/piper box instead?

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I don't see that there's any sort of integration for writing code to process information from HA entities like Node Red + Companion. Am I missing something and this is more than just an interface for the config files and maybe a git client for those config files?

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These things aren't bad, I've got a few that I use sort of successfully, but the speaker and mic aren't very powerful. I was thinking of building one with an ESP32 and i2S (not i2c, that threw me off too) speaker/mic, but I'm wondering if I'd be reinventing the wheel here if there's a better alternative already out there.

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Got a young guy that needs a reasonable used laptop, in the $2-300 range. Looking for smooth but not spectacular graphics, and a 15" screen or better. Preferably with 2 drive slots so he can have an NVME or other SSD for the OS and a large rust drive for installing games. It's going to be plugged in when used, and weight isn't a great concern, it's just for travelling with.

Any suggestions on what to look for on eBay?

Need help with most. (self.linux4noobs)
submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by ikidd to c/linux4noobs

If I pipe in something to most that's wider than my terminal width, it'll page it sideways but only single character at a time with an arrow key. I want most to behave like less, which will scroll sideways with an arrow key almost a full page (60 columns I believe), which most will do also if I use Tab/Ctrl-B or ">" and "<" (as gleaned from the man page). But I have no use for single character scrolling, so I'd like arrows to do the same as Tab and <>.

Is there a way to change the default behaviour of most to the same horizontal scrolling behaviour as less? I would just use less except it displays the first page of a command like docker ps with lines wrapped for some reason (maybe this is some limitation in Dolphin?). If I scroll right the other columns show up right, but for some reason less and more both mess up the first page. No clue why most works correctly. Frankly, if I could fix less I'd be happier since my muscle memory makes me want to pipe to less all the time anyway, and it's installed by default in most distros I use, unlike most.

Also, trying to search up help on anything with a name like "most" is next to impossible.

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I did send a donation, but I want to make sure the people involved know I appreciates them.

I set up an instance and have been using it along with a couple friends. It's fast, private and doesn't have a bunch of algo bullshit wasting our time. I have my subs and I watch them, and then I go and touch grass because I'm not sitting there watching trash that is being pushed at me on the feed.

It's like a breath of fresh air.

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cross-posted from:

I have been keeping an eye on this series over in [email protected] and was intending to link the discussions for SF titles that I saw. The Handmaid's Tale is definitely an SF title that has seen it's share of fans and detractors. It has been banned or attempted to be banned in many jurisdictions including Western ones.

What is the communities thoughts on this book, does it unfairly extend Christian philosophy into questionable territory or does it not go far enough? Is it pornography, and if so, why? Let's hear your thoughts.

Bonus video: Margaret Atwood using a flamethrower on the unburnable edition of the book.

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I got interested in SF because the librarian in my elementary was a SF lover. There were racks of paperbacks that I gobbled up and it's stuck with me for decades since. It makes me sad to think that kids don't have the same chance I did to get interested at an early age in the most imaginative genre of fiction. We all need to do our part to pass it on.

What are your suggestions for getting young people interested in science fiction?

A few I remember from that time:

Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series

Heinlein's juveniles like Podkayne of Mars and Have Spacesuit, Will Travel

McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern

Niven's Known Space books

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