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I saved you one

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Remember Tuku Morgan's boxer shorts?

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Variety in the modes of education is a good thing: not every pupil is effectively educated in a public school.

But, I can't help but think this is merely stealth privatisation of education: a profit making exercise. That it might actually have positive outcomes for pupils is a happy accident.

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We're all AI, some of us are executing on biological hardware.

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They're prepared to pay up $400m to rebrand countdown supermarkets to Woolworths. They're not strapped for cash ;-)

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Bold of you to assume this isn't just a huge CSV loaded into Excel.

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Stingy bastards.

They'd likely get more than 79000 × $30 of marketing 'captial' for just saying "oops, our mistake, but your benefit" and honouring it.

And chalk it up to not training your marketing team on how to use excel.

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so what's the commercial barrier to releasing that info? Transpower have nothing to gain.

The barrier is that someone will be willing to pay for real-time data, which, when an MBA gets involved becomes a revenue opportunity and giving it away for free becomes theft of potential revenue.

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Gentoo enters the chat

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No, your thinking of RHEL which is danish for "redhatsegregiouslicensingbullshit".

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This is exactly why I made sure when buying my house/section that it was more than 5m higher than sea level and inland from the coast. Not that that will mitigate the societal collapse following the glaciers'.

The world might be able to geoengineer saving one maybe two glaciers. But not all of them, not Greenland's icesheet and not the entire Antarctic icesheet.

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So, our government's "crack down on beneficiaries" also includes disabled children.

Apparently disabled people are, what? Leaches sucking the life out of the economy or something?

How long until disabled people have to "work" for their support? Or perhaps we should just put them on a train and take them to a "work camp"?

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A quarter of a century ago TVNZ knew that "digital", or rather the Internet, was the way of the future. I know, I was there.

It created for those that remember it.

A decade ago, it was still a "broadcaster" with an adjunct "digital" presence with TVNZ Ondemand.

Only on the last few years has it started to truly operate "digital" (internet) first, I'm afraid that it might be too late and we see another newshub-scale catastrophe in the next few years.

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Councils in cyclone-hit regions staring down a decade-long roading recovery say they simply cannot afford it.

Emphasis mine.

The duration of the remedial works is the problem more than the cost.

If it takes a decade to recover from an event that is likely to reoccurr more frequently then it's a losing game.

It's a shame that local and central government in NZ just can't/won't maintain infrastructure.

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Alternative headline: National to spend $30m to sacrifice some of your lives so our trip is slightly faster.

The changes have been endorsed by transport researchers and street safety advocates as effective measures to help reduce the number of Kiwis killed and injured on the roads.

That's all there is to it.

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