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"The US should do X and they suck because they don't!" Each state has it's own laws on education. Some places suck, some do not. It's not a monolith.

"The US has shitty beer lol" We have some of the best beer in the world but it's local/state/region only and never exported unlike fancy Euro beer.

The US for better or worse is a, hmmm 🤔 a unity of government states under a federation called America. It's very hard to get federal laws and bills passed, especially for education. The states want the power to chooses for themselves what they do, and the federal government hangs above them, sometimes intervening.

We are a huge country that has a relatively unique circumstance of government, population, and young brutal history. I'm a Californian and I live in the Bay Area which almost literally a different country than most of America, especially the South and Midwest.

I'm so sick of people, especially smug Europeans, talking like they know Americans and America but they don't really know shit about us except the movies and going to NYC and Miami.

Yes I am having a bad day.

To be honest I love Europe and have friends there that I miss dearly! I've been many times. But dumbassery is dumbassery.

EDIT: You people are an exhausting swarm of pecking ravens and I've spent all the "toxic" energy I want arguing with half you because you just hear what you want to hear and fit the stereotype I loathe I think you only commented out of trained reflex and a few of you are just unsophisticated haters. Whatever, fuck you, and all that jazz.

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The people who say they need 3 cups of black coffee to start their day are just addicts with a high tolerance that experience mild withdrawal symptoms each morning.

If you feel like that, it's your body crying for you to take a break.

If you like an occasional cup of coffee or energy drink to get through something, then that's fine. But if you ever feel like one isn't working like it used to, you should take a break from caffeine to reset your tolerance, not up the dosage like an addict.

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Housing is something people need, and is similarly a necessity like food or electricity. It needs a lot of money to keep in a livable shape, plus constant attention, and will lose its value if just left in place. As such it's not an investment, unless the market isn't working like it's supposed to.

When there was the long period of "low inflation" after the 2008 housing crisis, it's because we didn't consider housing prices a part of the inflation – if housing getting more expensive would've been taken into account we should've never had such a long period of low interest rates. If rents going up is inflation, appreciation should be as well.

As such, housing getting more expensive should be considered a bad thing, as it leads people to mistakenly see it as an investment. People will then "protect" their investment by trying to prevent new projects etc. Nobody would get angry if bread was cheaper the next day, just because they already bought it yesterday.

EDIT: apparently I've been a bit misinformed. I'm not from the US, but EU (Finland) and have understood that our indices don't really include owner-occupied housing in the calculation, but only the direct costs like energy and rent with some weight – which was at least partly the case, but there would seem to be some changes coming. Thanks for the enlightening replies, I'll have to read a bit more into it.

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I'm done, I've been banned for expressing a different opinion (without insulting or personally attacking anyone), I've been accused of evading a ban with multiple accounts (this is my only account I've ever had on any lemmy instance), I've had people selectively ignore my comments and accuse me of things which I never said, and I've had people ignore valid criticisms and keep attacking me.

Reddit has many issues with trolls, one-sided discussion, and just general bullshit, but many Lemmy instances are way worse. The newfound freedom of Lemmy has attracted many extremists, from both sides, and many of them are moderators, who are more than happy to remove any contrarian opinions. This results in discussions being echo chambers

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I really couldn't care less if I can follow a Lemmy community with my Mastodon account or comment on a PeerTube video with my Lemmy account.

Don't get me wrong, it's neat and a cool achievement of the ActivityPub protocol, but that's like advertising that your awesome new solar-powered, self-driving, flying car also has power windows. I'm glad it's there, but there are way better things to talk about, especially when trying to convince a newcomer to jump on board.

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It was really bittersweet well thought out, written, directed and the character arcs made sense. I am not going to give much more context all i am saying is it is one of the best ~~super hero~~ movie i have ever seen and i have seen a lot and i mean a lot of movies.

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The Biden administration is starting to change their tone on supporting israel's Genocide in Gaza because they are losing votes.

By claiming that people need to keep voting for Biden (else Trump wins!) you are directly enabling Biden to continue supporting israel's Genocide.

The faster Biden starts dropping in the polling the faster the Genocide will stop.

When the Genocide stops (and Biden has the power to stop it) the argument falls apart and Biden can actually campaign. Especially if a real solution to the problem is reached.

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Democrat/Republican they still keep the status quo, like all presidents before.

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The ability to up- and downvote posts and comments is useful but the score should not be displayed to the users and you shouldn't be able to enable it even if you wanted to. This means both, posts made by you as well as by others.

Nobody wants to see their messages get downvoted. This is bad for our mental health as individuals but especially as a group. It's like walking up to a person on the street, saying "I don't like you" and then moving on. You're free to not like (downvote) someone but they don't need to hear it. If you really want them to know then write a message and explain yourself.

Upvotes on the other hand skews the reality and encourages groupthink. People say what is popular even if they don't fully buy it themselves and conversely refrain from saying things they truly believe because they then dont get the upvotes and get downvoted instead.

Seeing the scores also primes the reader. When something is heavily upvoted for example you assume it to be true/good instead of using your own judgement to decide.

Israel is a fascist ethnocracy (self.unpopularopinion)
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Python is overrated and overused. (self.unpopularopinion)
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Python is the most popular programming language and beloved by many. However I can't understand why (this is still the case in 2024).

Here are my main gripes with it:

  • It is slow, performance intensive tasks have to be offloaded to other languages, which makes it complicated to analyse. Moreover I wonder how many kwH could have been saved if programms were written in more performant languages. (and there are better alternatives out there)
  • The missing type system makes it easy to make errors, and the missing compiler makes it hard to catch them
  • It has no linear algebra built in, so you always have to convert things to numpy arrays, which is quite annoying
  • Managing virtual environments and pip packages feels overly complicated

I guess much comes down to personal, but I just can't understand the love for python.

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I'm not sure if this is unpopular per se, but yeah, I don't think people on here are voting in a consistent way and that makes it confusing to know which posts are actually unpopular opinions.

I have seen people say something like "nice unpopular opinion, take my upvote", but the votes don't reflect that sentiment when a truly unpopular opinion is posted and it's heavily downvoted. Also, in reverse, posts that appear to be agreed-upon popular opinions are massively upvoted.

I think a good number of people on here downvote opinions they don't agree with, which is a reflex I can empathize with, but doing that might discourage people to post here. So, I think people should upvoting posts you don't agree with.

And I think that it should be posted clearly for people to read and refer to in the about section of the community. I think maybe it should be a pinned post too (at least for a little while) because I don't think everyone reads the about sections.

TL;DR — For the sake of clarity, there should be a posted rule that basically states: upvotes mean you don't agree with the opinion and downvotes mean you agree. So, if you agree with this post please downvote it.

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You see this shit SO much more often than you would think. And the infuriating thing is, it seems to be most common among programs that are INCREDIBLY complex and sophisticated.

It'll be like this:

"What does my program do? Glad you asked. It simulates stress patterns in glass and ceramics, after they come out of a kiln. You can specify any melting temperature, adjust the composition of elements in the glass, and the ambient temperature of the cooling and tempering stages."

"Wow, can you show me how it works?"

"Sure! "

"O-oh. Do you have any plans to add a graphical user interface?"

"HAHAHAHAHHA, no. That's never happening. And here I thought you were serious about using advanced software, and being an intelligent person."

Obviously, that last part is just kinda implied. But sometimes, when users request a GUI, the goddamn developer will kinda get in their face, like that.

They always fall back on the position of "well, I developed this shit for free, for your ungrateful ass. So you can build your own fucking GUI."

But the thing about that is...no. And fuck you. I shouldn't have to be two-thirds of a fucking developer, in order to use the fucking software.

If you can figure out how to simulate molecules, or draw 3D stereograms, or translate hieroglyphics, or any other RIDICULOUSLY COMPLICATED SHIT, making a graphical user interface should be nothing to you. You should be able to do it in a fucking afternoon.


All the rest of us, who aren't programmers? We envy programmers, and their ability to really connect with computers, on that deep logic level.

If we could do that shit, we would. But a lot of us have tried, and we realize it's not a good use of our time. We can do cool stuff with software, but it's just not ever going to be worthwhile for us to struggle through the act of creating software.

Also, I hasten to add that I have put in my time, using command line interfaces. I used DOS, I used BBS systems, I have used modern command-line-only programs. I know how to do it, but I DON'T WANT TO.

I don't want to have to memorize commands. I don't consider a GUI workflow to be some kind of weird luxury. It has been a basic part of modern software, for around 40 years at this point. Literally get with the program, guys.

If you're serious about making software, get your shit together and implement a fucking GUI from the very first release. Nobody ought to be taking you seriously, if you refuse.

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There is not a single reason for any human to get access to alcohol to drink.

Edit 1:

Just to add the people who say that banning does not work is like saying banning guns does not work because people is going to find a way to get them or like saying we should not have speed limits because it does not prevent people from speeding. (Their opinions does not make sense to me)

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US and other Nato countries should not bother with protecting merchant ships attacked in the Red sea. The shipping companies have to rely on the navies of their flag states for protection. The 10 largest flag states for shipping are:

Panama, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, Bahamas, China, Greece, Japan

Hong Kong is now China. But there is still an independent shipping tax haven there. The shipping companies avoiding taxes in western countries does not deserve protection from the same countries.

They can get a return of the tax money by letting the mentionee countries send their navies. Greece is a NATO country, so NATO can participate to some degree with support to the flag state navies.

*Guess this was a popular opinion.

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Slightly late for President's Day in America, apologies.

Saw this article about the presidents being rated. William Henry Harrison came in 41st.

The thing to know about him is he was president for a month and then he died. That was his impact. He died. He didn't noticeably improve or worsen things (Based on his inaugural speech he might've been bad but he never got to act on it) because he had no time to because he died. Which consequently means he should be the null point we can base every other president on.

If the country was left even slightly better then you got it? Then you did a better job then Harrison. Was it left worse? Then you did worse. Did 40 presidents all make the country better and only 4 leave it worse? Tough to believe.

I love Russia (discuss.tchncs.de)
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i mean, in comparison to like rohan, and the frantic adventures of aragorn, legolas, gimli… fucking helms deep.

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Seriously though, whose bright idea was that, and why was it allowed to continue for so long?

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During Covid lots of sorts were broadcast without any spectators. I found that it increased my viewing pleasure. No screaming crowds trying to make the most noise with drums (soccer), no altercations, no people throwing things or making annoying noices (MMA), no crazy people next to the road pushing cyclists.

Just the people doing the sport, I can hear them shout, swear and get punched. I can see bike racing without fear a crazy fan will jump in front of the pack for a photo for their grandma.

I don't need an audience to get hyped or to distract everybody with jeers and racist shouting. For me the fans are the worst part of the sport. I don't enjoy watching them, I want to see the athletes doing their thing.

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Probably not too unpopular here.

Standing waiting for the bus in my city with decent transit and I have 2 trucks rev their engines loudly past me, another one letting just clouds of pollution, watching people driving who aren't paying attention and several people blowing cutting last second through a light. All in just 3 minutes by a small corner with light traffic.

Made me think how cars are inherently selfish. People don't want to be around others (the fear aspect), so they drive their own bubble around. In addition to that, some go out of their way to make their cars even worse to people outside of them.

No wonder we can't move away from them. They are a definition of our own culture

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Edit: I want to say that if certain people weren't dead set on trolling I would have engaged in the argument that the US is already authoritarian. I'm inclined to fully agree. The constitution was written by wealthy whites wanting to preserve their own power. They did sprinkle in some democracy and we do thank them for that. All this to say, that was never my contention.

Conventionally ideology is measured on a spectrum. If being moderately authoritian offends you, move the fuck left.

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And to show your support donate to devs who build open source software and if you want a propraitery software just pirate it.

One of the examples is when people use close sourced lemmy apps more while paying them to remove ads while there are devs making open sourced ad free apps for free i know you may find the other apps more nice or conveniant but guess what if more people support and use their app the devs will work on it faster and gain more contributors and nothing right in life isn't easy anyway.

There are a lot of good open source apps maintained by devs who is clearly doing it for the love of community and you are not strapped for options and there is some app that fits everyone . And remember those devs are doing this solely out of their kindness and love for community and we should return it as much as we can . Most of the times the open source , community drven versions are far better . These are just my thoughts and only some may agree and remember i am not posting these as facts just an opinion.

You guys may think this is a popular opinion around here but sync for lemmy community alone has more subscribers than jerboa , voyager , and eternity combined and those are very nice apps ( which users can choose from because it caters to different tastes and there are other open source ones too )and from the subscriber count in community we can kinda calculate that is the case of userbase for apps too i also saw a chart about userbase count but i can't find it so i am using this example which i think is fair.

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