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[-] [email protected] 38 points 3 months ago

I always found it interesting Zucc tapes his webcam up in photos. This is a man who gets NatSec briefings. What does he know that we don't?

[-] [email protected] 25 points 3 months ago

Arguably, the target on his back is quite a bit larger than on most other people's.

[-] [email protected] 17 points 3 months ago

He knows that software locks on cameras are not trustworthy. Everyone who wants to be certain that their laptop camera isn't watching them should do the same.

[-] jaybone 6 points 3 months ago

I always tape all of mine. Funny thing is, I don’t really care if someone gets a pic or vid of me jacking off. The microphone would be a much better way to get info of any value or to blackmail me. I never tried to tape off the mic, if I could even find it.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 3 months ago

The head of the FBI was speaking to Congress and someone captured a moment when you could see his laptop and his camera was taped over.

Since then, I always advocate for something covering it when it's not being used.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 months ago

Corporate espionage is pretty big deal

[-] [email protected] 22 points 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago)

I'd like to point out that thanks to Signal, WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption. So Zuckerberg likely wouldn't be able to snoop the content of that message.
Use Signal if you want a more trustworthy replacement, it's great! If you want something even better but less stable, check out simplex.chat.
if you're a cool tech wizard use xmpp
if you're a fever dream use Briar
if you're from the future.. is secushare nice?

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 months ago

I have signal. A few friends have it. Nobody uses it

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 months ago

Depends on your circles I guess. In Germany it's actually used quite a lot.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 months ago

I am German

[-] [email protected] 1 points 1 month ago

It's proprietary so it might as well be transmitting the private keys to Meta.

[-] MrJameGumb 15 points 3 months ago

Zucc is now powerful enough that he can claim the ancient right of prima nocta on anyone who sends nudes on one of his platforms

[-] HootinNHollerin 14 points 3 months ago

I hate that cyborg so damn much

[-] [email protected] 12 points 3 months ago
[-] [email protected] 6 points 3 months ago
[-] jaybone 4 points 3 months ago
[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 months ago

The most powerful lesbian

[-] [email protected] 7 points 3 months ago

Dumb fucks.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 3 months ago

I use Signal btw

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