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Heyo, figured I'd try to apply here.

I hate bigots, tankies, and nazis. I like shitposts, not posts that are shit.

I currently am co-admin of a discord server of 200+ people (but like 30 or so that are active every day), and was elected when the admin left.

Here's my personal mastodon page for reference: https://todon.eu/@queue

Probably not going to be chosen, but I wanna help.

rule (beehaw.org)
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Not all empathy is good. Don’t waste it on people who wouldn’t slow down if they ran you over.

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Based mod team

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They post shit, not shitposts. Conservatives add nothing to a conversation.

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Today I learned AskScience Card Games (magic, yugioh, pokemon) HobbyDrama Cannabis subreddit Piracy Anarchism Vexillology Movies and Moviescirclejerk Sci-fi Everyday carry Cooking

A place to look at online garbage fires and laugh

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I mean more as "if you can't look past skin tone and gender, you can't probably read a sign up sheet."

Racists are idiots. The ones who learned better aren't idiots because they applied new knowledge.

Racists just regurgitate what they were told since birth, without questioning anything and doubling down.

Is Lemmy better? Remains to be seen. But if they refuse to join because we won't tolerate slurs, that's a bonus.

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Team Fortress 2, with over 2100 hours logged. More back on the Xbox 360 copy and when it was free during the Mac Update.

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I haven't been buying sealed product since WOTC sent the Pikertons to that one guy. But I am lately just Commander only, and my local shop has a biweekly tournament and I came in 4th place in the 1st of 6 rounds for a prize pool.

I at least came above the guy I dislike the most.


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