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MG is out as well. MG is short for MGB which is a small, older sports car that even in its worst condition probably has less milage than the above Karen.

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The coffee is consistently burnt

It's designed that way. The bitterness is supposedly a better pairing with milk and sugar.

Turtle (
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That poster is from years ago, unfortunately.

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Every time I see this poster here, I am going to post a picture from the last concert I went to.

It doesn't seem like they are coming through Denver again for a while. :(

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He will be fine as long as he stays far away from any windows, cups of tea, moving vehicles, suspicious looking umbrellas, boats, planes or anything soft and furry.

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Mr. Peanut approved.

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The dude obviously is passionate about helping others that struggle with GAD and the general advice isn't actually bad. Exercise, eat better, be more self-aware, etc... It legit helps! (I don't see any blatant grifting on that site either so that is a huge plus. It really looks like a COVID project that has gone stale, TBH.)

Where I have a problem is when the science is bad or infographics are misleading.

If you think you have a social anxiety disorder now, just wait until you start spouting off BS about your "chemical imbalances" in front of people who might actually know a thing or two.

Edit: All I could think about when reading about how to increase my dopamine levels was cocaine. (I don't like cocaine personally, I just like the way it smells.)

His references to "destroying dopamine receptors" is a thing, but I am fairly sure that you need to be hittin' the meth for a bit to do so. I could be the one wrong on that, though. I have been taking Adderall for about 10 years daily, so if there is anyone at risk of legit brain damage, it's me.

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When someone is feeling down, I point them right at a little place called 4-Chan. Those are some of the most wholesome people you can find on the internet! Everyone is so humble, they won't even accept credit for all of their goodwill so all of their posts are anonymous.

(Seriously, this post title is almost nottheonion grade.)

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Homie got ded. He's ghosted, slid out his flesh jacket, closed the shop, and joined the unseen squad. Homie's no longer rockin' that pig kidney.

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I just stumbled across this beast that was previously owned by a Russian sniper. It's got characteristics of an F-17 but it looks like the stock as been drilled out in places (or replaced) and I am about 60% sure that those are Vortex optics. Any ideas?

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When browsing on and I click through to a post, the local source instance and community for a post is shown as The source instance is something completely different and shown in the post info bar below the title.

This can get awkward when I think I am commenting on a post I think is on or when it might actually be

Highlighting the source instance a little better would be super awesome.

My Lemmy Rule (
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Edit: The above Connect filter only works for title posts. It doesn't seem to filter comments or community names.

I mention this only because of some questions here and how people are going to the effort to censor out comments on this post.

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Oops! I actually ment to post this in a ham radio community. RF is still RF, so it kinda fits here if you squint a little bit.

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Tectonic activity bends rocks all the time, even hard ones like granite. That takes a ton of heat, pressure and time. It also makes sense that in the right conditions, sheets of rock simply don't have the room to shatter so they must bend.

Have we been able to do the same in a lab and would it have any commercial use? Bending a random bit of hard rock would be an interesting novelty, for sure.

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I am creating a simulation to evolve simple, multi-cell organisms. (Just for fun!)

Neural networks are fairly easy to evolve, even more so when it's done by random mutations and not actual training. Build an ANN at random and introduce mutations with every generation. The ANNs that accomplish simple goals (by pure chance) live to duplicate with every evolutionary cycle. Fairly easy stuff.

I am stumped when it comes to creating something that would simulate the genes that represent a body. After some reading today, there isn't much info on how cells form into specific shapes for arms, hands, organs, etc. (I am sure there is a ton of data, but I don't know what subject to Google.)

Genes can create the patterns for specific chemicals and cells. How to cells then develop into functional body parts? What makes a heart the shape of a heart?

I think that having a better understanding of that concept can help me develop a framework for physical evolution, even if it as a very tiny scale.

(Putting the ANN in charge of controlling those different body parts is also easy. It's just a matter of allowing those physical traits to evolve first.)

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