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With the constant growth of our mod team and the demanding nature of actually having lives outside of niche internet communities, Ada and I have come to the decision that the mod team once again needs to expand.
Applications work the same way they did the last two mod calls:
Post a brief write-up on yourself and why you think we should give you moderator status, as well as a link to at least one other social media account. (reddit, twitter, instagram, facebook, mastodon, tumblr, bluesky are all accepted.) If you don't want your alts to be public, you can send them as a private DM to me. Applications don't have a fixed close date, but we're looking for at least four new mods in multiple time zones.

I will be personally selecting all new additions to the mod team. Please be civil, and good luck!

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I've been seeing a lot of anti-voting sentiment going around. Can't believe I have to say this, but you need to vote. Not only is there more to the election than just the president. (State policy, Senate, house), but not voting is not an act of protest. C'mon guys

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We now have a shared mod email for you to send complaints, issues, praise, ideas, mod applications, really anything to. All of the 196 mods have access to this.

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it's moldy Monday yaaaaay (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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be sure to add it to your moldposts titles

it's moldy Monday yay (files.catbox.moe)
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be sure to caption moldposts with "moldy Monday"

IT IS MOLDY MONDAY (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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be sure to caption your moldy posts moldy Monday :)) sorry for not posting this the last few Monday's I forgot

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Poll verdict:
all AI generated content is now banned.
moldy memes will now be kept to moldy Monday. on moldy Monday moldy memes are encouraged. on every other day they will be removed. bonus points if minions are somehow involved. you also receive bonus points if your image has two or more filters/watermarks, and is under one megabyte large

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Sorry for two new pinned posts within the span of 24 hours. after coming back I figured some of the rules needed some updating, and it is policy to put any rule change up to vote for the members.

The two changes I currently would like to make, is increased enforcement of the moldy posting rule, and a new rule banning AI generated content.

moldy posting is when you post a meme that you would find on your aunt's Facebook page or Elon musk's Twitter account. I'm talking properly old, moldy, watermarked, painfully irrelevant posts. I think we should remove them simply because they kind of suck, and removing them would raise the level of quality of 196.

I believe we should ban AI generated content because it is exploitative by nature, and I don't think we should be feeding it.

please discuss in the comments, and vote on whether or not you think these changes should be made. vote on each change separately. if there are any other rule changes that you would like to suggest, now is the time.

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but no, we do not support hamas

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Hamas is no longer any sort of threat, and requiring written condemnation of their terror attack with every post about the current razing of Gaza indirectly reinforces the purported thesis behind Israel's continued wonton destruction which is that Hamas is a threat, and Hamas will attack the moment the bombs stop.

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sorry for not making this post sooner, I've kind of been completely absent for the past 3+ months

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what the fuck does that even mean

196 stands with Palestine. (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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there's no meme, no spiel, that's it.

GUYS IM BACK (files.catbox.moe)
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Now personally I think we have the word takie pretty well defined in our rules and have no intention of changing it. Fuck tankies, they don't belong here.
I didn't write fuck commies, or fuck libtards, (I am a vocal socialist and very far left) or anything like that, the banner is specifically about pro-auth dictator-worshipping tankies.

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I'm high as balls right now so I'll respond to these messages tomorrow

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This person has no problem dating someone who identifies as male but is exclusively attracted to "conventionally" female bodies and is expressing that while they would date a trans man, they don't think it would work because the female traits they are attracted to are the same traits that your average transmasc wouldn't quite enjoy having.

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I'll ban you for one day because you didn't do anything against the rules

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Welcome to the mod team!

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You can use 196 on a lemmygrad account, but because it's by definition a tankie Lemmy site, you're basically on probation.

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Just removed like 40 comments and banned a buncha people.

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