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This makes me uncomfortable in a way that I find highly enjoyable 😰

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You are aware that Columbine was not even remotely the first school shooting right?

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What even is the point of doing stand up comedy if you use an AI to make up your jokes? If you use AI for your stand up material you should just put the laptop on stage and let it read the jokes in the Microsoft robot voice lol

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That is assuming he will ever make another public appearance after this... I'd say there's a good chance the rest of his appearances are via heavily scripted professionally edited videos

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Well there you go! Problem solved!

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Hopefully they won't start saying things are "too SWEEEEEET"

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Or maybe we come up with a new word instead of just using old words incorrectly?

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It was also the hand gesture used by the NWO pro wrestling stable in the 90s lol


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But you do want to be able to say whatever horrible things you want to whomever you want whenever you want and all without the possibility of ever being banned? I'm afraid hosting your own community is the only way that's going to happen regardless of what site you're using

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What was that? I read it wrong? Ok, let's have a look then 🧐

And being alone talking to nobody. Fun... With that logic no wonder there's so many dead subs here

It's right there in plain text, I read exactly what you typed out buddy lol

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So it seems that you're fully aware that you've been horrible on here and that no one wants to engage with whatever troll hijinks you've been up to, and you want the mods to force people to put up with your abuse with resigned good cheer?

That seems like a very healthy attitude

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It's your basic herd mentality. A lot of Republicans were actually starting to turn away from Trump, but now that someone's attempted to assassinate him in their minds it means he was somehow "right" all along. Keep watching, regardless of who the shooter was or what his motivations may turn out to have been, the hard right will continue to frame it as a "liberal conspiracy" and use this as some kind of warped twisted justification to make Trump into a new dictator for life.

There's no logical reason for it. Trying to find one will just make your head hurt. The only real reason is that someone tried to hurt "their team" and now they will unite to own the libs even if it destroys the whole country

Oscar the Flea (

For some reason Bing had a really hard time with this one lol here's the only other one I got that didn't just show a normal looking Oscar standing next to a big flea

Bat Bert (

I bet it would be delicious


I couldn't find any kind of history for this one, but here's the original TV ad for it! All I know about this product is that I remember we had one hanging up in the shower at my parents house when I was a kid, and at the time I was too short to reach it lol

Here's the cover as well

Spider Elmo (

After several weeks off due to illness I've started working on this one again! Believe it or not there are still MORE BOOKS I need to make lol I decided to take a break from that and work on the wiring. The directions say little more than "jam everything together and twist the similar colored wires together" so it's been a little challenging!

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The review I read of this kept saying it was "psychedelic death metal" so of course I had to check it out lol

What we get here is more of a mix of Swedish death metal with some hints of black metal, with a whole bunch of late 60s/early 70s prog and psychedelic rock all kind of mixed throughout!

In all honesty I listened to this album thinking it was just going to be a dumb gimmick that I'd turn off after a few tracks, but surprisingly it works magnificently! I've already listened to the whole thing twice since yesterday and I already want there to be more of this lol

I give it 5 out of 5 ancient evils risen from the deep 🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑

As a matter of fact, I liked it so much I'm going to give it a bonus Wizard and Dragon too 🧙‍♂️🐉


At first I thought someone had taken a regular doll head and stuck it on a troll doll some time in the 80s, but I showed it to my friend who is a doll expert and he is certain it's a Liddle Kiddle doll. According to Wikipedia they were only produced from 1965 until 1970 when they were discontinued due to the global oil crisis.

This one is in pretty rough shape, but here are some images of how they look in good condition:


Once I finish up these last 2 flowers there are only 2 sections left to do! I still think it's funny that I picked this pattern thinking it would be quick since there are only 10 colors, but it's been so complicated that it's taken me longer than any other cross stitch I've done so far lol

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