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This position looks like a fever dream

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This is the most cursed one on the sub so far

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I thought this was gonna be a post about the perfect Armored Core 😞

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Is it hard? I've built several PCs and repair seems like a good line of work for me, but I know nothing about the individual components of the parts

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It doesn't seem to work, at least on my instance (lemm.ee)... I just tested it through this post which links to this thread, but it navigated me to lemmy.nl from lemm.ee

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Any plans to make it easier to interact with links to other instances?

The QoL value to automatically open links to other instances inside my current instance would be enormous.

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Big true. I was telling some rando in Overwatch that I liked wearing my mask/apron at work during the pandemic because customers constantly mistook me for a woman, and that gave me a lot of confidence.

She said "but... you're cis? I don't know any cis people that say things like that." And then my whole worldview shattered, and everything made so much more sense🫠

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How can I open that link from my own instance?

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After reading/having so many discussions about religion on Reddit and elsewhere on the internet, it's clear to me that faith means different things to different people. (Especially between theistic and atheistic communities)

So now I'm curious, how would you define "faith" and what is your relationship with it?


Inspired by the debate between Matt Dillahunty and Jordan Peterson.


Guess I'll get things started here! Tell me what you believe about the creation of the universe, and any god(s) that may be out there. But most importantly, let's hear why you believe it!


I guess I will kick things off here:

An omnibenevolent god would never condone and regulate the enslavement of your fellow man. Therefore, the Old Testament contradicts the claim that The Bible was written or divinely inspired by an omnibenevolent god.

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