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With the current problems. And meth?

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[-] [email protected] 131 points 1 month ago

There are school-aged people on Lemmy? I assumed the vast majority are older millennials (with a touch of gray), who are also Linux users, not straight, and have some level of obsession with Star Trek and — God knows why — beans.

[-] KpntAutismus 54 points 1 month ago

hetero gen Z windows user here who didn't watch star trek. but yeah i get that impression as well.

also that people are even more communist over here.

and yes, i will switch to linux in the near future.

[-] Mad__vegan 18 points 1 month ago

Commie grey millennial here. I'm a drug and alcohol counselor in a prison. I teach a group on opioid overdose prevention to the inmates, but no clue what they teach in school.

[-] KpntAutismus 8 points 1 month ago

at least in germany, they barely teach anything. they had an alcoholic over once for an hour who basically just said "don't drink too much alcohol".

[-] [email protected] 11 points 1 month ago

Gen X, hetero, use linux, smoke pot, watch star trek. I went to the Doobie Brothers concert.

[-] konalt 5 points 1 month ago

There are dozens of us!

[-] surewhynotlem 42 points 1 month ago

So this is how I find out I'm not straight? It's not that I expected.

[-] Waluigis_Talking_Buttplug 32 points 1 month ago

This is how I found I out like beans, so I feel you man

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

If you feel him enough, I have news for both of you.

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[-] Huschke 18 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

I'm not gay (yet?) but after using lemmy for a while the rest is now pretty accurate.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago
[-] brap 14 points 1 month ago

That is alarmingly accurate.

[-] [email protected] 14 points 1 month ago

I'm 13, straight and not a big fan of star trek.

I do use Linux, though.

[-] Alexstarfire 12 points 1 month ago

But what is your position on beans? You're strangely quite on that subject. 🤨

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago
[-] sebinspace 5 points 1 month ago

You’re me, but 20 years younger..

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[-] jacktherippah 13 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

I'm a gen Z currently in college! =)

[-] [email protected] 10 points 1 month ago

I am 17 but linux and not being straight do check out lol

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

Maybe you're an older millennial at heart?

[-] [email protected] 5 points 1 month ago

nah man, I don't wanna get old :(

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

Me either 😞 I'm 41 and I still remember most of 17 very clearly because it was a very good year for me. But man, the years will just start whizzing by you the older you get. Sometimes it feels like 17 was just 5 or at most 10 years ago.

My advice is if you don't want to feel like you're getting older (and it happens to all of us) is stay active and avoid monotony. Doing the same monotonous thing day after day (ie most jobs) means you don't make as many "waypoint" memories - when you get old like me it's the big events that move away from the monotony that you tend to remember, and if you don't have many of those big events it feels like no time has passed at all since you have very little memory of that period. We don't remember the daily commute to work, the endless meetings, etc., but we tend to remember things like travelling or the first time with a new lover or emotionally-strong events like a death or marriage. In short: make lots of memories!

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

very good advice, thank you.

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[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

Mid-30s millenial here. Being an adult, instead of a 20-something young adult is overall pretty great. Having experinence and maturity makes a lot of shit easier, especially dropping uninportant bullshit. Definitely the best decade of my life thus far.

The downside: unaddressed physical, emotional, and psychological "battle damage" is cumulative (I only started treatment for ADHD at 30). So, if you have any untreated issues or trauma, it's best to take them on earlier so that you don't have to play catch-up.

That said, enjoy your life and keep in mind that, short of severe injury or imprisonment, you are not going to irreparably damage your future (repair is possible in some of those cases anyway). I didn't start my career (completely unrelated to my degree) until I was about 26. My wife, who is a year younger than me, earned her union card in her trade last year, after dealing with nearly 30 years of untreated physical and psychological issues. Despite this, we're both happier on average than any other point in our lives.

[-] Presi300 9 points 1 month ago

I'm graduating 12th grade this year, so idk what you're on about

[-] Persen 8 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

I'm gen Z and I think, that there are a lot of us.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

am teenager

am also need time to move to linux

[-] june 5 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

You described me perfectly except for the Linux bit (and I do t have greys, those are the natural variation in my hair’s pigment).

Unless you count my home assistant/Plex server running Linux makes me a ‘Linux user’…

[-] [email protected] 7 points 1 month ago

That's a Linux server, I'd count it 😛

[-] ShroOmeric 5 points 1 month ago

Beans? Am I missing something?

[-] [email protected] 12 points 1 month ago

A while ago (soon after the Reddit exodus, but I can't recall specifically when) it seemed like every other post on Lemmy was just shitposting bean memes. I still see beans referenced periodically. But if your experience on Lemmy was strictly highly curated you may have not experienced the beans.

[-] ShroOmeric 5 points 1 month ago

Seems like I missed all the fun..

[-] [email protected] 11 points 1 month ago

Yeah, you should've bean there.

[-] Alexstarfire 4 points 1 month ago

Beans are great. That's why. Staples of my pantry: pasta, rice, beans (pinto, black, lentils, red, kidney) , ramen, nuts.

[-] banneryear1868 4 points 1 month ago

Who else got their gamer socks on?

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

2005 kid who just got into uni. Straight, moderate, Linux user

[-] [email protected] 5 points 1 month ago

Pro tip: if you want to mess with an older millennial, say something like "I was born in 2005... Yeah I'll be turning 19 this year" to which the older millennial will say "the fuck? 19? But 2005 was like 5 years ago" and then watch them proceed to have an existential crisis.

Also: it's cool to see so many younger people using Linux. I remember my friends and I in high school all trying Slackware Linux and congratulating anyone that actually got it to work with all their hardware.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

Better yet, im running it on a Mac :P (see asahi Linux)

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

Neat! Does it recognise all of the hardware? How does it perform?

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 month ago

They’ve made almost everything work! On M1 and M2 models, only things that don’t work are: thunderbolt, USBC displays and Touch ID. Vulkan support is on the works, and everything else works amazing

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[-] Sir_Fridge 31 points 1 month ago

I've been done with school for a hot minute now but here (Netherlands) they started in the last years at elementary school, around age 11. And then some more later in highschool roughly age 14.

Elementary was taught by a cop. Mostly sensible stuff and the risks. Nothing weird but like "weed isn't physically addictive but it can be mentally addictive, also you're probably smoking it and that ain't great." or how xtc is not that dangerous on its own but often there's junk mixed in. They also told us you can get your xtc tested by the government, anonymously. And yeah you actually don't get in trouble believe it or not.

I think it worked because they made it so unexciting that most people I know stay away from anything but weed and even then lots of people try it and never do it again.

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[-] [email protected] 29 points 1 month ago

graduated not too long ago, it was basically pure misinformation. the typical one touch will murder you, it'll ruin your life, with a dash of shaming people who have addictions.

[-] [email protected] 10 points 1 month ago

Yeah, this is not the best question because you'll get very different answers from different parts of the world, or even different parts of the US.

I graduated more than a decade ago, and there was a lot more nuance than what you described. They taught us about different types of drugs and what their real effects were. I remember learning in high school that marijuana is less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol.

In elementary school for me, there were big anti-smoking campaigns, but nothing about alcohol or harder drugs. The "just say no" was about peer pressure and doing anything you felt uncomfortable doing (including inappropriate touching).

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[-] stackPeek 15 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

Oh, they just put "War on drugs" banner and that's it.

This is what I hate about my country. They only want to be seen like they're working, instead of actually working.

It's all aesthetic but no substantial

[-] Presi300 10 points 1 month ago

Generally they don't really mention it outside special occasions, and then it's just generally "drugs bad, don't do drugs".

[-] JGrffn 4 points 1 month ago

I feel like pure demonization is such an easy path to distrust and abuse. For the longest time I didn't know the difference between even weed and other drugs, just that it was "bad", weed might as well have been crack. I sure as shit didn't know the harder drugs make you feel unimaginably good and that this in specific was the danger.

I actually had a bad LSD trip that went worse than it should have due to this demonization, I couldn't stop thinking of all the times I was told or overheard as a kid that such drugs drive you insane. I knew beforehand what I was doing and what that would entail, but it didn't matter once I had jumped in, the paranoia from years of growing up hearing such things won.

For sure raise awareness, for sure drive home the notion that certain drugs will fuck your life up, but they need to seriously sit down and explain the nuances between all of them, they need to explain risks and dangers (the real ones, not the propagandist talking points) as well as the effects, they need to compare them to alcohol, tobacco, coffee, hell even food since even that is addictive. People will try stuff, they better try stuff with an informed perspective and know which ones are too much to consider.

[-] [email protected] 8 points 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago)

I just asked my 12-year old, and he says he's learning about this in his health class right now.

Fentanyl: "Only a very small amount will kill you. They are often laced in street drugs and stuff bought from the internet."

Opioids: "They're like painkillers and numb your senses and thoughts. They can make your slower and weird." (that's all he was told)

Nothing on the other stuff yet.

He's said that his teacher had a relative die from fentanyl. She's very passionate about drug education, from what he says, and notes that she hasn't ever said that "all drugs are bad" or anything like that.

She's also apparently brought in nurses and doctors to help with explanations and information about certain drugs. No cops, apparently, which thank god. Hopefully it stays that way.

So far, I'm very happy with the kind of drug education he's getting. I supplement it with more in-depth, one-on-one conversations, as well. Not all drugs are evil, and I let him know that.

[-] ccf 7 points 1 month ago

They mostly taught me about drug classifications and effects. Not really anything in-depth about addiction

[-] [email protected] 6 points 1 month ago

We were supposed to talk about drugs for 2 years, but instead talked about bullying

We got a school project about drugs a couple years ago, but it was only one option out of a list of subjects for the project(i think, i dont remember exactly)

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