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What could be causing this? It's kinda funny but also just a bit confusing.

[-] [email protected] 34 points 9 months ago

I think a lot of us have been there before, it's part of the learning process. Jimmy will find his way.

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Unfortunate but predictable. Reddit and u/spez have decided that third-party apps are going to die, and nothing is going to stop them. The "talks" they were offering to interested devs were always just a show, as this clearly demonstrates.

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Discord isn't a good alternative, it's not the same type of social media site. Discord is more of a chatroom aggregator, while Reddit is more of a forum aggregator. While Reddit technically supports chats and Discord technically supports threads, in both cases they're clunky and not the main point of the site.

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They may be gross, but so is having rotten corpses sitting in the open. By getting rid of those corpses they are doing us a solid, so turkey vultures are cool in my book. The only animal that's profoundly not cool is mosquitos, they're a worthless species.

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It's because they claim that they don't actually do any deliveries, they just maintain the tech platform that connects independent contractors to delivery jobs. They do this for legal reasons, because if you think about it all jobs technically just connect people to tasks that they complete.

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Thanks humanity, I'm sure that this will cause no long term issues and we can just keep using the same economic and political systems while not worrying about it at all.

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Fully agreed. While it is morally positive to avoid especially unethical companies, ultimately it's not possible in all cases. As long as you try to be moral in your day to day actions and you on some level push for things to be better, you're not morally culpable for the failings of the current system.

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Tech enthusiasts tend to make up the early adopters of a new social media platform, and programmers tend to have some level of passion for technology.

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Twitter and Truth Social have already captured the right-wing market, kowtowing to their demands is not going to earn Threads new users and will discourage moderates from signing up.

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Deeply unfortunate that something like this could happen, you always hope that code injection vulnerabilities are found before someone is hacked. With that in mind, this shows the importance of two security principles: always parse and clean user input and don't click links (including images) before checking where they are going to send you.

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Ah yes, it is a well known fact that if your girlfriend sees a picture of you both with her head higher, she will immediately break up with you. This is a normal human interaction that all people do.

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This is going to be painful for us as a species. I don't think it will render us extinct, but the weather will get significantly worse and we will probably see widespread coastal flooding in this century, which will lead to hundreds of millions of refugees. We still have plenty of time to prepare and to change course, but I fear that we will wait until a global crisis is on our doorstep before we make serious changes.

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